10 Disturbing Internet Communities

10 Disturbing Internet Communities 10) Universe-peoplecom The first disturbing internet community on the list really is out of this world

Universe-Peoplecom, otherwise known as Cosmic People of Light Powers, is a UFO religion group originating in the 1990s from Eastern Europe and headed up by a man called Ivo Benda Those who practice this religion worship an alien called Ashtar Sheran [Ash-tar Shear-an], whose 100 million ships are believed to be orbiting the Earth Users of the psychedelic site post content about the teachings of the religion, which include elements of ufology, Christianity and conspiracy theories The page was originally set up in Czech but now has a worldwide audience with pages available in 17 languages

9) MeetUpVampires As far as internet communities go, this next one is always on the lookout for new blood With over 15,000 members, the Vampire section of the site MeetUpcom is a community space where users can post and arrange meet ups with other blood-suckers The history of vampirism can be found in ancient mythology The first vampire was supposedly a human called Ambrogio from Greece who was cursed by the Gods, which caused him to become a vampire

The coven has significantly grown since then and these self-proclaimed creatures can be found all over the world, as evidenced by this community where users can post content and invite those of the same species to meet In fact, according to the MeetUp site, 2,000 of the members are based in London, which, since its launch, has played host to over 200 Vampire meet ups What these blood-thirsty beings get up to at these gatherings we can only imagine The MeetUp site even has a section for vegan and vegetarian vampires (!) But the community of this glaringly obvious paradox is significantly smaller, with a total of just 20 members 8) TheFemCop 2 At number 8 it’s the YouTube Channel TheFemCop2

What exactly TheFemCop1 was, we have no idea, but this number-two-channel launched in 2011 and has since posted hundreds of clips from films and TV shows Not too disturbing, right? Well, not until you discover the theme that all of these clips have in common – namely that they depict female police officers in the rather unfortunate predicaments of being wounded, tortured or killed The rationale behind this channel? Again, we have no idea But with almost 5,000 subscribers and a staggering 350 videos uploaded, it seems that there clearly is an audience for this type of content In fact some viewers of the channel really seem to love it, even commenting on videos to ask the publisher which film or show each clip is from

Who is more disturbing, the one who uploads or the one who watches? Let us know your thoughts in the comments 7) MyEvilPlan We have all heard of self-help forums online where we can get advice from others and this next community site is kind of like that Kind of The community MyEvilPlan on Reddit describes itself as a place for evil doers to share their plans with other evil doers In effect, it is a space where users hatch diabolical plans and post them online, asking for advice and feedback from other users to perfect their plots

Among the devilish plans listed on the site is one user who has posted about getting back at their sister – an idea encouraged by a fellow subscriber, who suggests she frame her sister for theft the next time the two go out shopping together Another user wanting revenge on their neighbor has been advised to superglue all of their neighbor’s locks, so the only way to enter their house would be to break the door down Looking at some of these plans, you really wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of one of this community’s almost 20,000 subscribers 6) VNN forum While white supremacy and Nazism [Nats-ism] are things we would hope only to associate with the bygone eras of the world wars, in at number 6 to try and destroy our faith in humanity is the online forum VNN, or Vanguard News Network It was founded by Alex Linder and is notorious for being one of the most active white supremacist and Neo-Nazi sites on the Internet

Neo-Nazism incorporates post-war political or social movements that aim to restore and implement the ideology of Nazism and the word ‘vanguard’ itself refers to a group of people who lead the way with new ideas Users of the forum are able to post content about this ideology, including the hatred of particular minorities and promotion of the far right, as evidenced in some of the threads titled ‘rotten jew’ and ‘why leftist schools are wrong’ And unfortunately this type of group does not stand alone, with Timecom reporting in February 2018 that the number of white supremacist groups actually increased during Donald Trump’s first year as President 5) NoSleep Yes another Reddit forum has made it onto our list – this time it’s a worldwide community of scary story readers and writers who respectively want to be scared and want to scare others

