10 Craziest Things Seized At Border Control

10 Craziest Things Seized At Border Control 10) Mammoth Task You might think one of the few benefits of being extinct for thousands of years, is at least you’re spared the indignity of being used for your body parts But, apparently, that’s not the case

In 2017, Chinese customs stopped an entire shipment of mammoth tusks Hidden in a truck that was supposed to be transporting soybeans, the truck had over 100 tusks in, the largest of which was over 5ft long On top of that, the back of the vehicle also contained 37 woolly rhino horns and a tonne of Jade If you didn’t know that illegal mammoth trafficking was a thing, yeah: neither did we But with an estimated 10 million mammoths frozen in the permafrost under Siberia, it’s become increasingly common practice to find their tusks and try and transport them from Russia to China for ivory, In fact, mammoth tusks are believed to make up about 50% of the ivory trade to China

The practice isn’t even illegal, the smugglers were just trying to avoid import tariffs 9) Meth Candy Bars Meth candy bars It may sound like the Walter White and Hershey's crossover no-one was asking for, but it’s a real thing Sort of In 2012, Rogelio Mauricio Harris was arrested trying to board a plane from California

In his luggage, they found $250,000 of meth This meth was hidden inside 45 individually-wrapped Snickers bars Clever, although I wouldn’t have gone with Snickers to smuggle drugs in I’d have chosen M&MDMAs, or Ket-Kat, or Green and Black-Tar Heroin Regardless, Harris had hoped that melting chocolate around the meth would throw off the airport’s sniffer dogs

And it did But guards were suspicious at how heavy the bag was and opened up the bars to see what was inside There they broke open the candy and saw the meth hidden inside So Harris’ plan failed Which is a shame, because I’d love to see the slogan: “Have a Snickers

You’re not you when you’re going through withdrawals” 8) Ancient Treasures You remember that thing we just said about how being dead for thousands of years doesn’t always stop people from trying shimmy you across borders Well, it’s not just unshaven elephants and hairy hipster rhinos that applies to In 2008, customs agents at Miami airport stopped and confiscated a 3,000 wooden sarcophagus from Ancient Egypt The rare coffin dated back to the 21st Dynasty of Egypt, or 1070 to 945BCE

The remains inside are believed to be those of a nobleman known as Imesy The sarcophagus had been flown in from Spain, but after the transporter failed to prove legitimate ownership rights was seized by Miami airport It remained in America until 2010, when Imesy was shipped back to Egypt, along with a treasure trove of other stolen antiques that had been illegally moved to the US 7) Tiger Trouble In 2017, 18-year-old Luis Eduardo Valencia was stopped while traveling across the Mexico-US border When border guards searched the teenager’s Camaro they found a 5-week-old tiger cub just chilling in the back

In case you didn’t know already, smuggling a pet tiger across the border is super illegal Valencia could have faced up to 20 years in jail or a $250,000 fine So, what convinced Valencia to take such a risky decision? Well, apparently he saw it being walked around the streets of Tijuana and bought it as an “impulse purchase” Because who among us hasn’t been on holiday and impulse bought a deadly murder cat? Although to be fair, it’s not the worst thing people get up to with animals in Tijuana If Valencia's excuse sounds like nonsense to you that’s

because it was After going through his texts, police discovered that Valencia was running an exotic animals smuggling ring His texts boasted that he could sell a white tiger for $10,000, a jaguar for $8,000 and a lion for $5,000

Valencia was sentenced to 6 months in prison The tiger cub was taken to San Diego Safari Zoo 6) Tortoise cakes If you’ve ever watched Ace of Cakes or scrolled through Instagram long enough to get past the butt pics, you’ll know that there are some pretty mental cakes being built out there So if you were a border guard and someone came up to you with a pack of “tortoise-shaped cakes”, you might not think anything was awry I mean, my boy Colin is shaped like a caterpillar and he’s become more popular at children’s birthday parties than creepy clowns and bored housewives hitting on the magician

I’m kidding, no-one hits on magicians In 2019, a 69-year-old German national approached customs and claimed just that But border guards sensed a lie almost immediately Probably because the “cakes” were moving Yes, the man was trying to sneak 3 Moroccan tortoises in from Cairo

Those animals are endangered and need to be kept in very specific conditions And no, a pastry box doesn’t count The man’s yet to be sentenced but could face a $55,000 fine or even 5 years in jail 5) Weird Weapons This next entry is all about the weird weapons people have tried to smuggle through customs But, thanks to YouTube’s policy of demonetizing every video that isn’t a kid doing a toy review we’ve had to tweak the script

