10 Halloween Pranks That Went Horribly Wrong

10 Halloween Pranks That Went Horribly Wrong Number 10 Class Dismembered Learning about Halloween in school is nothing new

But most teachers don’t feel the need to bring a chainsaw into class to do it In 2010, a pair of teachers at Taunton High School chose the worst way possible to try and get their students ready for the holiday With one teacher mid-lesson in front of a class of 15 year olds, the other knocked on the door The teacher in front of the class asked a student to answer the door As the kid got up, the second teacher burst through the door in a hockey mask wielding a real chainsaw

The children, surprise, surprise, were terrified The entire class freaked out and the kid answering the door fell over and fractured his knee While the teachers were laughing, the parents certainly weren’t Taunton High School was hit with a lawsuit for $100,000 to cover the injured student’s medical bills Number 9

Playing with fire When a prank ends with a near death experience, third degree burns, and a prison sentence: there’s a pretty good chance it wasn’t a good one In October 2009, 22-year-old British student Sean Collins stuck a load of cotton balls on himself and went to Halloween dressed as a sheep So far, so student But things turned deadly for the Uni of Central Lancashire undergrad when a bouncer at Evoque nightclub tried to prank him Bouncer Thomas McGuinness thought it would be funny to try and set one of the cotton balls on fire using a lighter

Instead he accidently set the entire costume ablaze While Sean survived by ripping the costume off, he suffered severe burns on 12% of his body and had to undergo numerous skin grafts at hospital McGuinness pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding and was sentenced to 18 months behind bars Number 8 Prank War If someone pranks you, it’s a pretty natural reaction to want to get them back

That’s what a group of 7 Arkansas teens were trying to do in 2014, when they drove up to the house of a friend they were in a prank war with Getting out of the car, they started tipping the house’s bins over Yeah, not the most sophisticated prank ever But it was nothing compared to what happened next You see, the friend’s dad, Willie Noble, took the ‘war’ part of ‘prank war’ way too literally

Thinking it’d be really funny to try and scare the kids away with gunfire, Willie ran out into the driveway and started spraying them with bullets As tends to happen when you shoot at people, people got shot One of the group, Dshone Nelson, was cut by shattered glass from bullets hitting the car’s windows Worse still, another teen, 15-year-old Adrian Broadway, took a round to the head, dying instantly Unsurprisingly, the police weren’t chortling at this hilarious prank

Noble has been charged with first-degree murder, one count of a terroristic act, and five counts of aggravated assault Number 7 Egg Explosion Egging buildings is a Halloween tradition that goes back as far as eggs and buildings So it’s not exactly surprising that there’s a few examples of it going wrong In 2006, a 15-year-old Pennsylvanian boy decided to egg the local power substation

Presumably to show his hatred for electricity or something But while the boy only meant to cover the outsides in egg, some yolk residue managed to trickle down inside the station and mess with the electrics Unbelievable as it may sound, that small amount of goo was enough to short circuit the entire system and cause a sudden and massive explosion Almost the entire substation was enveloped in a fireball, and power was instantly cut to 8,000 confused Pennsylvanians The boom from the fireball left the kid unharmed except for a ringing in his ears

Although he probably had to spend a few days avoiding angry Eagles fans, pissed that power had disappeared in the middle of the game Number 6 Zombie Radio Many people have heard of the time Orson Welles hopped on the radio to convince the world that aliens were plowing their way through New Jersey But while reports of mass hysteria following that broadcast have been largely exaggerated, decades later a Harvard doctor would trigger a very real panic about zombies Appearing on a CBS radio show ‘Coast to Coast’ in 2011, Harvard physician Dr Steven Schlozman [Sch – lo – man]* invented the disease Ataxic Neurodegenerative Satiety [say-shitty] Deficiency syndrome

This fictional malady supposedly caused a near complete detachment of the frontal lobe, as well as cerebral disintegration that would leave the victims acting exactly like zombies Despite the presenter admitting it was a prank afterwards, the show caused widespread panic: with Dr Schlozman being sent countless emails asking for advice and help for the apocalypse CBS received over 1,000 complaints from angry, fooled listeners And strangest of all, the disease is still believed in by huge swathes of the internet It has its own devoted websites, and even briefly found its way into a blog post by the Center For Disease Control

