10 Ghost Towns You Wouldn’t Want To Visit

10 Garnet – USA Garnet, once a flourishing gold mine settlement, is now a ghost town in the American state of Montana

Abandoned in the early 1900s once the gold ran out, stories that the town is now haunted may be the reason it was never resettled Visitors to the town have reported hearing unexplained sounds of a piano playing, while others claim to have seen visions or heard disturbing noises Interpretive historian Ellen Baumler, of the Montana Historical Society, states that the town’s ghosts “hide in the shadows, laugh in the wind, and come out when you least expect them” Despite the town’s ghostly reputation, Garnet is one of Montana’s best-preserved ghost towns, with 16,000 visitors annually 09

Butugychag [boo-tooj-cha-hg] – Russia Butugychag in North East Russia was dubbed Death Valley in local folklore, after nomadic tribes stumbled upon the area, finding it covered in human skeletons Shortly after the discovery, their entire deer herd died of a mysterious illness, after eating the town’s grass Decades later, between 1945 and 1955, the site became a corrective labor camp, and prisoners were forced to mine the town’s rich uranium deposits Nearly 400,000 prisoners are suspected to have died in the camp’s horrific conditions, due to radiation poisoning, which reduced their life expectancy to just a few months The site is also thought to have contained a top-secret government medical research facility, which carried out unknown experiments on the prisoners

Today, trespassers are warned against visiting due to the town’s dangerously high radiation levels 08 Oradour-sur-Glane [orra-door soor-glan] – France On 10th June 1944, 642 inhabitants of the French village Oradour-sur-Glane were massacred by the Nazi Waffen-SS The victims, including 205 children, were locked into barns, sheds, and a church, before the buildings were set on fire Those that tried to escape were shot to death

Only seven people in the whole village survived the attack, 6 of them by hiding under the lifeless bodies of their neighbors The burned village was never re-built and is now a permanent memorial to the victims, and a reminder of the cruelty of Nazism 07 Inchkeith Island [In-chya-eeth]- Scotland Inchkeith is a small island off the coast of Scotland, which was used as a quarantine zone for the earliest cases of syphilis in the 1400s Sufferers dying of the disease were dropped off on the isolated island and told to “remain till God provided for their health”

The island is more famous for King James IV’s ‘Forbidden Experiment’ in 1443, in which he dumped two young boys on the island to be raised by a mute woman, in an attempt to discover God’s ‘original language’ Although unproven, it was reported that the boys grew up to speak Hebrew The island and its mysteries now belong to philanthropist Sir Tom Farmer, and permission is needed to land on the historic land 06 Bodie [bow-dee] – USA The American town of Bodie is California's official gold rush ghost town

It was a booming town in the 1870s, but within 50 years it had been largely abandoned, due to gold reserves drying up At its height, Bodie was a typical Wild West town, with 65 different saloons lacing the main strip, while opium dens filled the back streets However, as early as 1915 Bodie had gained a reputation as a ghost town Surrounded by a cemetery, the derelict town started to attract those looking for ghouls and an adventure Today the town receives 200,000 visitors a year, who stalk the deserted streets of a town frozen in the past

05 Vila dos Descalvados [pronounced as spelt] – Brazil Built on an Indian burial site, Vila dos Descalvados in Brazil was abandoned in the 1980s Only reachable by a 2-hour boat ride, the town has a brutal history of prison barracks, African slaves, and torture victims Now anacondas and bats are the only residents of the town’s historic landmarks Locals avoid the town, believing that it’s haunted by a child ghost who asks visitors to play with her

Currently the only building open is a hotel, so if you fancy a relaxing holidaythis probably isn’t the place for you 04

Dudleytown – USA This Connecticut town became known as ‘the village of the damned’ due to the mysterious curse surrounding it Founded in the 1700s as a farming community, its soil offered little yield, and it was soon abandoned According to legend, the town’s founders were descended from Edmund Dudley, an Englishman who had been beheaded and cursed after he attempted to kill King Henry VII Locals soon started the rumor that anyone who takes something from the village will have a curse placed upon their family Stories also circulated of past residents going insane

Two committed suicide, and one of the women supposedly saw vivid visions of demons before she killed herself 03 Port Arthur – Tasmania The town Port Arthur, on the isolated island Tasmania, held a prison for Britain’s worst criminals, who were exiled onto the island until 1877 The prison’s experimental psychological techniques, as well as its brutal punishments, made it one of the worst British-controlled prisons Some convicts even murdered fellow inmates in the hope of getting the death penalty, just to escape life at the prison

The haunting stories of Port Arthur prisoners and circulating ghost stories have brought popularity to the remaining prison ruins 02 Helltown – USA Helltown is a village in Ohio, which was abandoned after houses were purchased by the National Parks Service They then demanded that all residents leave the area Rumors surfaced that this was due to the government attempting to conceal a chemical spill in the area, after toxic waste was discovered in a local dump

Previous residents share stories about a mutant monster that lurks the area, while others believe that Satanists use the village for their rituals 01 Poveglia – Italy Poveglia is an island closed to Venice that was used as a plague pit, with thousands of still-living victims being dumped there during part of the Black Death period, from 1348 – 1350 Reportedly, so many diseased bodies were burned in the pit that the island’s soil is now 50% human ash In 1922 a huge insane asylum was built on the island

A local legend emerged that the asylum was run by a crazy doctor, who tortured and butchered his patients, before he went mad and committed suicide Archaeological studies even uncovered a skull with a brick in its mouth, an old method thought to starve suspected vampires, and a chilling reminder of the island’s dark past

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