10 Acts of Revenge That Went WAY Too Far

10 Acts of Revenge That Went Too Far – Simon checked 10 Dismembered Penis Rule one of revenge: make sure you know the facts, otherwise you might do something you regret, you know, like mistakenly castrating your wife’s boss

In 2015 Japanese law student Ikki Kotsugai burst into the office of his wife’s boss, who he believed at the time had forced his wife to have sex with him In his blind rage, he used his skills as a former boxer to brutally beat the lawyer, and when his victim was on the ropes, Kotsugai used a pair of shears to rid him of his genitals Then he threw the severed penis down the toilet But here’s where it gets as awkward as it does horrific, because when things went to court, it turns out that the affair was consensual after all Kotsugai was sentenced to 6 years in prison for his ‘cruel and vicious’, not to mention bone-headed attack, for which he profusely apologized

But, bizarrely, the lawyer also felt the need to apologize for his part in the affair I mean, obviously, you shouldn’t sleep with someone’s wife, but you’d think losing your junk would cover you there 9 Destroying your own home Spite leads people to all kinds of nasty things, but normally for other people It’s not all that often someone burns $350,000 to stick it to the man – talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face

After the 2008 financial crisis, Terry Hoskins was feeling the pinch like thousands of other small business owners – so much so that he needed to sell his house to keep himself afloat But sadly, for Terry, his bank figured that it was a better financial decision for it to foreclose on the house than to take the $160k that he could’ve got, which is less than half the house’s value Rather than have his hand-built home taken, he felt driven to take one of his own company’s bulldozers and run it through the building But satisfying as it may have been, it really didn’t solve any of Terry’s money problems, in fact the exact opposite happened He still owed the remaining value on his home, not to mention the debt on his struggling business, and he even risked criminal charges

It’s a great story but all things considered, I’m not sure it was worth the ‘screw you’ 8 Fake Terror Threat I was hoping to avoid the ol’ “hell hath no fury” cliché, but there really isn’t a better line to describe a potential trip to Guantanamo over a 4-day fling So, count your blessings next time you have an awkward tinder date To fill you in, Californian woman Lizet Sariol spent a few days in 2011 with Adnen Mansouri, who had been visiting the state from his home in France

But things went south after Mansouri broke things off ahead of his flight home, when Sariol started sending threatening texts and Facebook messages to him and his friends The last straw came when he deleted her on Facebook, so she did what anyone would do and called United Airlines to inform them of a potential terrorist heading to Paris But here’s a tip for any budding revenge plotters out there: don’t gloat to the victim before they get stung After this text (show on screen – pasted below), Mansouri was anticipating getting stopped and this Machiavellian scheme crashed and burned, unlike the plane Sariol confessed to the FBI and was charged with fabricating a terrorist plot, but she was sentenced to just 100 hours community service

Text – “Don’t even try to get on the plane (I) called the fbi Sucks to be you hope you all have good attorneys” 7 Police Website Hijack No one likes speeding tickets Deserved or not, they’re a huge pain and a common source of road rage across the world So it’s not a surprise to see someone take extreme measures to make their feelings known IT professional Brian McCrary was driving through Bluff City, Tennessee one day in 2010 when he got caught and fined $80 dollars in what he called a speed trap

Naturally he was mad as hell, so he took to the Bluff City PD website to lodge a complaint, but what he found was far more useful than any snarky email In a streak of pure luck for McCrary, the domain name was about to expire, meaning that anyone could claim the website I wonder what a disgruntled IT guy would want with that With ownership of the police department’s website, Brian did the only logical thing, by which I mean creating a public information campaign about speed camera scamming Amazingly, McCreary faced zero repercussions, and that’s because everything he did was 100% legal – it’s just capitalism doing its thing

Now just to put it out there, I don’t recommend potentially endangering the public by limiting its access to police services, but you’ve gotta admire the guy’s creativity 6 Pillaging Cities Your husband’s murder is a pretty damn good reason for some sweet revenge, but I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that torching a city full of innocent people is overkill – literally Long before she was sainted for her role in the formation of Russian Christianity, Princess Olga of Kiev endured the merciless killing of her husband Igor at the hands of the Drevlians in 945 The Drevlians didn’t stop there though, they even had the nerve to send messengers for Olga to marry the Drevlian prince Mal, because nothing says marry me like murdering your love rival

Unsurprisingly, Things didn’t go well for these envoys of love Every single one was buried alive, then Olga sent word to the Drevlians to bring their best suitors to her You can probably guess what happened to them, yep, when they turned up, she had them killed too Although she did mix it up and had them burned to death instead Next, Olga traveled to Dereva to dine and drink with the Drevlians, and when they were good and drunk, she ordered 5,000 to be killed

That’s some major party foul And for her ultimate act of revenge, Olga ordered a tribute of birds to be sent from each home in the Capital, Iskorosten, only to attach burning paper to their legs and release them to torch the city 5 Duel to the death Whatever problems you might have with American politics over the last few decades, just be glad that representatives weren’t murdering each other in the streets like the turn of the 19th century That doesn’t exactly seem like democracy at its finest

