10 Franchises You Never Knew Were In the Same Universe

10 Franchises You Didn't Know Were In The Same Universe 10 Star Wars and E

T The filmmaking camaraderie between Steven Spielberg and George Lucas is the stuff of cinematic legend Not only did the two famously collaborate on Indiana Jones, hollywood mythology is awash with stories about bets and references between the two auteurs Perhaps one of the best known is in ET

, where we see the iconic extraterrestrial’s close encounter with a child wearing a Yoda mask – to which the hero of our story says “home” So, in response to Spielberg’s revelation that ET and Yoda have some kind of shared history, Lucas stepped things up a notch in his magnum opus, 1999’s Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Uber-fans will notice that just for the faintest moment, we see a trio of beings resembling E

T inside the senate chambers Hmm, I wonder whether they were collaborators or rebels when it became the Galactic Empire And thanks to the Star Wars Insider official magazine, we even have a name for ET

’s species – the Asogians Now we just need to see them get a standalone movie in the Star Wars universe Can’t be any worse than Solo, can it? 9 Star Trek and the MCU Along with the massive box office numbers and the posterior-related fan theories, one of the many things the Marvel Cinematic Universe is renowned for is its sprawling continuity But over the course of 18 films in 11 years, it seems that Marvel megamind Kevin Feige’s cinematic empire doesn’t necessarily stick to its boundaries… or should I say, frontiers

In this case, I’m talking about 2017’s Spiderman: Homecoming, where eagle-eyed fans were treated to a cameo from none other than Kirk Thatcher I know right, THE Kirk Thatcher But no seriously, you might recognise Thatcher as the punk on the bus in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, who also appears in the new first MCU spidey flick as the very same character That’s according to Thatcher himself, who said that Feige approached him over his Star Trek fandom So thanks to him, it’s technically – and I stress TECHNICALLY possible to see The Avengers vs the Borg, SHIELD vs the Tal Shi’ar and Worf sparring with Captain America

Ah, a man can dream And by man, I mean my producer 8 The Works of Stephen King Everyone from horror fans to non-horror fans to prehistoric Neanderthals have heard of Stephen King The guy is so prolific that he probably bashed out another masterpiece between number 9 and the start of this entry on the list

So with such an expansive back catalogue of work, it makes it all the more impressive that that Stephen King’s works all share a universe – and not just through a set of passing references For one thing, we have characters showing up all over the place, like Randall Flagg from the Dark Tower, Dick Hallorann from Shining, or It’s Pennywise, who also shows up in Tommyknockers and Dreamcatcher Then there’s ‘Todash Space’ – that’s the realm between worlds that works as the source of all things evil and spooky – from the monsters in the Mist to the evilest of all clowns And most importantly, there’s the Dark Tower, which serves as the focal point of the Stephen King literary universe, tying together plot points from all of the author’s works Weird they’ve never made a film of it

Hmm, very peculiar 7 Alien and Blade Runner To many filmgoers, Ridley Scott is the engineer behind some of the greatest sci-fi ever – Alien and Blade Runner So you might be surprised to hear that while the films deal with some very different scenarios, they’re apparently linked by their world For starters, there are some thematic throughlines that follow between the films – namely the robots Ash, Roy and David, who all pose similar questions about what it is to be human

That’s along with some similarly sinister corporations – Tyrell and Weyland-Yutani As for more detailed links, eagle-eyed fans have noticed very similar technology like screen displays, though you might just explain that away as reusing props Fair ee-nuff However, Scott himself has even alluded to the links, saying he thought about the Blade Runner world was the type that might support the crew in Alien And to top it all off, the 1999 Alien DVD extras give us a bit more of a concrete tie between the two

In Capt Arthur Dallas’ details, there’s a note right at the bottom about his freelance work for the Tyrell Corporation Yes The very same 6

GI Joe and Transformers Part of the beauty of toys is the preposterous mashups of characters, whether it’s He-Man and My Little Pony or FDR and the Cybermen [briefly cut to Gerard] So it makes sense that the toy companies themselves would want to get in on that crossover action Historically, Hasbro has been open to letting comics and TV satisfy people’s nerdy imaginations, leading to both Marvel and IDW comics creating their own clashes between GI Joe and the Transformers

IDW even went as far as creating the ‘Hasbroverse’ And speaking of Hasbroverse, the Toy giant has also created plans for a film empire spanning properties like GI Joe, Micronauts, Visionaries, MASK

and Rom Yeah, me neither There were even plans to integrate the Transformers into GI Joe 3 according to director D

