10 Crimes Inspired By Movies

10 Crimes Inspired By Movies 10) Taxi Driver Taxi Driver is, of course, one of Martin Scorsese’s most celebrated works The 1976 movie centers around army veteran Travis Bickle, that’s Robert De Niro, who attempts to assassinate a presidential candidate that the woman he is obsessed with works for

Just 5 years after its release, however, a man named John Hinckley Junior emulated the role of De Niro in real life when he attempted and failed, to assassinate the then-US-president Ronald Reagan HIS motive was to get the attention of the woman that HE was obsessed with – actress Jodie Foster – who by the way ALSO appears in the movie The parallels between the movie and the crime were undeniable – According to a report by Historycom, Hinckley had watched the movie FIFTEEN times and strongly identified with Bickle himself In fact, so much so that in his everyday life Hinckley began mirroring Bickle – he wore similar clothes, drank the same peach brandy and amassed a collection of firearms

He was eventually found not guilty by reason of insanity and sent to a mental institution 9) Natural Born Killers Natural Born Killers is widely renowned as being a movie that has inspired the most copycat killers The 1994 Oliver Stone film tells the story of 2 lovers who become mass murderers and are glorified by the media In fact, the movie can be seen to create copycats out of copycats since the fictional murderous couple, Mickey and Mallory Knox, are loosely based on 1950s teenage spree killers Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate According to The Telegraph, as many as 33 murders were dubbed Mickey and Mallory ‘copy cats,’ and linked to the movie by the media

Yet the copycats most often cited as having been inspired by the movie were then-teenage couple Benjamin Darras and Sarah Edmondson Just a year after its release the pair set about imitating the film’s murders, starting with Darras robbing and shooting dead the owner of a liquor store Days later Edmondson shot and paralyzed a cashier at a convenience store The couple then returned home and bragged to friends about their exploits Fortunately, though, they were quickly arrested and jailed

Darras is serving a life sentence and Edmondson was released on parole in 2010 8) The Deer Hunter The 1978 film The Deer Hunter follows the lives of 3 friends before, during and after their service in the Vietnam War In one of its most memorable scenes, Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken are forced to play Russian roulette, a game of chance in which the player points a gun containing only one bullet at his own head and pulls the trigger – if an empty chamber is struck everything is fine, but if the one with the bullet is struck, well, it’s not Both leading gents in the movie managed to survive the deadly game But the same can’t be said for those who started the play the game for real when the movie’s release inspired somewhat of a Russian Roulette trend

In fact, in the 3 years that followed The Deer Hunter’s release, there had already been TWENTY EIGHT confirmed Russian roulette deaths in the United States involving people who had seen the movie And, unfortunately, the trend never fully died In fact, as recently as 2015 a Chilean man tried to recreate the famous scene, yet for him too, it was an attempt that proved to be fatal 7) The Thomas Crown Affair The 1999 remake of ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’ stars Pierce Brosnan as a billionaire who amuses himself by stealing artwork In one famous scene Brosnan, dressed in a black coat and bowler hat, organizes a system of similarly-dressed human decoys in order to evade detection while stealing a painting

Fast-forward to 2008 and a Seattle newspaper reported on the parallels between the tactic used in the 1999 movie and that which had recently been used in bank robbery at a Bank of America in Washington Prior to the robbery, the copycat criminal placed an ad for road maintenance workers who he then paid to show up outside the bank at the exact same time – all wearing the same characteristic workwear This allowed the robber, who was also wearing this outfit, to blend in with them He then snuck up on a guard, pepper sprayed him, and made off with a bag containing $400,000 from an armoured truck The tactic paid off for Pierce Brosnan as he managed to get off Scot-free

The copycat criminal’s attempt, however, didn’t He was caught a year later and sentenced to 6 years in prison 6) The Matrix Hardly with a need for introduction, 1999’s ‘The Matrix’ posits that reality, as we know it, is simply a computer-generated illusion and that the real world is very different from what’s around us To us, of course, it’s simply the concept of the movie but to others, well they think it’s a reality By stating their strange beliefs about ‘The Matrix’ as evidence of a mental disorder, two notable criminals have successfully been found not guilty of crimes by reason of insanity

The first of these was a man who murdered his landlady in 2000 Upon his arrest he said that he was living in the virtual reality of The Matrix and that his landlady had therefore never been a real person at all The second case was that of Tonda Lynn Ansley In 2002 she was convinced that HER landlady was trying to brainwash and kill her, so she shot her dead Hmm, I’m starting to notice a proprietor-related theme here

