10 Common Nightmares And What They Mean

10 Common Nightmares and What They Mean 10 Naked In Public One of the most common nightmares and certainly one of the more traumatic; nakedness in a public place is enough to make anyone wake up in a cold sweat

It’s also one of the nightmares that can be interpreted more literally than most A 1989 study by Dr Wayne Myers suggested these dreams are born out of childhood trauma This occurs at a young age, when people try to gain attention from their parents, through exhibitionist means like taking their clothes off When parents ignore these acts, it creates a trauma that famed neurologist Freud suggested our unconscious mind tries to fix retroactively, as is the purpose of the nightmare

Other interpretations include that your nakedness represents something secret or hidden, which we worry others will judge and shame us for Alternatively, the versions of the nightmare in which people laugh at the dreamer for being naked reflect how they think their secret would be received 9 The End of the World Dreams about the end of the world can take on several forms, none of them very fun Speaking with The Daily Mail, Psychotherapist Dr Alex Lukeman analysed the meaning of some the more common apocalyptic nightmares people experience

For instance, Lukeman explains that water in dreams is constantly read as a representation of our unconscious desires and unexpressed thoughts So if you’re dreaming about tidal waves closing in on you, you’re likely overwhelmed by a worry or a feeling you’re not confronting Similarly, if you’re having nightmares about tornadoes destroying the world, you’re likely feeling the effects of some impending turbulence This could be a new chapter of your life you expect to cause chaos or stress, or an unaddressed conflict you know you’ll have to face soon If it’s lightning storms signalling the end of the world, it’s usually born of a fear of irreversible change, as getting hit by lightning tends to be

8 Falling The feeling of falling in a dream can often lead to what’s know as a ‘hypnic jerk’, waking you up with a start But up until the point you wake up safe, the falling nightmare can be a horrible experience, and one born commonly of excess real world anxiety The most common reading of the falling nightmare is the feeling of having lost control, and that a situation in your life is failing Metaphysics teacher Dr

Cathleen O’Connor suggests that in Western cultures, this has a societal basis In a culture that equates height with power and success, as reflected in our buildings, feelings of failure, especially financially, will manifest in a loss of height Alternatively, if you find yourself holding on, about to fall, it’s commonly read as a sign the dreamer has something they need to emotionally let go of, like a relationship or a job 7 Robbery Dreams are largely a bi-product of our daily interactions, and given how saturated the media is with images of crime, nightmares about illegal activities can often be put down to our fears surrounding them

But leading dream interpretation website ‘Dream Moods’ explains what crime related dreams, specifically robbery, can mean when they take a more unconscious turn They suggest that being robbed in your sleep is commonly a signifier of an identity crisis, or the feeling that something in your life has been lost, as represented by the stolen items In your working life, this could reflect feelings that a co-worker or classmate is taking your credit or being generally controlling But if you’re the person committing the robbery, the most frequent interpretation is a sense of unfulfilled goals While the stolen goods are obviously a stand in for these goals, the illegal aspect here suggests that you haven’t worked to earn them, and may have to cut corners to achieve them

6 Unable To Find a Toilet A dream in which you need the bathroom can of course be a side effect of the real you, you know, needing the bathroom But this horrible, common nightmare, where you’re busting but you can’t find a toilet, can actually have much deeper readings According to psychologist and dream specialist, Ian Wallace, this inability to take care of such a fundamental human need is indicative of someone’s mind letting them know that they aren’t taking care of themselves in a wider sense He claims that the dream is usually an affliction for people who look after the needs of others first, and thus struggle to look after their own

This is supported by the common reading, that the dreamer’s inability to express themself in a urinary sense is representative of their real life inability to express themselves emotionally This inability to convey your needs in real life translates to the dreamer’s struggle to convey their other ‘needs’ 5 Kidnapping If you find yourself being kidnapped in your dreams, either it’s something to do with Leonardo DiCaprio or you’re quite possibly holding on to some lingering anxiety This is according to ‘Dream Moods’, who detail what different aspects of the kidnap nightmare could mean

The traumatic dream, of being bundled into a van or the back of a car, can be quite literally translated into feelings of being trapped in a more emotional sense The person taking you is important to the interpretation as well If, for instance, a romantic interest is napping you, you may feel trapped in the relationship, and it might be time to get out If you’re witnessing another person being kidnapped, a common reading is that the person you’re seeing has personality traits you’re failing to express in your own life So your unconscious mind hides this realisation away within the dream

4 Being Chased Being chased is one of the most stressful and probably the most common nightmare people experience In fact, psychotherapist Richard Nicoletti, JD, from the Jung Institute in Boston suggested that for a person to go through their whole life without experiencing such a dream would be ‘highly unusual’

Nicoletti explained that these nightmares are typically your unconscious mind telling you that you’re avoiding an issue or person He adds that context is essential to interpreting these nightmares, and that identifying the chaser can be important Depending on who or what is chasing you, the issue your mind is avoiding could be romantic, work related or a family matter If the chaser is unidentified, it could simply reflect a feeling that you’re not in control of your life, to which dream psychologist Ian Wallace suggests, you should seek to make changes in your waking life to establish yourself as the chaser 3

Unprepared For An Exam If you’ve been losing sleep over nightmares about impending exams that you actually have, there’s a good chance you’re just procrastinating right now But, given that US studies have consistently ranked school related dreams and nightmares in the top four most commonly experienced, this nightmare goes on long after graduation In fact, while these dreams do appear to dissipate with age, they’re frequently reported beyond your 50s Michael Schredl at the Central Institute for Mental Health in Mannheim, Germany, attributed this to the widely applicable nature of the unrevised exam He suggested that the unconscious mind uses this as a template to express real-world anxieties

The most common of these is a feeling of unpreparedness for a new undertaking in life, such as a new job This explains why, ironically, exam based nightmares are commonly experienced after leaving school 2 Teeth Falling Out Not only are nightmares about your teeth falling out horrible, they also seem like a weirdly specific thing to be dreaming of But a 2016 survey by Amerisleep asked 2000 participants about their nightmares and found that over a third of them had experienced this scary dental dream

And there are about as many interpretations of this nightmare as there are teeth to lose If you have an upcoming interview or date, the teeth may represent words, and a worry that the wrong ones will come out of your mouth Astrology expert Lisa Allen also suggests that losing something as fundamental and structural as your teeth could reflect feelings of financial insecurity Sometimes the interpretations are more literal too Dreammoods

com refers to research indicating that women going through menopause report higher instances of the nightmare This supports the common interpretation that the dream is brought about by fears of ageing, and self consciousness about physical appearance 1 Murder Unless they involve a man with knives for fingers, nightmares about murder are normal, and even quite common These can manifest in a number of ways

If you witness the murder of someone else, your mind is sidelining you in an important situation, and can typically indicate that you feel cut off emotionally, or that you feel a loss of identity If you’re the one being murdered, it could be a response to a relationship coming to an end, or someone you feel cut off from It can also signify a coping mechanism, where your own murder reflects an attempt to cut yourself off from the emotions surrounding a person or situation And no prizes for guessing that being the killer yourself suggests repressed aggression A 2014 study from the Central Institute of Mental Health even suggested that people frequently dreaming of killing others tend to be hostile and introverted when they’re awake

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