10 Embarrassing Reasons to Get Arrested

10 A woman was arrested for having sex too loudly after her neighbors complained

She served 20 weeks of prison time after being charged with an Anti-Social Behavior Order 09 A German man was arrested for public nuisance after shouting at trees while naked He claimed that his marriage guidance counsellor had suggested this as stress relief 08

A man was arrested for drunk driving & battery after waving a fart towards a patrol officer Battery charges were dropped after the man insisted he ‘couldn't hold it no more’ 07 Police arrested a man who exposed fake genitalia to women on a college campus He was charged for real indecent exposure & disorderly conduct

06 A man threatened bank tellers with a toilet plunger, instructing them to put money in a bag He unsuccessfully attempted to rob 3 banks before being arrested & charged 05 A couple were caught shop-lifting ‘his and hers vibrating rings & massagers’ from Walmart

Once searched, guards found $30 worth of goods & the couple were charged with theft 04 Senator Larry Craig was arrested after trying to elicit sex from an undercover male cop Craig vocally opposed same-sex marriage He pleaded guilty & was fined $575

03 A teenager got stuck inside a chimney for 10 hours while attempting to rob a house Cops used ropes to pull him out after neighbors reported his cries for help 02 Surveillance caught 2 teenagers pooping in a hotel pool & smearing poop on the floor

They were found in the hotel hot tub having broken in Both pleaded guilty to burglary 01 A man was arrested after having sex with a picnic table on 4 separate occasions He was charged with public indecency due to his house’s vicinity to an elementary school

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