10 Dumbest Cops In History

10) French police officers faced disciplinary action after hosting what they called a “negro party” The officers wore black face & posed with bananas – the photos were posted on social media

9) Cop James Moss received oral sex from Barbie Cummings, a porn-star he'd pulled over He resigned when photos he had taken of the sex act ended up on Cummings's blog 8) A highway patrol officer arrested firefighter Jacob Gregoire for refusing to move his firetruck The arrest occurred while Gregoire was trying to rescue a crash victim on a busy freeway 7) UK Rock band The Thirst were ambushed by 30 officers, dogs & a helicopter

CCTV officials had reported a piece of musical equipment in their car to be a hand gun 6) Police sergeant Vahak Mardikian was arrested for trying solicit sex from a prostitute The ‘prostitute’ he had approached turned out to be an undercover detective 5) UK Police tasered a 61-year-old blind man with a 50,000-volt stun gun They thought his walking cane was a samurai sword

4) A SWAT team used a battering ram & flashbang grenades to invade a 68-year-old woman’s house Her neighbor had been accessing her WiFi to trash talk the local police 3) 18 Chinese cops spent 40 minutes attempting to retrieve a sex doll from a river They thought they were saving a drowning woman 2) Cop Edward Sanchez called 911 for help, fearing he was dying of a marijuana overdose

Sanchez had confiscated the marijuana while on the job & then baked them into brownies 1) Police officers punched, kicked & tasered Jonathan Meister, an innocent deaf man Meister's attempt to communicate with sign language was interpreted as threatening gestures

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