10 Dumbest 911 Calls

10 Dumbest 911 Calls NUMBER 10: PRIVATE DANCER In 2015 a Montana man called 911 to complain about an exotic dancer refusing to perform a sex act on him William McDaniel, aged 53, claimed that he had been ripped off because he had paid the dancer $350 and he felt entitled to more than just a striptease

Instead of the police prosecuting the dancer – as McDaniel had hoped – the police reminded him that paying for sexual gratification is illegal He was later jailed for solicitation of prostitution Sources: Huffington Post, New York Daily News, The Smoking Gun NUMBER 9: LONELY CALLER In the space of less than two years, 45-year-old John Triplette from California made a staggering 27,000 phone calls to the police The Hayward Police Department said that the caller never stated his name, but would just grunt and speak in a disguised voice

After the calls were finally traced to Triplette, he was arrested He now faces a $1000 fine or possibly six months in jail When asked why he had called so frequently, he said it was because he wanted to talk to someone and the calls were free Sources: San Francisco Gate, NBC News, East Bay Times NUMBER 8: THE WORST BURGLAR EVER John Finch, a homeless man from Delaware, broke into the vacant house of a pensioner in early 2011

He quickly made himself at home in the property, raiding its cupboards for food and alcohol He ended up staying there for three days, making his way through three bottles of gin and two bottles of whisky When he tried to leave the house, Finch found himself too drunk to climb through the window or unbolt the front door In his drunken panic, the 44-year-old burglar rang 911 for help Upon the police’s arrival, he was promptly arrested for breaking and entering

Sources: True Crime Report, NBC News, CBS News NUMBER 7: LAUNDRY DAY The West Midlands Ambulance Service from England compiled a list of the most ridiculous calls they had ever received Topping their list was an unnamed woman who rang to ask if paramedics could come and bring her washing in from outside The woman gave emergency services the impression that she required urgent attention but, when they arrived, it emerged that she simply hadn’t wanted to brave her icy garden path The ambulance service issued her a stern warning against abusing emergency hotlines in the future

Sources: Daily Mail, West Midlands Ambulance Service NUMBER 6: PORN ADDICT An infuriated German housewife contacted police because her husband refused to stop watching porn She rang the emergency number in tears, leading dispatchers to believe that she was in imminent distress When they arrived, she was angrily pacing the apartment while her husband was sat on the sofa watching adult films The police informed her that there was nothing they could do to intervene in such a situation, but did refer her to a marriage counselling service for help

Sources: Spurs Talk, Radar Online, Odd Crime NUMBER 5: NIGHTCLUB REFUSAL When a nightclub in Oregon refused to let Edgar Dieguez-Lopez inside because he was too drunk, he rang the police to vent his frustration Sensing that the caller could become violent, officers attended the scene to calm the situation It emerged that Dieguez-Lopez had made a big mistake in summoning the police When they arrived, they searched his person and quickly found a large amount of cocaine hidden in his sock

He was subsequently arrested on drug charges Sources: The Laughing Stork, Dumb Crooks NUMBER 4: ICE CREAM ANGER In 2014 an angry customer phoned the police over an issue she’d had with an ice cream vendor Her problem? She’d only been given sprinkles on one half of her ice cream Despite her protests, the seller had refused to give the woman a refund

Becoming irate, she rang the police, saying the situation was ‘a little bit’ of an emergency The police operator told the unnamed woman she should have contacted trading standards, rather than a number reserved for ‘life and death emergencies’ Sources: BBC, Telegraph NUMBER 3: BACON THIEF A man from West Yorkshire in England rang the police in 2015 because his girlfriend had allowed her pet cat to eat a piece of his bacon The furious man told the operator that he wished to press charges

When they jokingly asked whether he meant against his girlfriend or the cat, he replied ‘both’ To the man’s dismay, he was informed that what his girlfriend had done was not an offence, and also that the police do not arrest cats Sources: Time, Independent, New York Post NUMBER 2: CAPTURED BY COYOTES In 2014, 21-year-old Daniel Rice from Iowa was serving jail time for burglary offences During a routine hospital visit, he took advantage of distracted guards and managed to run away

His miraculous escape didn’t quite go the way he planned, however A few hours after he was reported missing, police received a 911 call from Rice, who was being chased by a pack of wild coyotes Although Rice had given police a false name on the call, emergency responders immediately recognized him as the criminal they were looking for He was re-arrested and now faces an additional count of escape from custody Sources: New York Daily News, WQAD, Who TV

NUMBER 1: CANNABIS COP Following a successful drugs bust, Michigan police officer Edward Sanchez decided to celebrate by pocketing some marijuana and making pot brownies to share with his wife Foolishly, a drug-induced hysteria drove him to dial 911 ‘We made brownies, and I think we’re dead’, he told the operator ‘Time is going by really, really, really slowly’ A disgraced Sanchez managed to escape prosecution but was forced to resign from the police force

Sources: Time, Live Leak, Daily Bail

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