10 Actors Who Did Awful Films For Big Bucks

10 Actors Who Did Awful Films For Big Bucks 10) Johnny Depp – Alice In Wonderland Disney’s current obsession with rebooting their entire back catalogue into live-action has led to some pretty dire movies From Emma Watson doing bland things blandly in a bland world of blandness, to the weirdness of seeing Christopher Walken as a singing orangutan: these films rarely leave a positive impression

But arguably the worst film of the whole trend is the one that kicked it off: 2010’s Alice in Wonderland The Burton-directed flick tried to serious up a world designed to be crazy And critics weren’t exactly enamoured with the result Not that that mattered to Wonderland star, and hipster train driver, Johnny Depp He pulled in a whopping $40,000,000 for the movie

All for a performance that mainly consisted of doing a terrible accent and looking silly Which actually, could describe a lot of his career Alice In Wonderland may have been awful, truly awful, but it still made over a billion dollars at the box office That was enough for Disney to justify making a sequel, with Depp returning for an undisclosed but apparently smaller fee 9) Harrison Ford – Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Weirdly, before 2008, the biggest payday of Harrison Ford’s career came from the barely remembered submarine flick K:19 The Windowmaker

But then along came a much bigger check, and a much worse movie, with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull I don’t need to tell you how bad Indy 4 is The film is riddled with terrible lines, a nonsense story, and incredibly fake-looking CGI Oh, plus actual cannibal Shia LaBeouf Ford’s bored, tired performance makes it clear that he didn’t want to be there

But Ford did keep showing up: and got $100 million for his trouble That’s still the most Harrison Ford has ever earned for one movie Although who knows how much he’ll get for Indy 5 when it comes out in 2021 I for one can’t wait to see another 120 minutes of an old man wearily repeating his lines in a monotone and silently wondering how many planes he’s gonna buy with his check 8) Charlie Sheen – Scary Movie 5 Perhaps no human being in the history of the planet has ever managed to make more money for less effort than the S-Tier God of Slacking that is Charlie Sheen

Powered on by his tiger blood and Adonis DNA, and definitely not the buckets of cocaine constantly being ganked up his nostrils, Sheen has basically made an entire fortune out of just playing himself Hell, his most famous role is so obviously him that his character’s name is also Charlie Still, that pales in comparison to the feat of laziness Sheen achieved with Scary Movie 5 Despite being one of the movies with no involvement from the guy who thought Sextuplets was a good idea, Scary Movie 5 still somehow manages to be the worst in the series At a staggering 4% on Rotten Tomatoes, this film is reaching Sandler levels of bad

More on him later Sheen though had a great time He makes only a cameo in the film, needing only one day of shooting In return, he was paid $250,000 He didn’t even have to get out of bed

To be fair to Sheen, gave $100,000 of that fee to co-star Lohan with her legal fees And he donated the rest to charity Because say what you like about Sheen, but he’s a caring coked-up maniac 7) Hugo Weaving – Transformers The Giant Robots Are Punching Each Other series has been bad from the start In fact, the best thing about it is probably the behind the scenes story about the spectacular lack of care actor Hugo Weaving put into his role

Voicing the baddie robot Megatron, Weaving received a cool $200,000 for his part in the first movie and undisclosed fees for the second and third That’s far from the most impressive check on this list but A) each voice recording apparently took less than two hours and B) It’s a lot of money when realising just how little effort he put in Phoning it in, is a term used when actors are clearly just saying their lines without trying But Weaving LITERALLY phoned in his performance Half his lines in the film were recorded over Skype, with Weaving not even bothering to leave home

On top of that, Weaving didn’t ask for a copy of the whole script, but just the lines he had to read What’s more, Weaving routinely blasts the franchise in interviews, calling it “meaningless” Bay and Weaving have since fallen out over the actor’s public disdain for the series But no matter how much Bay fires back, deep down he’ll always know that he paid Weaving hundreds of thousands of dollars to barely show up, rush his lines out in a couple of hours, and then openly trash his movie 6) Will Smith – Men in Black 3 Over the years, Will Smith has been in some pretty awful things in return a fat paycheck

Like cowboy car crash Wild Wild West Or that much memed YouTube Rewind appearance Or this blue CGI monstrosity But by far the biggest cash grab of his career came in 2012 with Men in Black 3 The first MIB was great, and received well by critics and audiences alike

But by number 3 the concept was getting tired, and so were fans In fact, Big Willy may be the only person who likes that the film was made And why wouldn’t he? Smith got a mind-blowing $100 million for playing Agent J That’s tied for the most an actor has ever been paid for a single film Only Bruce Willis, for The Sixth Sense, and Tom Cruise, for Mission Impossible 2 and War of The Worlds, have equalled the feat