Number 5 Grave Error It’s safe to say, the Purtells don’t like their neighbors After six members of the local community signed a petition to stop them storing an RV on their property in 2002, couple Jeff and Vicki Purtell decided to get revenge When Halloween came around, they erected a series of six one-meter tall tombstones on their lawn Each tombstone featured an epitaph insulting a different one of the six complaining neighbors

For instance, one unmarried neighbor was shot down with: “At 48 she has no mate, no date It’s no debate, she looks 88” Another tombstone said: "Dyean was known for lying, so she was fried, now underneath these daisies is where she goes crazy" As petty as this incredibly act of revenge was, it still ended up getting the Purtells in court That’s because one neighbor, the mate-less and date-less one, actually sued them

Despite this thing called the First Amendment, the unmarried woman won Embarrassed, the Purtells had to apologize and take down the decorations Number 4 Bigfoot, Big Mistake Some prank ideas are so dumb it’s hard to have too much sympathy when they go wrong And this prank by Montana man Randy Lee Tenley is one of those times

In 2012, Randy decided it would be a good idea to try and trick people into believing they’d spotted Bigfoot How? By getting liquored up, putting on a ghillie suit, and jumping out into the middle of the highway every time a car passed You know there’s nothing to do in Montana when people are get drunk and dodging cars for fun In an outcome that literally everyone could have predicted, Randy leaped into the road and was immediately run over Though the first two cars he jumped in front of managed to swerve in time, the ghillie suit made Tenley hard to spot in the dark

The third car he tried to prank didn’t spot him until too late Randy was mowed down, and died on impact Number 3 Pretends to strangle wife The kids at Taunton High School may have had to deal with chainsaw-wielding teachers But at least the people cosplaying as crazy murders weren’t their parents

That’s what happened to two children, an 8-year-old boy and a 6-year-old girl in 2010, after mummy and daddy decided to try and prank them The Illinois couple wanted to scare the kids, so the dad dressed up as that most child-friendly of characters: Michael Myers No, not that one, this one Bursting into the house in full costume, he started strangling his wife in front of his own children HILARIOUS

Obviously the kids assumed a nightmarish serial killer was murdering their mum, and ran straight to the neighbor's house The police were called, and arrived on scene to two very embarrassed parents trying to explain that it was all a prank No charges were filed against the parents, but the incident has doubtless cost them a fortune in therapy bills Number 2 Eye drop dead In 2009, a woman from Granville, New York decided that it would be a hilarious practical joke to spike the punch bowl at her Halloween party

Copying something she’d seen from Wedding Crashers, the 48-year-old woman poured Visine eye drops into the punchbowl In the film, the Visine causes the person drinking it to have diarrhea and stomach cramps But in reality, the effects are far more deadly Several people at the party became seriously ill Worst of all, one woman, Marceline Jones, collapsed shortly after taking the drink

Although she eventually got up and went home, the ill effects were only just getting started Marceline started to struggle to breathe and two days later, on the 2nd of November, she collapsed with sudden respiratory failure This time she didn’t get back up The police investigated Marceline’s surprise death, and considered arresting the friend for accidentally poisoning her Eventually though, they decided not to press charges

Number 1 Hanging Out Stupid Halloween decorations are nothing new But if your family has a noose on their front lawn, it’s not exactly surprising when things go wrong In October 2013, 16-year-old tried to prank his sister Knowing their family had a noose hanging from a tree in the front garden for Halloween, young Jordan hatched a plan

He would wait for his family to come home and then stick his head through the loop, pretending to have strangled himself Unfortunately, he slipped as the family were returning home and actually started to choke to death as the noose throttled him Most horrifyingly of all, Jordan’s family knew all about his love of pranks and assumed this was just another They all stood there unimpressed while their family member was strangled in front of them None of them realized something was wrong until far too late

Though they cut him down and rushed him to hospital as soon as they knew, Jordan had already slipped into a coma He would pass away 12 hours later So, those were 10 Halloween Pranks That Went Horribly Wrong Which prank do you think went the worst? Do you know any Halloween moments that ended with disaster Let us know in the comments below

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