10 Crazy Reasons To Get Expelled

10 craziest school expulsions 10 Preventing murder 13-year-old Briar MacLean was expelled from Sir John A

Macdonald school in Canada for stopping a violent knife attack In 2013 Maclean stopped a potential bloodbath by wrestling a knife from a bully who had cornered another student in their classroom But, controversially, when teachers found out that Maclean had saved a life, he was told by his teacher that the school “did not condone heroics” The police were called to the school and Maclean’s locker was searched Luckily, a national outpouring of outrage in the Canadian press resulted in his expulsion being overturned

(Daily Mail, National Post, Huffington Post) 9 Desk sex In 2013 two horny teenagers at top British private school Gordonstoun [Gordon-stun] were expelled for having sex on a music teacher’s desk 3 years later the girl’s mother sued the school for “disability discrimination”, citing her daughter’s ADHD She claimed that the condition meant the girl could not be trusted with simple tasks, such as crossing the road and cooking Unsurprisingly, the court ruled that the ex student’s ADHD had not caused her to have sex in the school and they dismissed the case

(Daily Mail, Daily Record, Times) 8 Buttering toast In 2007, high school freshman Amber Dauge [day-j rhymes with ‘gauge’] was buttering a slice of toast one morning when she noticed she was running late for class When she approached her school, she realized she was still carrying the butter knife and put it in her locker A week later, Dauge was retrieving books from her locker when the knife fell out, in front of other students The knife was 1 centimeter longer than school regulations allowed

Although the instrument was only a butter knife, Dauge was disciplined for possession of a weapon and kicked out of school (ABC, Google News) 7 The Pop-Tart artist In 2013 a seven-year-old boy was kicked out of school for chewing a Pop-Tart into “the shape of a gun” Park Elementary School student Josh Welch claimed he was actually trying to mold the Pop-Tart into a mountain, but his teachers deemed the shape “inappropriate” Welch was eventually allowed to return after two days, but not before the National Rifle Association heard about the expulsion and decided to give the young student an honorary lifetime membership

(Huffington Post, CBS, Washington Post) 6 The anti-bullying campaign For years sophomore Richard Crane was victimized by his Olympia High School peers After bullies gave him a concussion and broke one of his bones, he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder This led to him becoming suicidal and missing most of his freshman year Finally, in 2013, Crane confronted his bullies, in an attempt to end the constant torment

But his school ruled that this was inappropriate and expelled him Meanwhile, his bullies went unpunished Despite receiving three civil rights complaints, the Department of Education has yet to overturn the decision (Fox, Komono News) 5 Disruptive burping A 13-year-old boy was placed in a juvenile detention center after burping in his physical education class

His teacher deemed the bodily function to be disruptive and ejected the student from class, before alerting school security The unnamed student was then arrested for “interfering with public education” and taken into custody without his parent’s knowledge Shockingly, the burp led to the student being suspended for a year and ordered to receive mandatory counseling from the state Juvenile Justice Department (ABC, Guardian, CBS) 4 Team twerking In 2013, 33 students from Scripps Ranch High School were kicked out of school for featuring in a “twerk team” video

The San Diego youngsters were filmed doing the sexy dance on school premises during their sixth period But the school board ruled that the video violated school rules about “causing disruption” As a punishment, the students were banned from prom and attending their graduation, but international DJ Diplo Tweeted them in support Even he couldn’t help the students, though, and their appeal was crushed by the school district panel (Gawker, Daily Mail, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post) 3

Spraying perfume Texan student Sarah Bustamantes [boo-ta-man-tay] was only 12 when she was expelled from Fulmore Middle School in 2012 When students started taunting her for her body odor, Bustamantes retaliated by spraying herself with perfume But her math teacher decided this step toward good personal hygiene was disruptive and called the police Bustamantes was removed from class, charged with criminal misdemeanour, and given a court date The youngster eventually received a $150 fine for spraying the perfume, leaving her with a criminal record before reaching her 13th birthday

(The Guardian, Maxim) 2 Streaming Glee In 2012 Political Science major Christopher Peterman, was expelled when he was caught watching musical comedy Glee A student at the infamously conservative Bob Jones University, Peterman was accused of watching blasphemous entertainment Although Peterman was off-campus at a local Starbucks when he was streaming the show, his leisure activity was reported to the college administration by an outraged student The school’s Special Committee reviewing Peterman’s case deemed the show to be “morally reprehensible” and stated that watching Glee violated the school’s behavioral guidelines

Peterman was expelled just nine days before he was due to graduate (Fox, Washington Monthly, Al Jazeera) 1 Balls in a mug In 2011 a UK teenager was expelled after he dangled his testicles in a teacher’s mug The boy decided to pull the shocking prank when he spotted the mug on his teacher’s desk Unaware of the prank that had been pulled, the unwitting teacher later drank from the tainted mug

The sickening truth came out when footage from the incident was uploaded to the internet The distraught teacher was forced to take a leave of absence to cope with the horrors of the event (Metro, Mirror)

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