10 Curious Facts About Cloning

10 Ibex Resurrected The extinct Pyrenean Ibex was resurrected in 2009 after dying out in 2000

Scientists cloned DNA from the last survivor to create an animal that lived for 7 minutes 09 Neanderthals Could Be Reborn Prof George Church is looking for a volunteer to give birth to a Neanderthal baby DNA from bones, if added to human stem cells, could create a foetus

8 Sheep Cloned Created in 1996, Dolly the sheep was the 1st mammal cloned from an adult cell Formed from mammary gland cells, she was duly named after busty singer Dolly Parton 7 Stick Insects Clone Themselves Stick insects reproduce asexually – producing genetic clones of themselves

The Timema species has been female only for one million years 6 Sea Urchin Cloned in 1800s Scientists started cloning in 1885 when Hans Driesch created a sea urchin In 1902, Han Spemann used a strand of his baby's hair to divide Salamander cells for cloning 5

Scientists Work to Clone Woolly Mammoth Scientists are trying to resurrect the woolly mammoth – the last died out in 1650 BC In 2013, Russian scientists extracted liquid blood & tissue from a frozen mammoth 4 Bananas are Clones Bananas are clones of the same sterile banana which grew 10,000 years ago To grow new plants, cuttings must be taken from existing banana roots

3 Pet Dogs Resurrected For $100k, US company My Friend Again will clone your dog Trakr, the dog who found the last survivor of 9/11 was cloned in 2009, producing 5 puppies

2 Dangerous Side-Effects of Cloning Cloned animals are prone to cancer, pneumonia & early death They often have abnormally large organs leading to difficulties with breathing & blood flow 1 First Human Cloned In 2002, Clonaid claimed they'd created the 1st human clone – a girl called Eve

They offer cloning services to the public, yet have never revealed a clone despite a court order

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