10 Craziest Cases Of Wrongful Imprisonment

10 Craziest Cases Of Wrongful Imprisonment 10 THE CENTRAL PARK FIVE Five young black men – commonly known as the Central Park Five – spent the better part of a decade in jail after New York police arrested them for the rape of a white female jogger in 1989

The boys initially confessed to the crime after lengthy interrogations by detectives, but later recanted their statements, citing intimidation and coercion from police In 2002, convicted rapist and murderer Matias Reyes confessed to the crime and investigators later tied Reyes’ DNA to the attack The racially-charged case dominated headlines in the US and President Trump- who in 1989 spent $85,000 on newspaper adverts calling for the death penalty of the 5 teenagers- still maintains that they are guilty In 2014, after spending a combined 40 years behind bars, the city of New York released the five men and financially compensated them $41 million 9

THE SALAD TERRORIST Following 9/11, wrongful arrests skyrocketed, with hundreds of innocent people finding themselves detained alongside real terrorists One such case was that of 14-year-old Mohammed El-Gharani, who was kidnapped in Pakistan and wound up spending 11 years in Guantanamo Bay thanks to a misunderstanding of the word “salad” During interrogation prior to being sent off to Gitmo, the CIA asked him where he got his zalat from in Pakistan – a word they thought meant ""money"" in Arabic, but which meant ""salad"" in Mohammed's dialect When he listed a number of vegetable stalls in Karachi, they decided he was an al-Qaeda terrorist financier, who must be older than he admitted and interred him in Gitmo It was over a decade before anyone realized the mix-up

8 FOXY KNOXY One of the most well-documented cases of wrongful imprisonment is that of Amanda Knox, who in 2009 was convicted of the murder of her housemate Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy On November 1st, 2007, someone broke into the apartment that Knox shared with three other students, and raped and murdered Kercher International media descended on Perugia to cover what was fast becoming a sensational case By then, prosecutors had alleged that the murder was ""a sex game gone wrong"" and that Knox was a sexual sadist

Dubbed ""Foxy Knoxy"" by Italian and international media, Knox quickly became infamous By the time the bloodstained fingerprints at the scene were identified as belonging to local criminal Rudy Guede, police had already sentenced Knox, and Knox's Italian boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito to 26 and 25 years in prison respectively Knox and Sollecito spent nearly four years in Italian jail, before their release in 2011 They were finally exonerated by the Supreme Court of Italy in 2015 Rudy Guede is currently serving a 16-year prison sentence for the crime

7 THE MAN FROM AL-QAIDAH In 2002, Emad Hassan was abducted by bounty hunters while studying in Pakistan and sold to US forces for $5,000 who believed he was linked to Al-Qaeda When CIA agents asked him about Al-Qaeda, a simple mistake in the confusion of interrogation sealed his fate – he told his interrogators he knew about ‘Al Qa’idah’, referring to a small village with that name near his hometown in Yemen Thanks to the mix-up, Hassan was thrown in Guantanamo Bay, where he was held for 13 years, until he was eventually released in June 2015 He was one of the first detainees to go on a peaceful hunger strike in 2007 and remained so until the day he was freed, being brutally force-fed twice a day

It wasn’t until lawyers from human rights charity Reprieve showed the CIA Al-Qaidah town on Google Maps that anyone realized they’d made a ridiculous mistake 6 JAMES JOSEPH RICHARDS In 1968, James Joseph Richardson and his wife had gone to work at the orange groves about 25 kilometers away from their home in Florida – leaving a neighbor, Bessie Reece, to babysit their children After eating lunch at home, the three school-aged children returned to class, where teachers noticed they looked extremely unwell and sent them straight to hospital A school supervisor also went to check on the other kids who were at home with Reece and found they were also very sick

Eventually, all seven kids would die The cause of death? poison Despite no physical evidence tying Richardson to the murder, he was convicted of all seven deaths and put on death row Throughout the years, Bessie Reece confessed to the murders several times and the inmate who previously claimed Richardson had confessed recanted his story, claiming he had been offered a lighter sentence to corroborate However, despite this, it took nearly 22 years to get the case retried

Richardson was finally freed at age 53 5 THE TWO KHALED EL-MASRI’S Sometimes it’s possible for two people to share the same name Unfortunately for Khaled El-Masri, a law-abiding German citizen on vacation in the nation of Macedonia, he shared the same name as a dangerous terrorist who wanted to wage jihad against the West In 2003, the good El-Masri was snatched off a bus and detained by Macedonian secret police

