10 Crimes Solved By Kids

10 Crimes Solved By Kids 10 Miss Maple In July 2011, burglars ransacked the house of 12-year-old Jessica Maple’s late great-grandmother

With no sign of forced entry, police concluded the robbers must have had a key and given the state of the house’s owner, they all but dropped the case This didn’t sit right with Maple, who went to the house and found broken windows and other evidence of a break-in in the garage Figuring they weren’t as smart as the police had given them credit for, Maple headed to a local pawn shop and found all her great-grandmother’s furniture The shop owner gave Jessica the details of the man who had brought in the furniture, but unhappy with having just done 99% of the police’s job, she asked her mom for a lift to the man’s house Confronting the burglar, Maple got a confession from him and passed all the information on to the police, who were grateful for the help and probably just a little embarrassed

9 Stick Figure ID In Mid 2015, Connecticut police officers knocked on 11-year-old Rebecca DePietro’s door to ask about a series of burglaries on her street Recalling a suspicious looking man, she drew a picture for the police who, accepting any leads they could get, took the drawing with them DePietro herself admitted it ‘wasn’t the best picture’, but the police took it seriously and superimposed it against pictures of their suspects The picture most closely matched Pedro Bruno who, when interviewed, confessed to 10 burglaries, including DePietro’s own home

Rebecca had assumed the police would simply screw up her picture and throw it away, but Police Chief Patrick Ridenhour admits it was a huge help in the investigation, saying “For us to take that sketch and match it up, it was remarkable” 8 Jeannette Tamayo 9-year-old Jeannette Tamayo returned home on June 6th 2003 to find a strange man in her house, who attacked and injured her mother and brother, before kidnapping her She was taken to another house, handcuffed and abused by her captor for two days In an act that police believe may have saved her life, Tamayo began talking to the man, telling him stories and building trust

Soon, he allowed Jeannette to walk around and watch TV, and from this, a news story about asthma gave her an idea Tamayo told the man that she was asthmatic, and would die without medication, which seemed to work as he let her go soon after From here, Jeannette outsmarted her captor even further by remembering every turn from her house to the one where she was held, as well as the kidnapper’s whole phone number from him having ordered a pizza This lead police straight to kidnapper David Montiel Cruz’s residence, who was arrested and sentenced to 100 years in prison 7

Crayon Map On January 16th 2017, two unnamed German boys aged 8 and 9 witnessed a driver crash into a parked car and drive away Wanting to bring them to justice, the boys quickly told their parents, who called the police, then grabbed their crayons and started drawing But the two young cousins didn’t stop there, and what they drew was a detailed map of the street, depicting the events of the hit-and-run with helpful arrows and even multi-colored flowers From this, the police headed in the direction the driver had fled, and were able to arrest a suspect based on the description the boys had given Thanking the kids for their help, a police spokesperson added “If I’m being honest, the sketches of my colleagues often don’t look better”

6 Aiden Barrios Elizabeth Barrios left her engine running as she dropped off her son at nursery on the morning on January 14th 2015 But when she returned, she found that her car had been stolen, with her other infant son inside When police arrived Barrios told them that Aiden, at just 3 years old, knew how to unlock and answer her phone, which she’d left in the car Police phoned Aiden, who answered and informed them that the robber had just left the car

Officers told him to lock the doors and honk the horn, which succeeded in scaring the thief off and lead a local officer to Aiden’s location While the robber wasn’t caught, Aiden’s tech knowledge helped him solve his own kidnapping and was named an honorary junior police officer by the Utah Police force 5 Benjamin Brockway Benjamin Brockway was cycling home on June 8th 1994 when two men in a truck pulled up beside him and grabbed him, storing his bike in the back and driving off They kept Brockway in a rented motel, but despite arranging a $50,000 ransom with his parents, released him in a nearby neighborhood the next day for unknown reasons

Despite his eyes being covered the whole time, Brockway had managed to move his blindfold and sneak looks at his surroundings From this, he was able to memorize his surroundings, down to the location of fast food wrappers in the motel room and the manufacturer’s date printed on a child’s car seat in the truck Benjamin provided enough information to lead police to his kidnappers, who were identified as Eduardo Rios-Ruiz and Arturo Tapia Rios-Ruiz was sentenced to 8-25 years, while Tapia, who was a minor, was given just two years 4

Find My Thief In March of 2012, robbers broke into the Crabtree household in Nashville Among everything the thieves got away with were 8-year-old Landon’s Playstation and iPad Insurance covered the losses, but Landon was upset that the thieves wouldn’t be punished Taking it into his own hands, Landon used the ‘find my iPhone’ app on another device, which uses GPS to show users the location of any linked devices From this, Landon located his iPad and passed the information on to police

Police went to the location and found not only all of the Crabtrees’ stolen goods, but a host of other items linked to numerous other burglaries The thief, John Docherty was found and arrested near the sight Landon was praised by police for his help and told the press that he wanted to grow up to work for the FBI 3 Forensics Class When students at Brookstead State School in Australia were studying forensic science in 2005, they had no idea that what they’d learned would soon be put into practice

But on Monday August 22nd, when they found their tennis nets slashed, they knew just what to do The kids, all aged 8 to 12, secured the scene and searched for evidence, quickly finding and photographing footprints near the nets That night, the vandal returned, breaking into the school and stealing food, so when the police arrived, the kids turned over their evidence When police investigations lead to a suspect, they asked to see the man’s shoes, and were able to match them to the prints photographed by the children This lead to a conviction and showed the world what can happen when you pay attention in class

2 Trojan Horse While he’s the oldest crime fighter on this list, Bradley Willman did more at the age of 17 than some detectives could hope for in their whole career, retiring from his life of vigilante justice at just 19 When the young Canadian programmer was offered to buy a 6-year-old girl on a chatroom, he decided to use his knowhow for good, designing trojan horse malware disguised as a photo file He posted this file to chatrooms for people looking for illegal images of children, which gave him access to the computers of whomever clicked it Though illegal, Willman’s work lead to the arrest of around 70 men, including foster parents, social workers and even a Superior Court Judge

Despite being commended for his services, Willman was warned that further use of the malware would lead to legal action, so he stopped using the trojan in 1999, but still assists law enforcement daily in his work as a private investigator 1 Human Arrow On April 1st 2017, a police helicopter was flying through Surrey in England, searching for two suspected burglars when they were tipped off by the strangest of clues As they flew over an empty field, officers saw a large arrow on the ground made up of several children The kids had been on an Easter Egg hunt when the burglars had passed them

Spotting the police helicopter, they quickly put two and two together to point the chopper in the direction the men had run, abandoning the hunt and lying down in the field Thanks to the kids, police found the suspects and arrested them The officers ended their shift by sharing some well-earned chocolate with the children, who would receive special awards from the Police service So that was 10 Crimes Solved By Kids Feeling shown up? Do you know about any other junior detectives? Let us know in the comments and make sure to like and subscribe

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