In her work ‘The Paradox of Horror’, Katarina Bantinaki [Cat-arena Ban-tin-acky] addresses the human love for horror and how it can ultimately be experienced as a positive emotion A stance that would go some way to explaining the astounding 12 million users subscribed to the NoSleep forum Clearly it’s the place for realistic horror stories on the net The forum has a set of rules for users to abide, one of which is that any stories posted ‘must be believable within reason’ According to some readers on the forum this adds to the intrigue and scariness of the stories because they are not entirely sure which stories are fake and which are true

4) Cannibalism Forum on Forum Jar This next internet community is just fed up of people No, they literally are Cannibalism isn’t all fiction like Silence of the Lambs; it’s actually a real life phenomenon While the Uruguayan [You-ra-gwy-an] Air Force Flight 571 that crashed in Chile in 1972 actively forced the few remaining survivors to eat those who had died in the crash, for some individuals, the act of cannibalism is a voluntary desire as opposed to a last resort

The Cannibal Forum on ForumJar is an active place where those who take an interest in cannibalism come together and discuss the taboo act One of the most notorious of forums of this type was Cannibal Café, where users would ask for meet ups for consensual acts of cannibalism But the site was closed down by the government in 2002 after a Cannibal Café user killed and ate another user An archival [ark-ival] version of the forum does still exist, though While the idea of cannibalism is pretty disturbing, perhaps what’s equally disturbing is the fact that in some countries eating human flesh is not in fact a crime

In some instances, people who have performed an act of cannibalism and been prosecuted were actually prosecuted on the grounds of other acts of crime related to the cannibalism For example the Germa, who slaughtered and ate another man in 2001, was charged with murder, but not cannibalism, due to the consumption of human flesh not being a criminal offense in Germany 3) Cute Dead Guys With the name ‘Cute Dead Guys’, it’s not difficult to understand why this next internet community is disturbing Content posted on this site, which has over 15,000 members, consists of photos and videos of the actual corpses of men deemed to be good looking Members are encouraged to comment on the content too, to state whether or not they personally believe the dead man in a particular picture is good looking

Other forum categories include actors playing dead for movies and television shows, including the American shows ‘Forever’ and ‘CSI’, and images of men in morgues The large archive of images and videos posted on this site is unfortunately self-proclaimed to be legitimate and not staged Despite users of the forum declaring that the website was due to be closed down back in 2011, the site is still very much active and continues to post content on a frequently morbid basis 2) Watch People Die Our last disturbing community on the internet is another Subreddit group called ‘Watch People Die’ which, unfortunately, contains material linked to exactly what the name suggests And a frightening 360,000 people have subscribed to this site to watch daily videos of death

Footage on the site seems to predominantly come from CCTV cameras and mobile phones, showing people being run over, crushed and even stabbed Spaces are available for other users to post their thoughts under the videos, with some racking up hundreds of comments One of the most frequently asked questions is why do users watch the videos? And according to AskReddit, one of the most popular explanations is that it's out of sheer curiosity 1) Murder Auction According to Statista, the online auction site eBay has around 171 million users While our next auction-based internet community has significantly less numbers than this, it’s still no less disturbing

With almost 1500 users, MurderAuctioncom is a space where users can buy can sell all kinds of crime memorabilia Among the latest listings on the site you can see dead people’s hair, letters written by convicted criminals, and death row pictures Prices on the site range from $5 for current death row inmate Ward Weaver Junior’s letter and envelope set to a staggering $175,000 for an oil painting by notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy of the place where he buried his victims The site also has the questionable slogan – ‘every man should have a hobby’

To each their own, I guess Thank you for watching 10 Disturbing Internet Communities, which one did you think was the weirdest? Let us know in the comments below and give us a like and subscribe if you haven't already Then enjoy another of our Alltime10s videos playing on screen now

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