10 Bizarre Cases of Blackmail

10 Bizarre Cases Of Blackmail 10 Baptist Blackmail Would you ever expect a minister AND city councilman to be involved in the SAME blackmail scandal? – well

YES Religion and politics: the most scandalous sectors out there However, Eugene Robinson’s story is not as predictable as you may think

In 2006, there was the mayoral election primary in Atlantic City Councilman Robinson decided to support a different candidate from the one supported by Craig Callaway, the PRESIDENT of the city council Apparently, Callaway took it personally His two brothers, Ronald and David, and a former municipal worker, Floyd Tally, came to the aid They hired a 24-year-old woman of the night to lure Robinson into a motel room, settled with a hidden camera

The plan worked – or so they thought They went on threatening Robinson of leaking the tape, showing the man engaging in sexual activity with the girl, to the media if he didn’t resign However, the pastor didn’t fall for that In fact, HE reached the police to tell the story And, even if Robinson did indeed pay for sexual performances, the following trial charged all the blackmail team ended up in jail

The entire blackmailing team ended up in jail – Craig Callaway got a 3 years sentence, Ronald 9, David 4, and Tally 12 9 Supermodel’s Trouble Kaia Gerber, class 2001 – just another reminder from Gen Z that we’re old -, is the daughter of Supermodel Cindy Crawford, now on the same path of her mother She’s basically living a life dream However, all that glitters is not gold

Back in summer 2009, the Gerber family was overwhelmed by a huge blackmail scandal German model Edis Kayalar reached out to the family, threatening to leak a photo of Kaia tied to a chair WOW

First of all, how could a picture like this exist? And second, how did Kayalar come in possession of it? Both good questions that, unfortunately, didn’t find an answer until November of the same year At the time, the number one priority of the family was protecting Kaia So, Crawford's husband, Rande Gerber, gave Kayalar the $1,000 he asked for But when the model asked for more, the couple went straight to the police A trial began and, as it turned out, Kayalar probably stole the picture from the Gerbers’ nanny, who had taken it during a "cops and robbers" game

A big misunderstanding that cost Kayalar the extradition and his career 8 The Buckingham Palace Scandal Let me guess, which one? THIS one Anyway, in 2006, Ian Strachan and Sean McGuigan tried to sell tabloids the scoop of the year They claimed to have the proof the Buckingham Palace was hiding a scandal behind his gates

They presented a recorded eight hours video, allegedly showing a former Palace aide – referred as Witness D – claiming a member of the royal family assaulted him The creative duo also edited the last part of the video so that it looked like they also collected a second testimony Witness D claimed he and the royal, referred to only as Witness A, had an encounter in the kitchen of the palace – yeah, add more drama to make your story reliable The claim was so absurd that even tabloids dismissed it At that point, the pair went straight to the source, demanding £50,000 to prevent the release of the video However, the witnesses went to the police instead, reporting not only the blackmail but that the video claims were "spurious and without foundation"

Bottom line: the two blackmailers were arrested and sentenced to five years in prison 7 John Stamos In 2009, actor John Stamos was contacted by two blackmailers who threatened him to release scandalous photos of the actor if he didn’t pay $700,000 According to the crooks, Stamos was captured in suspicious behavior with an underage girl The event took place in 2004

Both Stamos and Alison Coss – the 17-year-old involved – affirmed that the two met that year, during spring break As reported, Coss and her friend hung out for a while in Stamos' hotel room and socialized a bit – To be fair, it is a bit suspicious – Anyway, in 2009, Coss claimed that something else had happened She emailed Stamos to inform him a certain Brian was blackmailing her with compromising pictures from that night

This was weird to him because, as he recalled, nothing happened that night So, he went straight to the authorities with nothing to hide Backed up by the FBI, the actor played along with the blackmailers and arranged a drop at an airport in Michigan There, Coss and her partner, 31-year-old Scott Sippola, were arrested and eventually convicted for extortion 6

Business Betrayal This is probably the most typical partner move Whether you’re kicked out of the company, or you want to work your way up, business blackmail is always one of the top options But, heyremember that there are always consequences to your actions and that, in some extreme cases, you could end up like Yuan Baojing In the 1990s Baojing was the president of the multimillion-dollar trading house Jianhao Group, based in Beijing However, at some point, the company lost $11 million Baojing suspected his friend and business partner Liu Han was behind it He believed Han was in league with a broker in Sichuan province

How to pay him back? Why not hire a professional hit-man to kill him? Easy and effective If only the professional killer hadn’t missed his shots Once arrested, assassin Wang Xing demanded money from the tycoon in exchange for his silence Since it worked so perfectly the first time, Baojin hired another killer to get rid of Xing In 2003, Xing was shot to death

