10 Greatest Gaming Easter Eggs

10 Greatest Gaming Easter Eggs of All Time 10 Duke Nukem 3D’s Atomic Secret Duke Nukem 3D was one of the pioneers in popularising the first-person shooter format

The series hasn’t been without its controversy, due to its violence and erotic elements, but most saw it as a clever parody of the over-the-top Hollywood action heroes of the time It’s that post-modern, pop culture knowledge that lead to this easter egg In the series’ third iteration, Duke is fighting the alien invasion in a power station, which becomes unstable towards the end of the level But as the station explodes, a secret door opens, which players can access without being squished if they time it right In the room, players will find a control desk with a ‘sector 7-G’ sign above it

Most people will recognise this at the sector where one Homer Simpson works in The Simpsons But if that isn’t enough to tip you off, the room is also littered with boxes of Homer’s signature snack 9 Call of Duty: Black Ops II’s Nostalgia Trip The demographic of gamers who play Call of Duty doesn’t always line up with those who enjoy retro Atari games But that didn’t stop the people behind the long-running series from including a treat for any old school gamers out there

This can be accessed on Black Ops Two, by starting a private match on the ‘Nuketown 2025’ map There, you’ll find some mannequins dotted around Shoot all of the mannequins’ heads in 90 seconds, and an old looking TV in the centre of the map will spring into life On the TV, players can now enjoy 4 classic 80’s Atari games: HE

RO, Kaboom!, Pitfall, and River Raid When Call of Duty developers Activision were first established in 1979, their first products were cartridges for the Atari 2600 So this Easter Egg, which was expanded in 2017’s WW2 game, is not only a fun nostalgia trip, but a nice nod to the company’s roots

8 Fallout: New Vegas’ Fridge Surprise The Fallout series takes place in a parallel timeline, after a nuclear war in 2077 left America a post-apocalyptic wasteland Ancestors of the conflict’s few survivors make up the characters of the series, because as you may have guessed, nuclear bombs aren’t very easy to survive But anyone who caught the fourth Indiana Jones film might have left the cinema with a contrasting opinion of nuclear survival The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull included a controversial scene where Indie daringly escapes a nuclear test, by shutting himself in a lead-lined fridge

Many fans were, let’s say ‘dubious’ of the scientific viability of this method, and the Fallout developers clearly had the same concerns So in the fourth installment of their series, ‘New Vegas’, players will recognise a familiar fedora in this easter egg, letting us know how Indie fared when he tried the same trick in the Fallout universe 7 Doom II’s Head on a Stick You’d imagine working on one of the most classic video game franchises would be a pretty great job But at the end of the day, every office will grab an opportunity to mock their boss

In the id Software offices, this meant putting his head on a pike This is all virtually speaking of course Shortly before the second game was released, one of its creators, John Romero, spotted something he recognised on the final map Behind the head of the level’s final boss was his own pixelated face In game, Romero’s effigy must be hit to complete the level, and can even be accessed directly with a noclipping cheat

Luckily though, Romero took the joke well When he found the homage, he recorded a special message in addition The clip is played backwards in the game, but when reversed, Romero’s voice tells the player: ‘To win the game, you must kill me, John Romero’ 6 The Witcher 2’s Leap of Fail Perhaps the most famous image from The Assassin's Creed series is of the titular assassins, jumping from high buildings into questionably small piles of hay

This has always been a dubious feat, physically speaking University of Leicester students even went as far as calculating that, with the games’ 15 meter hay bales, any jump from more than about 13 meters would likely kill the assassin Given the Witcher’s Alghouls, Archespores and other fantastic creatures, its developers don’t seem like the perfect candidates to criticise the realism of Assassin’s Creed But they gave it their best shot all the same

In Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, if the player goes to Bastille Gate, they’ll find a familiar figure nearby Dead on the floor, surrounded by hay is a man, seemingly wearing the white robes of the Assassin Order This offers a brutal insight into how The Witcher developers figure a real leap of faith would turn out 5 GTA V’s Cliffhanger The Grand Theft Auto games have enough easter eggs dotted around them for their own list, from murder mysteries to anti-easter-eggs like these [clip of ‘there are no easter eggs up here, go away’ easter egg]

