10 Disgusting Facts About Blood

10 Soviet scientists kept decapitated dog heads alive with an artificial blood flow system

They wiggled their ears in response to sounds & could lick their mouths 09 The human heart creates enough pressure to squirt blood 9 meters In a lifetime it will pump 48 million gallons of blood round the body 08

Copenhagen's Nordic Food Lab cafe uses blood as an egg substitute Specialities include blood pancakes, blood meringue & blood ice-cream 07 Horned lizards shoot blood from their eyes into the mouths of predators A defense mechanism, the fluid has a vile taste that puts off predators

06 16th century Germans believed drinking blood had health benefits They'd pay for cups of fresh blood at executions, viewing executioners as healers 05 Elizabeth Bathory's anti-aging ritual included bathing in the blood of virgins

She was nicknamed the Blood Countess after killing 650 women in medieval Hungary 04 In a bid for piety, Saddam Hussein had a Quran written in his own blood Over 2 years he had 26 liters of his blood drained to complete the book 03

Haemolacria is a rare disease that causes people to weep blood The condition can develop spontaneously, with blood seeping out of eyes several times a day 02 Folklore in several cultures suggested using menstrual blood as a love potion Unwitting consumption of the blood in meals supposedly charmed unwilling suitors

01 15th century nobleman Vlad III ate bread dipped in the blood of his murder victims He claimed he wanted to savor the taste of life – he became the inspiration for Dracula

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