All for a movie that, let’s be real, sucks Although say what you like about Men in Black 3, at least it isn’t one of the films where he tries to force people to like his terrible son 5) Cameron Diaz – Bad Teacher This entry is kinda surprising I mean it’s not exactly a shock that big-budget Disney properties bring out the big bucks for their stars Or that action movies throw around more cash than a money fight between Bill Gates and Caligula

But it is somewhat jarring to discover that the relatively small Rom Com Bad Teacher was able to fork over $42 million for Cameron Diaz Although I’m sure plenty of our audience would love to have Cameron Diaz as their teacher, Bad Teacher is, simply, a bad movie The movie has a potentially funny set up: Diaz wants to become a better teacher so she can win a bonus so she can afford a boob job so that she can marry a rich dude and quit teaching But it misses a lot of the comic opportunities laid out for it, and just sort of devolves into bad dialogue and tacky slapstick Audiences and critics were disappointed with the movie

But what did you think of it? What’s the most outrageous thing one of your teachers ever did? Let us know in the comments below 4) Mark Wahlberg – Deepwater Horizon Have you ever looked at Mark Wahlberg and thought “He looks like he makes way too much money for a man with no demonstrable skill or charm” Well, thanks to the team at Forbes it can now be mathematically proven In Deepwater Horizon, he plays an oil rig operator trying to survive his entire place of work suddenly catching fire It’s a film that looks good but takes itself waaaaaay too seriously and failed to perform at the box office because of it

The movie made $120 million, a loss against its significant $150 million budget A huge amount of that budget went to Wahlberg himself, who took $68 million for playing the lead role The disparity between his massive wage and the film’s financial failure was the main reason Forbes officially declared him Walhberg was officially the most overpaid actor of 2017 For every dollar he was paid, Mark only brought in $440, creating the least value vs salary of any major film star

3) Julia Roberts – Valentine’s Day Ms Roberts has had a long and successful career So maybe she’s earned the right to be massively overpaid for very little work Although arguably ALL Hollywood stars are massively overpaid for very little work, but that’s not the point Coming out in 2010, Valentine’s Day was a Love Actually wannabe movie, with its main selling point being OMG, LOOK, LOOK AT ALL THESE PEOPLE YOU RECOGNISE THERE’S THE GUY FROM TWILIGHT, AND THERE’S ROCKET RACCOON, AND TALL WHINEY BREAKUP WOMAN

IF THEY ALL SAID YES IT MUST BE GOOD, RIGHT? Basically, it’s a gender flipped version of The Expendables And it’s absolute garbage The film currently sits at 18% on Rotten Tomatoes, despite shelling out the big bucks for an all-star cast And I do mean BIG BUCKS One member of that all-star cast was Julia Roberts, who received $3 million for her appearance

If that doesn’t seem like a lot compared to some of the others on this list, bare this in mind: she has 6 minutes of screentime That means Roberts earned $8,000 for every second she was on camera 2) Keanu Reeves – Matrix Sequels Chad internet king Keanu is now more meme than man But before he was the “breathtaking” face of Cyberpunk 2077, before he was shooting up gangs of assassins for hurting his good boy, before he was a cat in a stoner movie: Keanu was single-handedly fighting off the robot apocalypse with the power of leather jackets and a Philosophy 101 course I’m not going to argue that the first Matrix film isn’t good

It’s a fun sci-fi exploration of Plato’s idea of the cave But the sequels throw too hard into trying to show how clever they are and just end up a self-congratulatory and sloppy mess But the franchise was certainly good to Keanu After the surprise success of the first movie, Reeves negotiated a huge new contract for the rest of the series To appearance in Reloaded and Revolutions, Keanu was paid $156,000,000

That’s some serious money In fact, it’s the second biggest multi-film contract for an actor in movie history Now, Keanu did actually end up voluntarily giving some of that money back to the studio when they couldn’t pay the special effects crew But still, he was offered that much And only one person has been promised more for his work in front of the camera… 1) Adam Sandler – Netflix Deal At this point, it's pretty well known that Adam Sandler chooses his movies in order to get a studio-funded vacation

Hell, the dude up and said it in an interview But there was another reason he agreed to a huge 4 movie deal with Netflix: to get PAID In 2014, it was announced that Sandler had agreed to make 4 films for Netflix And all he asked in return was $250 million He’s in it for the art really

Netflix agreed because when your the creative genius behind Pixels, Jack And Jill, and Little Nicky asks for hundreds of millions of dollars you don’t hesitate to hand it over To be fair, Netflix are notoriously free and easy with the wallet But still, Adam Sandler? So far the movies created under Sandler’s Netflix deal have scored 0%, 10%, 27% and 46% So at least they’re getting better? Netflix clearly think the deal is worthwhile though In 2017 they extended the deal, offering him another $250 million for 4 more movies

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