10 Best Kept Business Secrets In The World

10 Dr

Pepper Made from 23 different ingredients known only to 3 senior employees at any one time There is a rumor that 1 of the ingredients is prune juice 09 WD40 Created after 40 attempts, all previous projects are trade secrets, along with the final formula The company mixes substances in 3 different cities round the world

08 Google's Algorithms Over 500 improvements are made each year to improve Google's search methods Able to find accurate results to misspelled searches, search quality methods are fiercely protected 07 Lena Blackburne's Baseball Rubbing Mud Mud from a secret New Jersey location is sold to dull the surface of new baseballs

Used by all major league teams, the company makes 5 to 6 trips a year to the source 06 Krispy Kreme Doughnut The recipe was sold to Ishmael Armstrong, along with a Kentucky donut shop, in 1933 Only 4 people know the recipe 05

KFC Recipe Containing 11 herbs & spices, different parts of the recipe are blended in 2 separate factories Handwritten in the 1950s, the original recipe is locked in a safe in Kentucky 04 Thomas' English Muffins Only 7 people at Bimbo Bakeries know the recipe for the muffins When exec

Chris Botticella left to join rival Hostess Brands, Bimbo went to court to ban the move 03 Big Mac Special Sauce Recipe McDonald's lost the original recipe during the 1980s When ex-exec Fred Turner returned, he remembered the 36-year-old recipe & bought it back

02 Chartreuse A 55% green liquor made by French monks uses a secret mix of 130 herbs Now only 2 monks know the recipe, which was hidden from authorities during the French Revolution 01 Coca-Cola Recipe The recipe became a trade secret at the end of the 19h century

In 2006 a Coca-Cola employee was arrested for attempting to sell the recipe to Pepsi for $15m

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