10 Facts About The Penis That Will Blow Your Mind

10 1 in every 5-6 million men are born with 2 penises – both can be fully functional but this is rare

1 in 30m are born with no penis, often undergoing gender reassignment surgery soon after birth 09 The aboriginal Unambal tribe slice the penis lengthways during initiation ceremonies It is then flattened against a rock – they believe this makes it 'lighter and more beautiful' 08

American Jonah Falcon has the world's biggest penis, measuring 135 inches when erect He was stopped by airport officials who believed he was hiding a bomb down his pants 07 A man's penis fell off after he injected it with cocaine in a bid to heighten sexual pleasure

Leading to severe blood clots & gangrene, he also lost both legs & 9 fingers 06 Semen ejects from the body at 28mph The record for the furthest ejaculation is 18 feet It contains 3 natural anti-depressants & cortisol, which triggers feeelings of warmth and care

05 Koro syndrome is the constant fear that the genitals will retract or the penis will shrink In 1967 a mass panic in Singapore saw 469 people in 1 month seek treatment for the phantom illness 04 It is possible for a penis to break if it is violently twisted while erect

1/3 of cases occur during sex when a partner is on top & the penis is violently bent after slipping out 03 Sexual inactivity can lead to a reduction in penis size due to the deprivation of oxygen rich blood The lack of blood causes tissue to build up, preventing the penis from fully expanding 02 A 13-year-old was tried in court as an adult because his penis was the size of a 16-year-old's

After medical examination doctors insisted his large genitals were those of an adult, despite documentation proving otherwise 01 In 1993 Lorena Bobbitt cut off her husband's penis while he slept It was surgically reattached & he went on to star in porn films John Bobbitt: Uncut & Frankenpenis

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