10 Common Myths about Fast Food

Myth 10 Myth: McDonalds nuggets are made from pink slime containing chicken eyeballs Fact: In 2014 they dispelled rumours by filming a production line of chicken breasts

  Myth 9 Myth: McDonalds burgers contain so much sugar they include pickles to avoid being sold as confectionary Fact: Burger buns contain less that 5% sugar- confectionary is defined as preserved fruit or the like Myth 8 Myth: Chains wash meat in poisonous ammonia also used in cleaning products Fact: Safe in small amounts, ammonia destroys E-coli; Burger King stopped use due to rumours   Myth 7 Myth: McDonalds burgers & fries don't decompose because they include harmful preservatives

Fact: They don't decompose as cooked burgers have no moisture so will dry out instead    Myth 6  Myth: McDonalds shakes contain bird feathers & pig fat, but no dairy Fact: Shakes are a pre-made mix using dairy with a vegetable base Myth 5 Myth Kentucky Fried Chicken's shortened to KFC in 1991 as they use genetically modified organisms, not chickens Fact 2014 images of chickens with extra limbs were hoaxes- the name changed to drop the word Fried

  Myth 4 Myth: McDonalds uses worm meat and cow eyeballs in their burgers Fact: Only beef is used, eyeballs are more expensive than meat due to demand for scientific research Myth 3 Myth: Acid in Coca Cola can erode a tooth overnight, & will dissolve teeth of drinkers Fact: Coke does not stay in the mouth long enough to be harmful- an orange contains more acid Myth 2  Myth: Taco Bell served Grade D meat with only 35% beef- unfit for human consumption

Fact: A court case against them was withdrawn when they proved patties contain 88% meat   Myth 1 Myth: In 2005 Anna Ayala found a severed finger in Wendy's chilli Fact: She'd bought the finger for $100 & planted it herself- she received 4 years jail time

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