10 April Fools Pranks That Went Horribly Wrong

 On April Fools Day 2012 Kansas residents were terrified when two DJs suggested that the water supply had become contaminated with dihydrogen monoxide Announcing that the substance would cause profuse sweating and wrinkled skin, the radio hosts weren’t exactly lying

Turns out dihydrogen monoxide is the scientific name for water The prank led to 150 urgent phone calls to the water department and around thirty 911 calls Revealing their prank an hour and a half later, water officials described it as akin to a terrorist act When April Fools fell a fortnight into her new retail job, Sitra Walker decided to amuse her new colleagues by pretending the store was being robbed at gunpoint She phoned her manager at home to report the burglary, before ringing back minutes later to proclaim, 'April Fools!' Unfortunately, her manager had already called the police, and the cops were on their way to the store

They didn’t have a wasted journey though Walker was arrested for a first degree misdemeanour She received a $1000 fine before being fired In April 2000, Romanian Playboy published an article entitled “How to Beat Your Wife… Without Leaving Marks On Her Body” With a step by step guide for abuse, it claimed regular violence guaranteed a great sex-life

Advice included holding onto her hair to prevent escape Unsurprisingly the hugely misguided piece led to protests from women’s rights groups After initial attempts to justify the joke, the company’s chairman eventually stepped in to apologise Playboy wasn’t the only Romanian publication to slip up that year, as The Opinia newspaper also played a cruel prank on its readers They released an article reporting that political prisoners would be freed later that day

At least 60 people from around the country flocked to see their loved ones freed, only to be informed that they'd fallen for an April Fools' prank  Susan Hudson didn’t expect her April Fool’s prank to land her in jail But that’s what happened when she convinced her sister that she'd accidentally shot her husband After asking for her sibling’s help dumping the body *, word spread around her family until someone phoned 911 Hudson was taken into custody soon after, but was released once she revealed the prank

In 1980 the six o clock news caused mass panic when WNAC-TV reported that the non-volcanic Great Blue Hill in Massachusetts had erupted News footage of a volcanic blast which had occurred in Washington days before was intercut with safety warnings from then-President Jimmy Carter, terrifying viewers Many fled the area, while others swamped phone lines with anxious 911 calls Despite a sign proclaiming 'April Fools' at the end of the show, and a formal apology attached to the 11pm news, the TV producer responsible was fired The victim of a 2011 April Fools Day prank was hospitalised when he became stuck to the seat of a Wal-Mart public toilet

Overheard screaming for help, paramedics spent 15 minutes extracting the man from his stall However the adhesive was so strong he was forced to leave the shop with it still attached It was later removed in hospital Though the prankster wasn’t found, police announced they would have faced charges of second degree assault which can carry a 5-10 year prison sentence When Hooters told staff on April 1st 2001 that the employee to serve the most beer that night would win a brand new Toyota, productivity soared

But when the winning waitress was taken outside to claim her prize, she was instead led to an parking space containing nothing but a Star Wars Yoda doll (toy-ota, toy- yoda Gettit?) Not seeing the funny side, she took her employees to court, where she not only landed an undisclosed settlement, but was given the Toyota model of her choosing Despite the recent invasion of Iraqi troops into his country, in 2003 the Iraqi ambassador to Russia still found time to enjoy April Fools' Day Calling a press conference, Abbas Khalaf Kunfuth seemingly read from a Reuters press statement to reveal that an American nuclear missile had accidentally hit and killed seven British troops

He gave a few moments for the gathered, shocked journalists to digest the tragic news, before shouting “April Fools!” On April Fools day 2012 Californian police received two prank calls reporting a school siege The caller claimed bombs had been placed in Roseville High School, and reported that multiple students had been shot Recordings of gunshots could be heard throughout the calls The school was quickly evacuated, with paramedics, firefighters, and a helicopter rushing to the scene

After an hour and a half the scene was declared safe The calls were traced to a 30 year man from Virginia with a record of prank emergency calls He faced civil and felony charges

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