10 Creepiest Kids Movies Ever

10 Creepiest Kids Movies 10) Raggedy Ann and Andy: A Musical Adventure A lot of people think that the famous alcohol hallucination scene from Dumbo is too intense for kids Personally, I’m just jealous: I’ve spent years necking hard liquor and the closest I’ve even come to hallucination was briefly dreaming my wife took me back

Regardless, if the dumbo trip scene was too much for you: then this film is gonna freak you out On a quest to save their friend from pirates, Ann and Andy travel to purgatory In doing so, they journey through a series of surreal worlds and meet creepy character after creepy character My favourite: Sir Leonard Looney, a high-pitched trash clown who tries to trap Ann and Andy in LooneyLand Why? Just so he can play practical jokes on them for eternity

THAT’S TORTURE Well, that and make eyebrows at them To be fair, this film is visually stunning It mixes up animation and art styles so fast that one moment you’re in a black and white line drawing And the next you’re seeing “The King” introduced in a way Soviet propaganda films would call overblown If you like weird, LSD-infused cartoons, check it out

If you’re a child: don’t 9) The Adventures of Mark Twain Mark Twain was an American writer, humorist, and lecturer One thing he wasn’t, is a claymation airship pilot going on adventures with his own fictional creations That’s except for in the world of The Adventures of Mark Twain This 1985 family film takes a trick from Vonnegut , and has it’s author start messing around in the lives of his own characters

All presented in a claymation style that’s constantly slightly off putting, Twain takes Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn into all sorts of dark places In one particularly uncomfortable scene they meet the Devil himself, represented for some reason by a cigar-smoking theatre mask Satan creates a castle full of animate clay characters for the kids to play with Yes, clay figures playing with clay figures Try not to worry about it

Anyway, the small clay figures start fighting over a cow, leading Maskboi to rain thunder and death down upon them We even get to see the widow clay figures grieving At least until they’re sucked down into oblivion So it goes This was for CHILDREN

8) The Plague Dogs If you want a plot synopsis of The Plague Dogs, watch that neck breaking scene from I Am Legend on a loop for two hours Made by the messed up creatives behind rabbit snuff film Watership Down, this movie is actually even darker than their famous creation Hell, the opening scene is a DOG DROWNING Yeah, that’s how they open the movie There’s even a close-up shot of it’s lifeless eyes

Okay, technically: the dog does survive that scene But still The premise of this movie is that two dogs escape from a nightmarish animal testing facility

But the testers were planning to inject them with the Bubonic Plague, and mistakenly think they might have already done it So they start hunting down the dogs to stop a pandemic The poster promises “The adventure of a lifetime” And it certainly is: along the way the dogs engage in all sorts of wacky hijinks Like eating the body of a person to avoid starvation The film only get darker, ending with the dogs trapped in the sea and their would-be captors on the shore

The dogs decide to keep swimming, disappearing into the fog and, most likely, drowning out in the waters I, I I think I need to go lie down 7) The Dark Crystal You probably remember Jim Henson as the puppeteer who brought us The Muppets And while The Muppet Show often had an adult edge, it rarely got super dark

I mean they adapted Christmas Carol and Treasure Island, but they never remade Wallender with Swedish Chef, or put Fozzy Bear in Requiem For A Dream The Dark Crystal is different This 1982 dark puppet adventure, I can’t believe I just said “dark puppet adventure”, features freaky and disturbing imagery from the outset Particularly nightmarish are the rotting, vulture-like creatures scattered throughout the movie’s world Using puppets rather than special effects makes these monsters feel all the more real

The film proved popular, and Netflix is even making a reboot TV series based on the property Still, look at those things It’s not for the faint-hearted Now, excuse I’m going back to pitching harrowing Muppet movies Waiting For Gonzo

The Rowlf In The Striped Pyjamas Kermit McCarthy’s The Toad 6) Return To Oz The original Wizard of Oz film can be a pretty disturbing watch And not just if you know the messed up stuff the dwarves were getting up to behind the scenes But its 1985 sequel took the dark, disturbing imagery, and turned it up to 11

At the film’s start, Dorothy has to be rescued from electro-shock therapy Yep, that magical adventure you shared with sweet little Dorothy led to everyone thinking she’s a few Munchkins short of a Lollipop Guild Thank God they decided to free her, and didn’t take The One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest option of having the Tin Man smother her with a pillow As you may have guessed, the heroes return to Oz But the visuals just get creepier from there