Regardless, Vice President Aaron Burr had major long-standing grievances with former Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton For decades, the pair exchanged words frequently and publicly, but often anonymously, which led Burr to blame Hamilton for his loss in New York state elections And while the outgoing VP was looking for reasons to start trouble, he got his chance when some wily newspaper editors claimed they had concrete evidence of Hamilton’s smack talk, which even went as far as claiming his corruption could destroy the republic With his justification, Burr called a duel, AKA the most convoluted shootout imaginable There were letters, arrangements, rules, more letters, and occasionally bullets

These duels were common, in fact this was Hamilton’s 10th, though every other ended at letters of apology But incensed by rage, Burr insisted it went ahead, and even though it was illegal and socially frowned upon, Hamilton obliged and got his gun ready So on 11th July 1804, Burr swiftly lodged a bullet in his enemy’s spine, which he shockingly didn’t live through it Aren’t you glad we have twitter for this stuff now? 4 Destroying an Empire Anyone who’s ever heard of the Mongols knows that you don’t piss off Genghis Khan – and if you don’t know why that is, then sit back and find out just how brutal revenge can get

You see, back in the 13th Century, during the early days of the Mongol Empire, the infamous emperor sent a surprisingly peaceful envoy caravan to the Khwarezmian Empire to foster relations And just to be extra diplomatic, he event sent a second dispatch of key ambassadors But far short of any new trade routes, the caravan came back with just one survivor and the ambassadors came back literally shaved Naturally the Khan was infuriated by this sleight against his open-armed gesture of cooperation, and that was bad news for the Khwarezmian people Long story short, the Empire was Mongol’d – er, mangled – by Genghis Khan and his vast army’s swift vengeance

So swift in fact that the entire civilization was subjugated in just 2 years Fun fact, if you’re kind of morbid, this was the first time that Khan employed his trademark tactic of sending armies to hunt just the rival leader to make him run in fear through his own empire And if that kind of military brutality isn’t enough for you, he supposedly cemented his victory by diverting rivers to wipe the Sultan’s birth place from the face of the earth 3 The Murder of Travis Alexander As a general rule, your vengeance has gone way too far if it makes international headlines, especially when they’re about you going to prison for a brutal and bloody murder

Jodi Arias first met Travis Alexander at a conference in September 2006, where they began an on-and-off relationship of incredible intensity, with records showing a massive 82,000 emails shared between the two Over two years the relationship became ever more erratic, with Arias committing acts like slashing her intermittent lover’s tires when he saw someone else and sending threatening messages to her love rivals Events reached fever pitch in June 2008, when after taking a number of sexually explicit images with her now ex-boyfriend, Arias stabbed Alexander 27 times, shot him in the head and slashed his throat from ear to ear Arias contended that the killing was in self-defense after insisting for 2 years that burglars were behind the murder, but ultimately the jury found her guilty of first degree murder and she was sentenced to life in prison in 2015 2

Plane Crash Murder On July 1st 2002, a Bashkirian Airlines passenger jet collided in mid-air with a cargo plane over the skies of Überlingen in Germany, killing 71 people Among them were the wife and children of Vitaly Kaloyev Grieving as any father and husband would, the Russian Architect channeled his anguish into a plot to kill the man he decided was responsible – Swiss air traffic controller Peter Nielsen You see, Kaloyev believed Nielsen failed in his duty to protect the planes, but it just so happened that his station’s collision detection system had failed and no one told him So 2 years later, Kaloyev tracked Nielsen to his home in Zurich, Switzerland and remorselessly stabbed him to death in front of his family for what he saw as the honor of his own

He was sentenced to 8 years in prison, enraging the Swiss government who wanted at least 12 So imagine how they felt when he was released after just 3 due to Russian lobbying But incredibly upon returning to Russia, Kaloyev was hailed as a hero, with crowds of children reportedly waiting for his plane shouting “you are the real man” He even became deputy construction minister in his home province of North Ossetia 1

Framed Robberies Any kind of abuse is harrowing, but rarely is it as detailed as a revenge plot to frame multiple armed robberies That was the reality for Seemona Sumasar after she met Jerry Ramrattan in 2006 Jerry claimed to be an NYPD cop, but really he was just a big CSI fan, so much so that his obsession with the procedural drama informed the so-called ‘most elaborate revenge plot ever’ After years of strained relations, Sumasar pressed rape charges against Ramrattan, and his response was to send friends to intimidate her Real class act, this guy

When that failed, he began establishing his plot to put her behind bars This disgraceful, soon to be disgraced ex-boyfriend started by leaving curated clues around the city, like encouraging people to say they had seen a car with her licence plate at crime scenes He even convinced illegal immigrants to make fraudulent claims with the false promise that their victimhood would grant asylum It all seemed to go to plan for Ramrattan to begin with: the prosecutors took the bait and put Seemona behind bars for her alleged crimes But after 7 months of a potential 25 year, the truth came out and Ramrattan faces a quarter of a century of his own in the slammer

That was 10 Acts of Revenge That Went Too Far What’s the worst revenge story you’ve ever heard? Let us know in the comments and make sure to like and subscribe While you’re at it, check out this great Alltime10s video on screen now

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