For this entry though, we’ve picked our favourite from the fifth game of the series There are spoiler warnings ahead, but not actually for the game If the player heads up the side of Raton Canyon between 7pm and 8pm in the game, they can see a group of police officers on a precarious cliff edge The officers point their guns towards two women in a brown convertible The car is the wrong colour, but the scene should feel familiar

The setup mimics the iconic final scene of Ridley Scott’s ‘Thelma and Louise’, and as the police approach the car, it speeds off the edge of the cliff, as it does in the film But where the film ends in freezeframe, GTA shows the women’s fate, as the car explodes on the rocks below 4 Metal Gear Solid’s Mind Reader The Metal Gear series has always pushed the boundaries for inventive easter eggs, from Venom Snake sharing a Birthday Party with the player In ‘Metal Gear Solid 5’ to The End dying of old age, if you leave him for long enough, in ‘Snake Eater’ But for this entry, we’ve gone for the third entry in the long series, 1998’s ‘Metal Gear Solid’ for the Playstation 1

The easter egg appears when protagonist ‘Solid Snake’ comes up against the psychic boss ‘Psycho Mantis’, who stares directly at the player, and reads their mind Kind of Mantis is in fact reading the player’s memory card, finding any Konami games, and commenting on how frequently they’re played This may not sound so mind-blowing today, but writer Hideo Kojima wanted to convey psychic powers in a way unique to the medium And in 1998 this broke ground as one of the first video games to pummell the fourth wall like this

3 Silent Hill 2’s True Puppymaster Despite the first game being released almost 20 years ago, the terrifying legacy of the Silent Hill games endures to this day The games are consistently ranked among the best horror games ever made, with Silent Hill 2 taking the top spot in IGN’s ‘Top 10 Scariest Games’ Its interesting, then, that this second installment was actually the game that completely undermined the whole franchise’s scariness in one moment After completing the game’s three normal endings, the player can collect a key, which leads them to the true architect of Silent Hill’s terror: Mira

The Shiba Inu dog sits at a control desk, pushing levers adorably When the protagonist James walks in he drops to his knees, crying ‘So it was all your work’ The villain of one of the scariest games of all time then walks over and licks his face, before the credits roll to a fun, bark-filed tune 2 Diablo 2 The gaming community is a notoriously vocal one, so it’s always nice when the creators show their fans that they’ve been listening

After a fabled ‘cow-level’ in the first Diablo game, full of cattle-killers, turned out just to be a myth, the developers thought they’d get in on the joke In Diablo 2, once the player has first completed the game, they’ll be able to create a special red portal in the Act One starting area This will take them to The Secret Cow Level, or ‘Moo Moo Farm’, which is filled with bipedal cows enemies known as ‘Hell Bovines’ This joke was continued into the third game, which includes a similar level, subtly titled ‘The Not The Cow Level’ A loading screen in the third game takes the meta factor one step further, with a tooltip that reads ‘Cow level is a lie’, referencing the famous ‘The cake is a lie’ line from Portal

Easter egg inside an easter egg! 1 Trials Evolution Despite Trials Evolution’s critical acclaim, the 2012 time-trial challenge game doesn’t seem the type to go down in gaming history But developers included an easter egg in the game that ensures its crazily, complex and intricate legacy will outlive most of us It all starts with a series of wooden planks within the game From the writing on these planks, gamers deciphered a message, which told them to perform a certain move in-game

The move unlocked a song, which was analysed using, what else, Spectral Analysis This revealed a morse code message leading to a website, which published more code, which eventually revealed four worldwide locations There, four boxes were hidden, containing four keys And 5 YEARS AFTER THE GAME’S RELEASE, it was finally revealed that one of the keys would unlock a secret box under the Eiffel Tower… in the year 2113! That’s right, to complete this easter egg, we still have to wait about 95 years So that was 10 Greatest Gaming Easter Eggs of All Time

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