10 Crimes Inspired by Fiction

10 2007 horror film Halloween inspired a teenager to kill his mom & sister

Jake Evans watched it 3 times in the week before the crime, inspired by its young serial killer 09 Lee Boyd Malvo yelled ""Free yourself from the Matrix"" after killing 10 people in 2002 He told detectives to watch the movie to understand his motives 08

A couple stole $120k at gunpoint, wearing nun costumes seen in heist movie The Town At the trial, the judge wore the costume to test if witnesses could see under the masks 07 Andrew Conley said he identified with TV murderer Dexter & killed his 10-yr-old brother The show inspired Mark Twitchell too, who built a replica kill room & murdered a man

06 'Rage', a Stephen King novel, inspired Jeffrey Lyne Cox to take classmates hostage Armed with a rifle, he demanded flights to Brazil & $1m, before being overpowered 05 The Columbine massacre shooters wrote about Natural Born Killers in their yearbooks

The victims' lawyer tried to sue the production company, claiming they'd triggered the violence 04 An 18-yr-old died & another was injured when hit by trucks while lying in the road at night Echoing scenes from 1993 film The Program, they were proving they had nerves of steel 03 An assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan echoed scenes from Taxi Driver

John Hinckley, Jr watched the film at least 15 times & fired shots in a bid to impress its star Jodie Foster 02 Fight Club fan, Kyle Shaw, tried to recreate the film's huge explosion He was imprisoned for 3

5 years for planting a homemade bomb in central New York 01 A Clockwork Orange was banned in the UK for 25 years after numerous copycat attacks These included the gang rape of a 15 yr old & the murder of a child

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