10 Disgusting Facts About McDonald’s

Top 10 Disgusting Facts About McDonald's 10) Foreign objects McDonald’s is always launching new products, but don’t expect to find these on the menu any time soon… In 2000, one woman reported that she found a whole fried chicken head in her box of McNuggets In 2006, one Texan man’s salad was seasoned with a dead rat, which he sued the company for $1

7 million And 2 years later in Massachusetts, a 14-year-old girl found a vaccination needle in her cheeseburger, which investigators think came from a slaughter house Other complimentary items from McDonald’s include: a band-aid, condoms, maggots, and shards of glass 9) Erectile dysfunction Eating McDonald’s more than twice a week will increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity by 70% – if that’s not bad enough it can also cause erectile dysfunction 270-pound Caesar Barber in fact sued McDonald’s after developing diabetes and suffering a heart attack from eating there 5 times a week, claiming that the fast food chain didn’t explain to him what he was eating

The processed fat in McDonald’s for example, can cause a cardiovascular disease, called endothelium dysfunction, which affects how the inner lining of blood vessels behave – and that includes those in the penis Endothelium dysfunction inhibits blood flow to the genitals, so you won’t be loving anything if you keep eating fast food 8) Addiction Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute in California have confirmed that McDonald’s is as addictive as cocaine The high sugar content of their fast food over stimulates the production of dopamine, which unlocks the brain’s reward pathway in the same way that hard drugs do Excessive fast food consumption has now even led to the creation of rehabilitation courses for people with binge eating disorders, and fast food addiction

McDonald’s addict Don Gorske eats up to 9 Big Macs every day, and in 2011 he ate his 25,000th Big Mac Gorske has astounded doctors however, with his clean bill of health 7) Pink Slime Until 2011, McDonald’s used delicious ‘pink slime’ in its beef patties Or to use its proper name, ‘lean, finely textured beef’ Essentially, this is scrap pieces of meat from the carcass of cows

Unlike proper cuts of beef, this waste meat is teeming with salmonella and E coli, so it has to be treated with a carcinogenic gas, called ammonia, before it’s safe to eat The ammonia gives these slaughterhouse scraps its bright pink color, then it’s used as ‘meat filler’ in burgers 6) Suspect Ingredients The average Mc Donald’s chicken nugget is only 50% meat Researchers from the University of Mississippi discovered that the other 50% consists of blood vessels, nerves, fat, and bone – the same offcuts used in dog food And then there's cellulose, otherwise known as wood pulp – which is a food additive from the cell walls of plants, used as a cheap substitute for flour

Because humans lack the enzyme to digest cellulose, too much of it has a ‘laxative effect’ on the consumer So watch out for their cheese, eggs, smoothies, sauces, and ice cream McDonald’s products also contain a chemical called dimethylpolysiloxane – that’s the same compound used to make breast implants and contact lenses 5) Inhumane In 2015, undercover animal rights activists released a harrowing video that showed a McDonald’s farm stabbing, beating and crushing chickens But this isn’t an isolated case According to the Guardian, McDonald’s chickens are bred on steroids, crippling under their own weight as they grow as big and fast as possible in cramped, windowless sheds

If you grew as fast as these chickens, by 2 years old you’d weigh 158 kilograms (3483 lb) – that’s twice the weight of an average male Other exposés show injured cows being shot, kicked and electrocuted to force them towards the slaughterhouse 4) Targets children With its double cheeseburger, fries, and chocolate milk, McDonald’s Mighty Kids Meal contains more than half a child’s daily calorie intake, at 790 calories and 30g of fat The company spends (40%) of its marketing budget on children, so that kids grow up seeing the fast food company as a father figure

The Golden Arches infiltrate schools with ‘McTeacher’s Night’s, field trips to learn about nutritional value, and strategically positioning their restaurants within walking distance of school buildings McDonald’s sells around 12 billion Happy Meals worldwide annually, rewarding children with toys for eating high amounts of fat and sodium In 2014, 17-year-old Stacey Irvine collapsed and was hospitalized with anaemia and inflamed veins, after refusing to eat nothing but chicken nuggets since the age of 2 3) Natural Flavors Vegetarians watch out for McDonald’s elusive ‘natural flavors’ label

One secret ingredient called carminic acid is made from the bodies of insects The female dactylopius (pronunciation) cochineal bug is harvested and ground into a red paste for colorings in meats, milkshakes, and sauces In 2001, McDonald’s was sued for $100 million for secretly cooking their french fries in beef fat, despite having promised their customers for a decade that they only used vegetable oil The revelation caused violent protests across India’s Hindu population, who smashed windows and raided restaurants, resulting in $47,000 worth of damage 2) McLibel In the longest-running court case in English history, McDonald’s attempted to sue two environmental activists, who made a pamphlet criticising the company

Between 1986 and 1997, the multi-billion dollar restaurant took on Helen Steel and David Morris, for claiming that McDonald’s destroys rainforests, tortures animals, and uses artificial chemicals in its food, among other crimes But unlucky for McDonald’s, the judge ruled in favour of Steel and Morris, concluding that the Golden Arches had ‘pretended to have a positive nutritional benefit which their food did not match”, exploited children in its advertising, and paid low wages 1) Scandals In 2014, a McDonald’s meat factory in Shanghai was forced to shut down after an undercover video exposed that the workers were supplying expired meat across the country The video also showed workers picking up meat from the factory floor, and mixing raw, discarded meat with cooked produce, then repackaging the products with fake expiration dates In 2007 in Florida, McDonald’s employees were discovered using a bucket, labelled ‘soiled towels only’, to pour milk into their milkshake machine

And in 1992, one woman sued McDonald’s for $160,000 after a Mickey Ds coffee gave her third-degree burns that required skin graft surgery When McDonald’s refused to pay, the restaurant was forced to reimburse her $640,000

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