10 Dumbest Ways To Die

10 Dumbest Ways To Die When 34-year-old James Burns from Michigan noticed that his truck was making a strange noise, he decided to fix it himself However, because the noise was only audible when the truck was moving, he foolishly thought it would be best to locate its source while the vehicle was in motion

Burns therefore asked his friend to drive the truck on a highway, as he clung to its undercarriage trying to repair it By the time his friend pulled over to see if their plan had worked, it was already too late Burns was declared dead at the scene When Thomas James robbed a South Carolina convenience store in 2009, he had a rather unconventional method of disguising himself The 24-year-old decided to spray-paint his face gold, ignoring clear labels on the can that warned against contact with skin or eyes

Shortly after he robbed the store at gunpoint, James stopped breathing, intoxicated by the paint fumes He was rushed to hospital but died later that day In 2000 a man known only as ‘Augusto’ boarded a plane in the Philippines He waited for the plane to take flight, before pulling out a gun and a grenade and robbing the passengers of approximately $25,000 He then ordered the pilot to lower the plane to 2km so he could parachute back to Earth

As he jumped, he pulled the pin out of the grenade Accidentally, he somehow managed to throw the pin into the cabin and keep hold of the business end of the grenade himself All 300 people on board the plane survived The hijacker, however, wasn’t quite so lucky Sprint car racing, an extremely popular sport in America, takes place on very muddy, slippery tracks, making it incredibly difficult for to drivers to brake or swerve

This didn’t deter racer Kevin Ward, who somehow thought it was a good idea to walk on the track in the middle of a race Ward had been racing when another car crashed into his Instead of waiting for vehicle repair to help him, he got out of his car to confront the other driver Within seconds, other racers crashed straight into an unprotected Ward, killing him instantly In 1998 the friends of 23-year-old Michael Gentner dared him to eat a whole, live fish

Immediately while trying to swallow the 13-centimeter fish, Gentner began to choke His panic-stricken friends quickly rang for an ambulance, explaining only that their friend had ‘eaten some fish’ When paramedics arrived, they were not expecting to see the tail of a live fish flapping in Gentner’s mouth Sadly for the reckless young man, the paramedics’ efforts at CPR were not enough to save him Two brothers from Finland had a shared interest in collecting war weapons

By 2013, they had collected over 100 grenades, as well as bazookas and ammunition The bizarre thing was that neither brother had any training in the handling or disposal of such dangerous explosives One day, one of the brothers was trying to defuse an anti-tank grenade when it exploded in his hand, killing him instantly The other brother was also seriously injured, but survived Investigations discovered that the collection contained enough explosives that, had a chain reaction been set off, it could have devastated a 400-meter square area

Two incredibly drunk – and incredibly stupid – men from the Netherlands decided to play a game, which involved them getting as close as possible to a moving train One man lay down between the tracks, believing that a speeding train would be able to just travel over him The other sat next to the track, planning to move his head out of the way at the last minute Of course, their plans didn’t work out When the 130 km/h train came speeding towards them, they were both killed instantly

A popular Sufi [Sue-fee] healer from the village of Mubarakabad in Afghanistan had been performing ‘miracles’ for years He wanted to perform the ultimate miracle, a resurrection, but required a body to resurrect Believing that the ceremony would only work on a recently deceased and willing participant, he advertised for a volunteer Unbelievably, 40-year-old Muhammad Niaz stepped forward True to his word, the Holy Man slit his victim’s throat the following day

When the resurrection inevitably failed, the healer was arrested A 25-year-old chemistry student from Ukraine had a bizarre habit While he was studying, he would dip his chewing gum in citric acid crystals, to add a zesty flavor One day, he made a mistake and accidentally dipped his gum in an unidentified chemical, packaged similarly to the crystals he usually used As soon as he put the gum back in his mouth, it exploded, destroying the top story of his house and killing the absent-minded student

In 2014, when trying to empty a septic tank on a Polish pig farm, one man accidentally fell into the tank and was knocked unconscious by its toxic fumes Trying to rescue him, another man jumped into the tank – also succumbing to the deadly gases More and more people attempted to join in the futile rescue, before being suffocated themselves Eventually seven people died in this ludicrous accident As the village of Karczowka , where the victims were from, was very small, this tragedy claimed the lives of 5% of its population

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