But, at last, Baojing didn’t get away with it He was sentenced to death in 2005 5 Heiress to the Rescue Okay… I don’t even know where to start with this I mean, this story is so insane that I can’t believe that Hollywood still hasn’t made a movie out of

I’ll do my best The main character of this story is American entrepreneur Joe Francis On January 22nd 2004, a masked man broke into his home and tied him up He then forced Francis to undress and started recording a video of him in front of the camera stating he was gay, all at gunpoint Eventually, Francis managed to escape, ran to his neighborhood security team, and alerted the authorities But the nightmare wasn’t over The next day, he received a phone call from the aggressor, telling him he would release the tape unless Francis gave him $500,000 Francis hesitated for a while – who knows why? – but, here comes to his rescue the hero you wouldn’t expect: Paris Hilton

The heiress stated she met someone at a night-party who somehow knew who the intruder was Darnell Riley was immediately arrested and convicted for the home invasion and blackmail 4 Aristocratic Affairs As said already, royal affairs have always existed and fascinated the public opinion, to the point that blackmail is a direct consequence of them As such it dates back as much as the old romances

The blackmail story of Arthur Wellesley, the original Duke of Wellington, is the confirmation of this The duke is known worldwide for having defeated Napoleon at Waterloo But that’s not what this story is about Our focus is on Wellesley’s marriage with Anne Hill The couple married in 1806 and, after many years together, Wellesley became so tired of his marriage that he had many affairs

He didn’t even try to hide them from his wife So in 1824, when Joseph Stockdale, a notorious publisher of scandals, received a book from Harriette Wilson reporting his affair with the Duke, he blackmailed him Unfortunately for him, Wellesley couldn’t care less He replied to Stockdale threatening letter, saying “Publish and be damned!” – Simple, for sure, but effective The event caught the attention of the media, cartoonists and satirists portrayed him like a stoic hero, solidifying Wellington’s reputation as Iron Duke

3 Capitalize On A Tragedy I don’t know how many of you will remember this but, in 2009, brilliant and joyful actor John Travolta had to deal with the traumatic loss of his son Jett The 16-year-old had suffered from severe autism for years However, in January 2009, when the family was on vacation at Grand Bahama, the boy had a fatal seizure What happened next could have only added more pain to the family

One of the paramedics who took care of Travolta’s son, Tarino Lightbourne, and his attorney Pleasant Bridgewater threatened to release private information regarding that night As reported by the media, they asked $25 million in exchange for their silence The actor immediately alerted the authorities and the case was taken to court Eventually, the legal process ended in a mistrial, on the demand of the Travolta family Quoting the actor’s statement, “The long-pending status of this matter continued to take a heavy emotional toll on my family, causing us to conclude that it was finally time to put this matter behind us

" 2 The Etiquette Scandal Let’s go straight to the beginning of the 20th century Emily Post is famous for having written Etiquette, a book about American etiquette and good manners But, before Emily reached success with her book she had to deal with a personal scandal, anything but well-mannered Emily married wealthy banker Edwin Post in 1892

The couple had two children and, when their sons went to boarding school, she started writing for a series of magazines, and published her first novel in 1904 While his wife was working hard to establish herself, Edwin had multiple affairs In 1905, one of his scorned lovers contacted a magazine to tell about their affair As it happened to the Duke Of Wellington, the editor of the magazine couldn’t miss such a big opportunity to make money from it He demanded $500 to leave Edwin out of the story

But Edwin didn’t have that money because he lost a lot in bad investments So the story went out anyway Surprisingly, the blackmail only improved Edwin’s image; newspapers portrayed him as a hero On the contrary, Emily, who was a very proud woman, was scarred forever 1

The (Bon)Villain’s Revenge With a name like Bonvillain, I guess your destiny is already written In 2007, Keifer Bonvillain, a former employee at Oprah's production company – yes, THAT Oprah – tried to blackmail the TV philanthropist He emailed Winfrey, then wrote a letter – as if old-style means could somehow help – asking for $15 million to avoid the leak of a taped conversation within Oprah and an unnamed employee According to Bonvillain, the tape would have hurt her reputation

– Juicy… However, the authorities never revealed the contents of the recordings, so we can’t really say if the charges were true Anyway, with the help of the authorities, Bonvillain was eventually arrested and then set free on a $20,000 bail All’s well that ends well Except it was not quite the end In 2008, Bonvillain tried once again and filed a $180 million lawsuit against Oprah

– Dude, come on… are you insane?

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