10 Greatest Space Conspiracies

10 Greatest Space Conspiracies 10 Satellite 193 In 2006, the US launched the USA-193 military reconnaissance satellite, also known as a spy satellite

But it was later destroyed in America’s first ever missile strike on an orbiting object in February 2008 The Pentagon claimed that, as a computer system failure was causing it to fall to earth, it needed to be destroyed to prevent its toxic Hydrazine fuel from hitting the public However, those motives have been widely questioned A group of scientists told WIRED magazine that any given person was thousands of times more likely to be hit by a car than affected by a falling satellite Some have suggested the strike’s true motivation was as a warning to China, since the superpower demonstrated the same satellite destroying capability just weeks earlier

And given that it was a spy satellite, it’s possible that the US couldn’t risk it falling into enemy hands 9 Planet X The solar system contains 8 planets, right? Well depending on who you ask, that might not be true And no, I’m not talking about Pluto, I’m talking about Nibiru Self-proclaimed alien abductee named Nancy Lieder claimed in 1995 that she had a communications device placed in her brain by beings from the Zeta Reticuli system

One of those communications told her that the planet Nibiru, which is four times the size of Earth, would pass by us on May 27th 2003 and halt its spin for exactly 59 days That obviously didn’t happen, but that hasn’t stopped those who believe Nibiru exists and will one day crash into the Earth The date of the collision has been updated over and over again, with the latest in November 2017 Though according to NASA, there has been no such object ever detected, and if a planet 4 times the earth’s size was heading this way, it would be visible to the naked eye

8 Flat Earth In what might be the most widely mocked conspiracy theory of all time, some people think the world isn’t actually a sphere, but a totally flat plane According to flat earthers, the world’s oceans are held in place by the Arctic and Antarctic, which aren’t land masses at the earth’s poles, but a near-endless expanse of ice encircling the world Then there’s gravity, which is actually a force called Universal Acceleration, whereby everything is moving upwards and keeping us all in place NASA apparently knows this dark truth, but either out of embarrassment over decades of round globe claims or greed over the arctic ring’s resources, has chosen to mislead the public for decades

The Flat Earth Society claims to have hundreds of members worldwide, but it’s commonly believed that it’s made up of people trying to practice their debate skills 7 Majestic 12 Described by some as the “holy grail” for UFO believers – Operation Majestic 12 was supposedly a secret group of scientists, politicians and military leaders assembled in 1947 Allegedly, President Eisenhower himself tasked them with handling the recovery of extraterrestrial crafts The theory kicked off in 1984 when Ufologist Jaime Shandera received an anonymous film reel, with each frame showing a page of the White House briefing on Majestic 12’s activities

Shandera kept the documents under wraps for 3 years but eventually released them when rumors in the ufology world got out of hand At that point they were forwarded to the FBI, who out-and-out dismissed them as ‘bogus’ Some still contend that the documents are real, but many ufologists and skeptics alike believe them to be an elaborate hoax, based on factors likes formatting mistakes and the lack of top secret registry number But as with all UFO claims, the truth is out there 6

The Lucifer Project In 2010: Odyssey two, the sequel to Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C Clarke’s seminal work 2001: A Space Odyssey, the famous monoliths multiply around Jupiter until it collapses into a new sun But while that plot was straight out of a sci-fi novel, some believe that NASA is planning to, or perhaps already has tried to, collapse the planet into a star The theory is based on the use of radioisotope thermoelectric generators, or RTGs, which generate power using a radioactive element, normally plutonium 238 Proponents of the theory argue that dropping an RTG on Jupiter would cause a massive explosion due to the pressure in the gas giant – which they believe NASA tried and failed in 2003 when the Galileo spacecraft deliberately crashed into Jupiter to avoid earth bacteria contaminating its moons

But this theory does ignore the fact that RTGs use reactor grade plutonium as opposed to weapons grade, making such an explosion extremely unlikely 5 Life on Venus As part of the Russian space program, The Venera-13 lander snapped the first ever color pictures of Venus’ surface in 1982, before burning up in the planet’s 462 degree heat and 90 atmospheric pressures Those pictures have been used in textbooks and classrooms for decades, but in 2012 Russian researcher Dr Leonid Ksanfomaliti made the bold claim that they may have contained moving, living objects, since they appear to change positions between pictures

Ksanfomaliti’s claims focus on this object, dubbed ‘the disc’, and this, called ‘the scorpion’, which appear anomalous compared to the rest of the planet’s surface But NASA has heavily criticized the conclusions According to the US space agency, the scorpion is nothing but a processed signal, and the disa a Venera 13 mechanical component Oh well, at least there’s still hope for life on Mars Speaking of which… 4

Figures on Mars For as long as there have been pictures of Mars, there have been speculations and theories that the surface contains more than dust and a toxic atmosphere The so-called ‘face on mars’ discovered by the Viking-1 Lander in 1976 is the most famous example, which has been cited as evidence of an alien civilization for over 40 years This theory has been repeatedly addressed by NASA 1998 and 2001 NASA pictures of the Cydonia region of Mars, not to mention the 2003 European Space Agency images, show the supposed face to be merely be a trick of the light But the same claims arose again with pictures from the curiosity rover in 2015, which purported to show a ‘woman’ on the red planet’s surface

But many believe that shape has been explained as a case of pareidolia, which is the phenomenon where the human brain perceives shapes in what are essentially random patterns 3 Black Knight Satellite Back in 1899, infamous scientist Nikola Tesla observed a series of unexplained signals which he believed came from outer space We now believe them to be pulsars, but Tesla at the time suspected it was alien life There have been a number of related phenomena spotted over the decades, most notably when Norwegian Engineer Jorgen Hals picked up an unexplainably echoing transmission, who’s origin remains mysterious to this day

But in 1972, science fiction author Duncan Lunan suggested that those transmissions came from a 13,000 year old object from the Epsilon Boötis star system – which has since been dubbed the ‘black knight satellite’ While there was some buzz in ufology circles, NASA’s Endeavour space shuttle stepped up the speculation in 1998 with this peculiar shot NASA claims it was merely an International Space Station thermal cover, but there’s enough mystery to keep theorists guessing 2 Lost Cosmonauts You probably learned in school that Yuri Gagarin was the first person to reach space in 1961

But the Soviet Union might not have been completely forthcoming with their spacefaring history With the soviet dictatorship’s brutal control over information, some believe that a number of Russian cosmonauts died in secret test flights before that famous launch In 1957, two amateur radio-operators detected a series of unusual signals And using the doppler effect, which describes the change in frequency that accompanies movement, they worked out that the position of those signals meant they came from a spacecraft Some of those signals gave the impression that a Russian cosmonaut had died in space

After the collapse of the USSR, swathes of classified space program documents were released, showing that there were plenty of concealed accidents – no mention of the suspected lost cosmonauts though 1 Moon Landing Hoax Along with Roswell and JFK, this may be the most prolific conspiracy theory of all time – the idea that humans landing on the moon was a fabrication by the American government The reasons range from the movement of the flag to the lack of stars in the background, all of which led conspiracy theorists to claim the whole thing was a staged studio effort It’s frequently blamed on cold war space race posturing with Russia, along with NASA’s desperation to maintain funding

Some even make accusations that it was a distraction from public anger over Vietnam But while it has already been debunked numerous times, a private German group named PTScientists has pledged to settle it by loading an autonomous buggy on Elon Musk’s SpaceX project and take high resolution shots of the Apollo 17 lander That’ll show ‘em That was the 10 Greatest Space Conspiracies Do you believe any of them? Let us know in the comments and make sure to like and subscribe

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