After 23 days, they handed him over to the CIA, who beat him within an inch of his life, flew him to Afghanistan, and dumped him at a black site, where he was repeatedly raped by the local guards Meanwhile, the bad El-Masri was at large in Afghanistan, helping channel funds and weapons toward slaughtering Westerners Four months after the abduction, the CIA realized they’d got the wrong man They flew El-Masri to Albania, dropped him off on some lonely road and told him not to look back In 2012, El-Masri successfully sued the Macedonian government for wrongful arrest

But he has never received an apology or compensation from the CIA 4 KIRK BLOODSWORTH In 1984, Kirk Bloodsworth was arrested for the assault and murder of a nine-year-old girl in the state of Maryland Witnesses had given a clear description of the murderer as a six-foot-five, skinny, with curly blond hair and a mustache Bloodsworth however, certainly did not fit this description

He was clean shaven, with red hair, and overweight Nonetheless, the state of Maryland tried him and threw him on death row Possibly the craziest part of the story is that the police had recently caught a man called Kimberly Shay Ruffner who matched the suspect’s description Ruffner had recently been jailed for the rape and attempted murder of another minor, and was incarcerated in prison one cell away from Bloodsworth However, no one ever managed to put two and two together and Bloodsworth only regained his freedom when a 1992 DNA test proved he wasn’t the murderer

Bloodsworth was the first person to be sentenced to death and then subsequently exonerated 3 SALLY CLARK British citizen Sally Clark became the victim of a miscarriage of justice when she was found guilty of the murder of her baby sons in November 1999 Clark's first son died suddenly in December 1996 within a few weeks of his birth, and in January 1998 her second died in a similar manner A month later, she was arrested and tried for both of the deaths

She was given a life sentence for smothering 11-week-old Christopher in 1996 and shaking eight-week-old Harry to death two years later Her conviction was secured on the evidence of one man, Professor Sir Roy Meadow In court, he stated that the chances of two babies dying of cot death in such an affluent family was 73 million to one The convictions were overturned in a second appeal in January 2003, after it emerged that Dr Alan Williams, the prosecution forensic pathologist who examined both of her babies, had failed to disclose microbiological reports that suggested the second of her sons had died of natural causes She was released from prison having served more than three years of her sentence

Clark's experience caused her to develop serious psychiatric problems and she died in her home in March 2007 from alcohol poisoning 2 DARRYL HUNT In 1984, then 19-year-old Darryl Hunt was arrested and convicted of the rape and murder of Deborah Sykes on the outskirts of Winston-Salem, North Carolina Hunt’s girlfriend provided an alibi, but when she was arrested on outstanding theft charges, she later told police that he had confessed to killing Deborah Despite recanting this false information before the trial, the prosecution used it anyway, ultimately securing a conviction of first-degree murder in 1985 but thanks to a lone juror, Hurt was spared the death penalty

Almost a decade later, in 1994, Hunt’s legal team filed for DNA testing The sample from the victim’s body did not match Hunt’s DNA Unfortunately though, Hunt’s appeals would be denied for 10 years under the claims that the new evidence did not prove innocence Finally, in 2004, 19 years after being wrongfully convicted and 10 years after DNA proved it, that same DNA profile matched another convicted murderer who later confessed to the crime Hunt was set free in 2005 and went on to found the Darryl Hunt Project for Freedom and Justice

1 SAN ANTONIO FOUR Dubbed the “San Antonio Four”, Elizabeth Ramirez, Kristie Mayhugh, Cassandra Rivera and Anna Vasquez were wrongly convicted in the late 1990s of gang-raping Ramirez’s seven- and nine-year-old nieces The two girls testified that they were sexually assaulted by the four women at gunpoint and medical testing indicated damage to the girls’ genitals The prosecutors took this evidence, combined with prejudice sentiments that the women were lesbians, to convince the jury that they were guilty of these sexual felonies However, after evidence revealed that the medical testimony presented in court was erroneous and one of Ramirez’s nieces recanted her testimony, the women were all released in 2013

In November 2016 the women who spent almost 15 years in prison were exonerated from the crime, opening the door for them to seek potentially millions of dollars in state compensation So that’s 10 Craziest Cases Of Wrongful Imprisonment, which one of these stories do you think is the most crazy? Let us know in the comments below If you enjoyed this video, check out 10 Crimes Solved By Kids

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