Anyway, Tonda’s defense was that she believed the killing of her landlady hadn’t been real but instead a bad dream 5) Saw If you’ve ever seen one of the 8 movies that make up the Saw franchise, then you’ll know about the killer ‘Jigsaw’, who forces his victims to play horrific games in a bid to stay alive But for a 52-year-old woman, rather than being part of the movie franchise, the threat of these games was, in fact, a reality In 2007, 2 teenage girls from Tennessee left the woman a prank voicemail on her phone recorded in the gruesome Saw style It firstly delivered the iconic and chilling line ‘I want to play a game

You need to decide if life is worth living for’ The cryptic message then proceeded to inform the woman that her friend was trapped inside her house Not only that, but that a toxic gas would fill her home in ten minutes which would rapidly kill them In fact, the woman was so terrified she suffered a stroke while listening to the prank phone call and had to be rushed to hospital Fortunately, she turned out to be OK which is more than can be said for the two girls who were charged with phone harassment

4) Friday The 13th In hit horror movie franchise ‘Friday The 13th’, teenagers camping by Camp Crystal lake become the victims of a crazed serial killer The 12 movie franchise proved to be quite the hit in cinemas, collectively grossing over $380 MILLION But they ALSO proved to be quite the hit with a man named Daniel Gonzalez, being some of his favourite movies While some may aspire to be doctors, lawyers or actors, Daniel Gonzalez had his eyes set on a very different path – He aspired to be a famous serial killer after watching ‘Friday the 13th’ and ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ So much so, that in 2004, he decided to emulate his idols, the villains from those movies, and went on a 3-day killing spree in London

Gonzalez killed 4 people and injured 2 others while wearing a hockey mask, much like that of “Friday the 13th’ killer Jason Voorhees Of course, Gonzalez was soon caught and arrested for his brutal crimes When questioned, he told police that he wondered what it would be like to be Freddy Krueger for a day Just a few years later, in 2007, he took his own life while serving a life sentence in a psychiatric hospital 3) The Town Adapted from Chuck Hogan’s novel Prince of Thieves, The Town is a 2010 American crime thriller

Starring Ben Affleck, it follows a group of serial bank robbers who attempt to rob the baseball ground Fenway Park The robbers managed to evade detection by using clever disguises to cover their tracks The mastermind cover during these heists? Some very unholy nun outfits and latex masks In fact, the creepy costumes worked so well in the movie that the robbers were able to get away with millions Then, just a year later in 2011, it seemed a couple of robbers thought they would try their luck using this tactic at a bank in Chicago

The copycat pair, dressed in nun habits and masks undeniably similar to those in the 2010 film, pulled out guns and forced bank workers to hand over $120,000 Then in 2017 it happened all over again when 2 women dressed in nun’s habits tried to rob a bank in Pennsylvania This pair, though, didn’t invest in the iconic masks – which maybe was how they ended up being caught just a year later 2) Project X Project X follows the story of 3 high school seniors who throw a birthday party to make a name for themselves As the night progresses, however, things spiral out of control as word of the party spreads

Despite showing all of this, and the pretty dire consequences, it STILL didn’t deter people from throwing their own Project X style parties following the movie’s release In Michigan, one such party attracted 2,000 people after being advertised on social media in invitations titled as ‘Project P – Danny’s Bday’ Despite the sheer number of people totally causing havoc, the bigger problem in this case was that most of the party’s guests were under the age of 21 Authorities dispatched medical units to the scene to treat multiple patients with alcohol and drug related injuries and overdoses they had sustained from the party Meanwhile in 2012 police arrived to shut down a rave in Houston emulating the movie’s ‘ultimate party’

Again, it had been plastered all over social media, attracting 1,000 people When the authorities arrived, however, some rebellious partygoers opened fire, leading to the death of one of the guests The Dark Knight Any fan of the The Nolan trilogy will be all but too familiar with Gotham’s resident psychopath, The Joker In 2008’s The Dark Knight, of course, the enigmatic serial killer clown infamously goes on a killing spree, blows up a hospital and rigs a couple of ferries with explosives, planning to kill those onboard So yeah, like I said, a psychopath

Fast-forward to 2012 and 24-year-old James Holmes entered a movie theatre in Colorado during a midnight screening of 'The Dark Knight Rises' He, however, wasn’t there for the screening, but rather to emulate a role from the trilogy He set off tear gas grenades and shot into the audience with multiple guns

12 people were killed and 70 others injured At the time, the attack had the largest number of casualties in one shooting in modern US history When the police caught the criminal, they noted his brightly dyed hair which was similar to that of the franchise’s villain But then all possibility of coincidence was blown out the water when Holmes later told questioning officers that he was ‘The Joker’ He was found guilty of all 164 counts against him, including murder and possession of firearms, and sentenced to life in prison

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