10 Facts About The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

10 There's a female 5th turtle called Venus de Milo who has shell breasts & uses magic

She was so unpopular that the creators promised to never bring her back 09 Pizza Hut spent over $20m promoting the live-action TMNT film in 1990 In the film itself the turtles actually order pizza from Domino's 08

James Avery, Uncle Phil from the Fresh Prince, voiced Shredder in the 80s cartoon Chuck Lorre, creator of The Big Bang theory, wrote the theme tune 07 In the original comics the Turtles sliced up enemies, drank alcohol & swore In issue 1 a man is beaten to death, a women murdered & Shredder blown apart by a grenade

06 Over 50 million red-eared terrapins were sold as pets when the cartoon aired A threat to eco-systems, today they're banned in Europe & owners in Australia face 5 years in prison 05 The show was renamed Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles in parts of Europe

In the UK the word ninja was deemed too violent & Michelangelo's nunchuks were censored 04 In 1990 the TMNT went on a 40-city tour of the USA to perform as a band Sponsored by Pizza Hut, they defeated Shredder with rock & songs titled 'Pizza Power' 03

The Turtles were once brainwashed into fighting the Power Rangers by an evil Princess After trying to take over a space station, they save the day & then go surfing 02 In one comic storyline, Raphael's face was badly burned & he became Shredder Splinter turned into a bat, Leonardo's hand was bitten off and Donatello was paralyzed & became a cyborg

01 The radioactive canister that blinds Marvel's Daredevil & gives him powers also creates the TMNT It rolls into the sewer, covers the turtles in goo & mutates them

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