10 Creepiest Apps Of All Time

10 Creepiest Apps Of All Time 10 GIRLS AROUND ME You should always be careful with what you share online, particularly when apps such as ‘Girls Around Me’ pop up in the Apple Store

This controversial app pulled public information and images from the web through services including Foursquare and Facebook in order to show users which girls were physically near them It worked by dropping their pictures as pins on a Google map, and after the user picked one, they could tap on her picture to connect to her Facebook account, see her full name and profile pictures, or even message her within the app All without her permission Since news of the creepy service broke, Foursquare cut off the API access that the app relied upon to function, prompting developers to pull the product from app stores Good riddance

9 CROWD PILOT Lacking social skills? There’s an app for that Crowd Pilot lets iPhone users stream audio of a conversation and invite Facebook friends or complete strangers to listen in for free and give feedback via text message in real time It’s like something out of Black Mirror Unsurprisingly, soon after launching, Crowd Pilot came under fire for being a complete invasion of privacy

However, it’s creator, New York-based artist and software developer, Lauren McCarthy, tried to fend off criticism and said the app encourages users to tell the person on the other end of the line that they're being listened to But this seems like a complete contradiction, as the app is said to help people in normal conversations, but a conversation isn’t normal once somebody is made aware the other person is being told what to say by eavesdropping strangers The app’s website says that it can be downloaded from iTunes, but the app store indicates that the app was removed from the store 8 STEALTHGENIE Don’t trust your significant other or your kids? Well, you’re not alone

These days the market for surveillance apps is huge, with many free apps allowing you to track a person’s every move Take, for example, StealthGenie Once installed on the target’s phone This app had the ability to record phone calls, allowed a remote user to activate the device’s microphone, monitored text, email and voicemail messages, granted access to the device’s photographs, videos, address book and calendar and displayed the users movements on an online map The company claimed that most of its business came from people trying to figure out if their partner was cheating

Although, it was also marketed to parents who wanted to keep tabs on their children The app lived a short life though At the end of September 2014 the CEO of StealthGenie was arrested in the US and charged with “conspiracy to market and sell a surreptitious wiretapping device” 7 WAKIE Forget your traditional alarm clock, why not try out Wakie and have a random, anonymous person call you in the morning to wake you up

According to the app, the idea is that making you talk to someone for a minute – the calls are automatically cut off after 60 seconds – will force your brain to wake up, and apparently it works pretty well If you’re not quite weirded out enough by it, some of Wakie’s users are essentially trying to turn it into Matchcom for sleepy strangers And it seems the app's creators are delighted to support this creepy move as now they're offering a paid version where you can specify your caller's gender, opt to talk with them for five minutes instead of just one, and look at their profile afterwards The app is still available on Google Play and the app store if that’s what you’re into

6 CALL BLAZE & MONSTER MACHINES Some apps just aren’t what they seem In January 2018, Google banned a sinister children's app from its Play store after parents heard a character threaten to stab children The free app, based on the Nickelodeon show ‘Blaze And The Monster Machines’ was disguised to look like an official product where the user can “call” the characters One mom, Katisha Long, from Gloucester England, was horrified by what she heard on the app and shared it on Facebook to warn other parents about it

The voice on the app starts off normal: “Hi kids, I’m your new friend! You see, I want to play with you, kiddo Maybe we could perform some fun games together” However, it then takes a sinister turn: “You look afraid, is it this knife in my hands? Making you a little nervous? This knife is going to improve your look when it’s sticking right out of you” Not long after, Google removed it from its Play store and alongside issued an apology claiming: “The safety of kids and families are of paramount importance to us” 5

NAME TAG Straight out of a Black Mirror episode, Name Tag app uses facial recognition to scan social media profiles, dating sites, and criminal records to let a user identify a complete stranger The app currently works on Google Glass but its makers, FacialNetworkcom, are promising to bring the technology to smartphones in the future With current mobiles, users would have to take a photo and upload it to the company’s databases but with Google Glass the whole process can be automatic Google has currently banned the use of facial recognition on its Glass hardware, but the devices can be ‘jailbroken’ just like a mobile phone

The developers are currently creating technology that will allow their facial recognition software to compare results with photos from dating sites including Plenty of Fish, OkCupid and Match The technology also currently allows American users to compare photos with the more than 450,000 entries in the National Sex Offender Registry and other criminal databases 4 BREAKUP NOTIFIER Since Facebook was first launched back in 2004, it has allowed users to keep in touch with their friends, see profiles of strangers and essentially stalk anyone who also has a page With the birth of some rather disturbing Facebook apps, stalking has become a whole lot easier

An app called Breakup Notifier, for example, sends users a notification whenever a friend they were interested in changes their relationship status to single Sure, you have to be friends with the person you're interested in before you can even make use of the service But the thought of someone being able wanting to be alerted so that they can immediately start hitting on you as soon as you're available, is more than just a little disconcerting Nevertheless, it managed to rake in more than 3 million users in its first week, but shortly after Facebook blocked it Guess you’ll just have to find out if your crush is single the conventional way

3 BEEN VERIFIED Ever felt a little uneasy about one of your Tinder matches? Well then, why not download the app Been Verified to see if they are legit Been Verified lets you run a background check on anyone using just their name or email address It checks for relatives, property, current contact information, criminal history and social media records You get one free report a month, but if that’s that not enough for you, you can purchase extra background checks for 99 cents, or a pack of 20 for $9

99 When the Background Check App first dropped in 2009, it was downloaded nearly a million times in less then a month But due to some questions over privacy issues, Apple actually pulled the app from its app store after only a few months Despite this, the app boomeranged back to the iTunes Store in 2012 and is still available on Google Play 2

KICK ON Hailed the ""Tinder for Parties"" app – Kick On is a parent’s worst nightmare It works by allowing users to swipe right on events nearby, which then alerts the host of the event, who decides whether to include the swiper in the fun and can share the address of the goings-on The app- which can be downloaded by users as young as 13- raised concerns from worried parents in Queensland, Australia who feared for the safety of their children Their fears were echoed by child psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg who told The Courier newspaper that parents should not allow their children to use the app, as it’s “a perfect digital storm with the immature teenage brain and a technology that’s in the moment and of the moment” Nonetheless, the app has grown in popularity and its founder Australian entrepreneur Charlie Stewart has taken it to the US in the hope of getting it into the hands of every college student in America

1 IAMAMAN APP These days lots of women use period tracking apps for fertility reasons or just simply for knowing when Mother Nature is going to strike again The iAmAMan app is quite the opposite The app, designed for men, shamelessly declares it ""will help you with your private life planning"" by tracking several women's menstrual cycles Oh and just in case one of your ""girlfriends"" asks you to open up the app – which requires a password – each girl can be set with their own separate password, so when you put it in, it only looks like you're tracking her

So it aids infidelity as well as major privacy invasion Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long before Apple removed it from its App store But since its removal, similar apps have been created such as Code Red which apparently helps men “no longer need to fear the wrath of menstrual madness” by offering local listings for the purchase of flowers and chocolate So that’s 10 Creepiest Apps Of All Time, have you downloaded any creepy apps? Let us know in the comments below If you enjoyed this video, check out 10 Everyday Things You Didn't Know The Purpose Of

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