Enjoy: Every year, tens of thousands of naughty pew-pews are smuggled across borders These ‘no-no bang bangs’ are then used by criminals for everything from gang squabbles all the way to war sillies Bother! But semi-automatic uh-ohs are far from the only wacky de-aliving toys shifted across borders by sneaky oopsy daisy merchants Seriously though, weird weapons are always being taken by customs Batarangs are routinely confiscated at the US border

An airport in Atlanta had to take a Walking Dead style barbed wire bat from one traveler And in 2013, customs staff in Salt Lake City found a loaded gun smuggled inside a prosthetic leg Weirdest of all Philadelphia Airport intercepted the transportation of an $8,000 “War Throne”, made from melted down AK-47s Which I have to say, looks really uncomfortable 4) Bologna Meat is great

Sorry Vegan Gains, I’m sure you enjoy your desperately sad existence of stinking out rooms with broccoli farts and uploading content so dull it makes viewers wanna commit Seppuku with a celery stick It’s just not for me But even I’m not such a protein-guzzling carnivore that I’d be willing to smuggle meat across the border as though it were as illicit as Colombian nose powder But that’s exactly what an unnamed woman in El Paso Texas tried in 2017 Stopped at the Texan border with Mexico, the woman was found to be smuggling 227 pounds of bologna into the US

If you don’t know what bologna is, it’s a type of processed sausage popular in Austria and originally from the Italian province of… well, Bologna obviously It’s believed this woman picked up the meat cheap in Mexico and was trying to smuggle it into the states, It may have been cheaper abroad, but that saving was negated when border control confiscated the meat and slapped our sausage smuggler with a $1000 fine Weird as it may seem, smuggling meat is a fairly common practice Hell, one couple got caught trying to sneak in deli sausages by wrapping them up in diapers Mmmmm, delicious

3) Hey buddy, got a spare? We’ve had some pretty crafty attempts at smuggling on this list so far Tasty tortoise cakes Meat in diapers The only candy bar more addictive than Mars Hmm, all food

I need to stop writing scripts while hungry Regardless, if we’re giving out prizes for pure scheminess: this one takes the cake No, not that one In 2010, Bulgarian police arrested two cigarette smugglers trying to move 150 packets of cigarettes across the border from Serbia How? Well, the smugglers hid the cigarettes inside a spare tire

You see, Bulgaria had just passed an increased tax of 11 to 14 Bulgarian Lev per packet Or about 80 cents May not sound like a lot, but it added nearly a third to the price of cigarettes in the country and encouraged cheap-skate smokers to find an alternative means

No such tax applies in Serbia, so smugglers could turn a quick profit sneaking smokies across the border They’d probably have gotten away with it too, but Bulgarian customs saw suspicious shadows inside the tire when they x-rayed it They pulled the car over, and soon found the packets Which is great and all, but now how am I supposed to buy cheap smokes? I refuse to vape 2) An Unusual car seat Heads up Donny T, this next one’s gonna trigger you

Over the years, Mexican cartels have tried some pretty mental ways to get their stash across the Mexico-US border From digging tens of miles of tunnels under the border, to literally loading bricks of cocaine into catapults and firing them, Mexican drug cartels have changed the game when it comes to getting something from point A to point B But probably the most impressively ballsy border crossing out of Mexico came not from a cartel but just an immigrant wanting to find work In 2001, border guards stopped a car crossing into California There, they apprehended undocumented immigrant Enrique Aguilar trying to cross the border INSIDE a car seat

Enrique was sitting on the frame of the seat, having let himself be sown in under the leather and smuggled in Despite the clever attempt, Aguilar was caught and deported But if he ever does get into the US, I’m sure will offer him a job as a designer 1) The Indian Incident In November 2018, a man identified as Sanjay Prasad stepped onto the Ballia-Sealdah Express in India His plan was to ride the cross-country Indian train all the way to the border with Bhutan

There he could safely unload his “unusual” cargo However, the Indian police caught him in the Indian province of Bihar, way short of the border There, they were able to arrest Prasad and intercept his smuggled goods So, what was Sanjay carrying to demand such a response from police? Well, in his luggage he had the remains of 50 people No, Prasad wasn’t a serial killer

He was a professional “corpse smuggler”, someone who sneaks human bones in and out of nations Sanjay had in his possession 16 skulls and 34 complete skeletons Who would want to buy 34 skeletons? Well, apparently there’s a thriving market for cheap remains among everyone from occultists to medical students Although, probably not for the same reasons

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