10 Facts That Could Turn You Vegetarian

10 GM Chickens Chickens have been genetically modified to grow as big & fast as possible, crippling their legs & organs

If you grew as fast, by 2 years old you’d weigh 158 kg 9 Pink Slime Supermarket ground beef is made from pink slime The ‘lean, finely textured beef’ is slaughterhouse scraps used in dog food & sprayed with ammonia so it’s safe for human consumption 8

Chick murder Worldwide 200 million baby chicks are ground alive in egg factories every year They travel down conveyor belts & the male ones slide into a meat grinder where they’re crushed to death 7 Boiled alive A slaughterhouse must kill 1,100 pigs hourly, which means pigs aren’t always stunned properly before entering the ‘scalding tank’ Their skin peels off in boiling water when they’re fully conscious

6 Meat Glue FDA guidelines state that ground beef, chicken nuggets & tacos only have to be 35% meat The other 65% can be chemicals, silicon dioxide, artificial flavoring… and meat glue 5 Save the planet The meat industry produces 14

5% of our greenhouse gases If the whole world went veggie, we could start reversing climate change & reduce our methane emissions by 24% 4 Bird poop Half of all supermarket poultry contains bird feces 48% of chicken & turkey meat is contaminated with E

coli – bacteria found in the colon that causes bloody diarrhea & kidney failure 3 Live Longer A veggie diet will give you almost a decade more of life than the rest of the population People that eat bacon regularly lose an hour of their life for every bacon sandwich they eat 2

Famine Worldwide, 842 million people are starving But going veggie will stop world hunger If livestock grain was given to people instead then 800 million people could be fed 1 Cancer Red & processed meat can give you cancer

1/3rd of cancers are related to diet – if you eat meat then you’re 20% more likely to die this year than those who don't

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