J Caruso, but those have been put on hold at least until Michael Bay’s done with the franchise C’mon Mike, stop hogging the cool toys and let someone else have a go 5 Portal and Half Life Video games are excellent for easter eggs since you can hunt for them to your heart’s content

Well, Valve may have given us the best possible example by placing its games in a continuous world I’m talking, of course, about Portal and Half Life If you take the time to look around, you’ll find that the evil companies behind the events of each game – Aperture and Black Mesa – are actually competitors Throughout each of the games, we’re peppered with references to tie the two properties together, like a projector slide in Portal discussing competition between the companies, as well as more explicit stuff like GlaDOS specifically talking about BlPoack Mesa But perhaps most interestingly, we see references in Half Life 2: Episode 2 to a boat called the “Borealis”, a missing Aperture research vessel

Portal 2 then contains an empty ship port with Borealis life-savers and alludes to an ill-fated time travel experiment Spooky There was even unrealised concept art for the ship made for Episode 3 I really could go on but there just isn’t time in the video Nonetheless, it’s a fascinating rabbit hole

4 Community and Cougar Town Fans of Dan Harmon’s Community are well aware of Abed’s penchant for the smallest media details So it only seems fitting that the character gets his own continuity links in the most obscure ways In one episode, we see Abed tell Jeff about the time he was invited onto the set of one of his favourite shows, Cougar Town, after he made a wildly popular fanpage on facebook He even said he got to appear in a scene before getting caught a little bit short on set

So with that tribute to Cougar Town, we then see its stars Busy Phillipps and Dan Byrd appear in a split second cameo on Community And finally, to tie the bow on those links, Abed’s actor Dani Pudi actually did appear on Cougar Town in the background of a conversation between Phillips and Byrd At the scene’s climax, yep, Pudi runs out of frame – presumably to answer nature’s call Now, I’m not sure whether that means the two shows are in the same universe or some kind of meta universe where Cougar Town is filmed, I’ll let you decide 3

Cthulhu and Conan Much like the wishes of his cultish followers, Cthulhu recently seemed to take over geekdom for a little while, sporting everything from board games to plush toys on the shelves But despite the proclivity for cheap crossovers in geek circles, there’s one strange tie-in that’s quite well established and actually very old Robert E Howard, one of Cthulhu creator HP

Lovecraft’s contemporaries, wrote in the same magazine Weird Tales He fantasy tales were set the ‘Hyborian Age’, which covered the time between the fall of Atlantis and the modern day And most importantly, it was home to Conan the Barbarian – the pulpiest hero to ever pulp up a book of pulp fiction Those stories frequently reference “old ones”, grimoire tomes and unknowable evils that sound an awful lot like lovecraftian spooky stuff, and Lovecraft’s works even mentioned Howard’s creations like Cimmerians and Valusia Though in all fairness, this shared universe was a creation of the Lovecraft fan community

But hey, so was the idea that his own stories were all linked, so why not just have fun with it? 2 Daredevil and TMNT If you thought the MCU cannon was a sprawling mess of plot holes and references [smash cut to Hela’s fake gauntlet scene], maybe steer clear of the comics But there’s one tendril in the story that Stan Lee and co didn’t quite intend You see, back in the mid 80s, Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird created the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book series, in which our protagonists are given their crime fighting prowess by a toxic spill That might remind you of another hero, Daredevil

Well, that’s because it’s supposed to, since Eastman and Laird purposely filled their work with homages Those included Splinter referencing Stick and the Foot parodying the Hand, but they went even further to have the turtle spill be the very same as the one that gave Matt Murdock his powers So, at least from the Turtles’ perspective, they share a universe with Marvel, but I guess it’s not canon in their eyes It is in my heart though 1

Pretty Much Every TV Show Ever So now that you’ve seen this cavalcade of crossovers, prepare yourself, because I’m going to ruin almost all of them with the idea that most major TV franchises exist in the mind of one young boy It’s called the Tommy Westphall Universe Hypothesis, named after a character in the show St Elsewhere You see, the writers made the baffling choice in the finale to have the entire story exist in Tommy’s imagination That’s all well and good, except for the fact that characters from St

Elsewhere appeared in other shows For example, two doctors in the medical drama also appeared in Homicide: Life on the Street THAT means that every show that interacted with St Elsewhere, and every show that interacted with THEM, therefore exist in Tommy’s mind too That covers everything from the X-Files to Friends to Buffy to Malcolm in the Middle

Now, I should mention that the theory was actually made as a mockery of crossover continuity obsessives by writer Dwayne McDuffie in 2002, but since then his creation has become the very thing it sought to destroy – the ultimate crossover theory

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