10 Big Facts About The USA

10 President McKinley almost always wore a red carnation as a good luck charm

In 1901, moments after giving the flower to a little girl, he was assassinated 09 There are tiny hidden images of an owl and spider hidden on the $1 bill Many claim they are symbols of a Masonic club with several presidential members 08

The US government are still paying 2 civil war pensions to the children of soldiers They receive $867 a year The last widow of the Civil War died in 2003 07 In 1950 Tootsie Rolls were accidentally sent to fighting US Marines instead of ammunition

The Battle of Chosin Reservoir was lost when a request for the snack – codeword for ammunition- was taken literally 06 14,000 firework displays take place during 4th July celebrations In 2013, 7400 were hospitalized with firework related injuries, with sparklers the number 1 cause 05

John Adams & Thomas Jefferson both died on 4th July 1826 – exactly 50 years after signing the Declaration of Independence Adams’ last words were “Jefferson Survives”, unaware his political rival had died hours earlier 04 The 50-star USA flag was designed for a school project by Robert Heft, aged 17 His B- grade was raised to an A after chosen by President Eisenhower

03 In New Jersey it is illegal to commit murder while wearing a bulletproof vest In Ohio it is illegal to get a fish drunk & hunt whales on a Sunday 02 In 1980 Saddam Hussein was given the key to the city & made an honorary citizen of Detroit

The honor came after he paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to clear the debt of a Detroit Church 01 The American National Anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner, was composed by a British man Francis Scott Key set his lyrics to the tune of a drinking song played in a London social club

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