I don’t want to spoil too much, but some moments that stand out include a woman without a head who collects heads, dreadlocked monster guards, and Groot’s evil cousin I’d rather not follow that yellow brick road, if it’s all the same with you 5) All Dogs Go To Heaven Hey kids, Fun Fact: did you know one day your beloved pet dog will die?! Yes, it’s another beloved family film about dogs dying

Okay, to be fair “All Dogs Go To Heaven” is mainly about a dog called Charlie escaping Heaven so he can come back to life and say goodbye to his owner It’s fairly wholesome, with lots of nice messages about sacrifice, loyalty and friendship But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t also feature some absolutely terrifying imagery Perhaps the most memorably messed up scene is the one where Charlie imagines Dog Hell Yeah, turns out not all dogs go to Heaven

There’s a Dog Hell And it’s full of lava, skeleton boatmen and nightmarish dragon monsters There’s literally a moment in the scene where Charlie is desperately scrambling away from lava while demons chew his panic-stricken face This is a good movie But be warned, you may have to pay for counselling afterwards

4) Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory This film is a classic A heartwarming tale about orange dwarf slavery, unsafe working conditions and profiting from obesity But there is one famous scene in which the 1964 movie decides to take a detour from “slightly dark but pleasant” to “full on nightmare mode” Willy Wonka, played excellently by the inimitable Gene Wilder, always has a bit of an edge But after introducing Charlie and the terrible spoilt kids to the beautiful side of his magical factory, he takes them on a boat ride through a tunnel Then: this happens: The scene has been much parodied and referenced since, including in Thor Ragnarok

But the original still holds up as disturbing and weird, not least because it comes out of absolutely nowhere Apparently it was so unpleasant and scary to film that many of the actors were terrified throughout the shoot Those reactions you see are largely the genuine horror the actors were feeling 3) The Witches From one Roald Dahl movie adaptations to another Films based on Dahl’s works can end up pretty creepy

Just look at Matilda and the excessive number of shots in which someone tries to bury their face in the camera But this film isn’t just made uncomfortable by the wide angle lense It’s the makeup that elevates this movie into pee your pants territory Set in a small town, the plot follows a cast of children trying to uncover a plot by witches to replace local woman and kill their offspring And the movie doesn’t shy away from showing just how ugly and disturbing these witches are

In one memorable scene, the witches reveal their true identities in a church The leader in particular looks remarkably gnarled and rotten Enjoy THAT living in your subconscious for the rest of your life, kids! Clearly, audiences weren’t enamored to this darkness Though critics raved about the film, it did poorly at the Box Office For what it’s worth, Roald Dahl also hated the movie, although not because it might ruin children for life

No, he was angered because the director changed the film’s ending from the book’s 2) The Garbage Pail Kids Movie There’s only really one word to accurately describe this movie: ugly Based on the, somehow, popular trading cards of the same name: The Garbage Pail Kids Movie attempted to bring the nasty look of the cards to the big screen And boy did they? The hardest part of this movie is actually choosing which Garbage Pail kid is the most unsettling to look at The acne-encrusted Nat Nerd? The racially insensitive Windy Winston? Or Foul Phil, the nightmare baby they should use to sell birth control? To be fair, the film’s characters are intentionally disgusting

But that doesn’t mean that watching isn’t a nauseating experience I mean look at water-head Fonz here I can’t not imagine him creeping up the bottom of my bed now Fittingly, the movie was garbage It was a box office bomb, although it did just about make its money back

What’s more, it holds exactly 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, something even Adam Sandler hasn’t achieved 1 Milk Money A lot of the entries on this list have earned their place on the list with their harrowing imagery And I mean harrowing I think The Plague Dogs broke me

My now ruined psyche aside, this next movie is here not because of its look In fact, it’s shot like any other mid-90s romantic comedy No, the reason it’s in the video is because of its deeply, deeply uncomfortable premise Three 11 year old boys feel they’re unable to compete with their girl classmates in “The Battle of the sexes” But they decide that seeing a naked woman would bolster their confidence

So, these children to go into the city to hire a prostitute Yeah, this film straight up has a bunch of kids hiring a grown woman to bare all for them The film even goes so far as to let them see her topless Don’t worry Because this is a movie you’re allowed to watch without joining a register, the kids don’t take things any further and actually get to spend their “Milk Money” No instead the hooker, played by Melanie Griffith, starts dating the dad of one of the kids

And it just becomes a standard RomCom from there on Well, as close to a standard RomCom as it can be for a movie that uses kids hiring a hooker as a plotpoint "

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