10 Dangerous Facts About Sugar

10 Cancer production Sugar in the intestine forms the hormone GIP, which increases insulin

β-catenin, a protein reliant on sugar levels that controls GIP, heightens cells' susceptibility to cancer    09 Obesity Excess fructose in sugar causes visceral fat cells to mature, leading to weight gain  It can also create a resistance to leptin, the hormone that tells us we’ve eaten enough  08

Surprising Sugar Half a can of coke surpasses our daily sugar allowance by 10g On average US citizens each drink 1257 servings a year- that's 1

7m tons of sugar in total 07 Diabetes More than 347m people have diabetes- 34m due to a high sugar diet The urine of diabetics is so rich in sugar it can be turned into whisky 06

Genetic Sugar Addiction Those who had genetic changes in the hormone ghrelin consumed more sugar Ghrelin affects whether you seek a reward through the sweet tooth   05 Anti-Sugar L-glucose shares a molecular structure, & tastes identical to sugar but has no calories 50% more expensive than gold, it can only be made in the lab & has a laxative effect

04Memory Loss Glucose in sugar accelerates the ageing process of our cells A 2009 study on rats found that excess sugar dulls emotional arousal, resulting in memory impairment 03 More Addictive than Drugs Sugar is more addictive than cocaine & heroin- similarly stimulating the brain

2013 studies showed eating oreos triggers rat's brain's 'pleasure center' more than injected coke 02 Mental Illness Excessive sugar is linked to depression; resulting insulin resistance may release stress hormone cortisol  Mood fluctuations as sugar effects hormones have also been found to trigger schizophrenic episodes 01

Hides HIV The HIV virus is covered in a chain of sugar molecules Camouflaging with healthy cells, the coating prevents the body identifying the virus

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