10 Hardest Gaming Achievements

10 Hardest Achievements in Gaming 10 Metal Gear Solid 4 – The Legendary Hero In Metal Gear Solid 4, even the first step towards attaining this Platinum Trophy proves too a daunting task for most gamers

This can only be unlocked by first completing the game on any difficulty, which unlocks the game’s hardest difficulty: The Boss extreme From here, simply complete the game on this difficulty, without dying, alerting any guards, killing anyone or using any health items Do that in less than five hours and well done, you’ve done it Oh no, not ALL of it, you’ve completed only ONE part of The Legendary Hero Once you’ve unlocked the Big Boss Emblem, you’re at least 6 more playthroughs from unlocking all of the game’s 34 trophies and completing this achievement

Completed by less than 5% of its players, the whole task requires approximately 80 hours of gameplay, assuming you succeed at each playthrough on the first try Which you probably won’t 9 The Bladder of Steel Award – Rock Band 2 Rock Band 2’s Bladder of Steel Award combines multiple skills To unlock it you not only need a level of proficiency at the game, but also a degree of physical endurance

And of course, superhuman bladder control The achievement requires completion of the game’s ‘Endless Setlist 2’, which comprises nearly every song in the game Easy enough? Well if you fail once, you fail the whole achievement If you pause the game, you fail If your batteries die, guess what? You fail

This is around 7 hours of constant playing, without toilet trips, meals or rest for your arms, provided you complete it first time Two saving graces are that you can get this achievement on any difficulty from medium upwards, and on any instrument, so you don’t have to stick to the guitar But even just singing for that length of time will strain muscles you didn’t know you had, not to mention the complaints from your neighbours 8 Gears of War – Seriously 3

0 Each Gear of War installment has grown in infamy for its gruelling ‘seriously’ achievement But the task reached peak ridiculous in Gear of War 3, with Seriously 30 On paper, Seriously 30 sounds easy enough, you just have to earn all 65 onyx medals

Onyx medal tasks include: reaching level 100, which just takes a few million xp, getting 6000 headshots, and surviving 240 chapters without dying Just to clarify, that would be 3 onyx medals Of 65 In case you haven’t grasped the scale of this achievement yet, it’s not just single player – you’ll have to play more than 20,000 matches in online multiplayer The fourth Gears game was made under new developers, who understandably struggled to improve upon the already virtually impossible

They tried to streamline the Seriously achievement and focus it more on specific skills, but it hasn’t yet gained legendary status of number 3 7 The Golf Club 2 – Millionaire! Considering that this next achievement isn’t particularly difficult, the fact that just one person has yet completed it should give you an indication of just how gruellingly time consuming it is The Golf Club is the smaller competitor series to the popular Rory McIlroy series, but it offers the user one thing Rory can’t: The chance to become a millionaire Unfortunately this is just an in game millionaire, but all the same

To earn a total net worth of $1,000,000 and unlock the achievement, the user needs only play around 12,000 rounds Based on the average 78 rounds a year played by PGA Tour pros, those 216,000 holes would take a real golfer over 150 years You may be getting an idea now of why no one has yet unlocked this achievement After all, you get to keep none of the money in real life, and with that level of commitment, you could probably just become a professional golfer 6

Europa Universalis IV – The Three Mountains Released in 2013, the fourth installment of the grand strategy Europa Universalis series puts players in charge of a nation in 1400 AD The player’s task is to govern the country from the Late Middle Ages through to the year Early Modern period of the 1800s through strong, diplomatic leadership and of course, a lot of war The Three Mountains achievement puts your warmongering skills to the ultimate test, tasking users with taking over the entire world as the tiny island-nation of Ryukyu Not only is Ryukyu flanked by superpowers like China and Japan, but the challenge only increases when your bow-wielding army comes face to face with Europe’s gunpowder The game is widely recognised by players as one of the most realistic in the nation-building strategy genre, so this is pretty much as difficult as it sounds like it would be

Just 04% of its over 1 million steam users have the achievement, although even this has mostly been attributed to exploited game mechanics, which the developers have since patched 5 No More Room In Hell – The Manhattan Project This entry is just chock full of references The title of this 2011 horror survival game calls back to the line ‘When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the Earth’, from George A

Romero’s zombie classic ‘Dawn of the Dead’, and this achievement is a slightly less fun reference to World War 2’s nuclear arms race But the meta doesn’t stop there To get this achievement, all you have to do is kill of a cool 1,619,090 zombies For anyone not familiar with US population statistics from 2011, this is a reference to the amount of people living in Manhattan at the time of the game’s release Today, that number is about 40,000 higher, so this achievement could become even harder in the game’s sequel, which is pencilled for release in Halloween 2018

But seeing as the few people who have actually gained this achievement have been written off as hackers, it’s likely we’ll see it scrapped in the follow up 4 Outlast 2 – Messiah Any achievement on an Outlast game is doubled in intensity, because you have to fight not only against the game, but against your own endurance of complete terror The Messiah achievement is an update of the Energiser reward from the first Outlast, requiring you to complete the game on Insane difficulty, without changing your camera batteries On Outlast 1, this already seemed near impossible, but with Outlast 2’s significantly extended playtime and open layout, it’s the stuff of nightmares

Insane mode is the hardest difficulty, and also operates on a permadeath system, where players can’t save, and dying once means the playthrough is over Camera batteries are also pretty important if you feel like seeing in the dark at any point, which we can tell you, you will Less than a tenth of a percent of players have unlocked this achievement, although the percent of gamers brave enough to even try can’t be much higher 3 Mortal Kombat 2011 – My Kung Fu is Stronger For a franchise that’s become so synonymous with the phrase ‘Finish him’, this achievement is ironically difficult to finish

The name derives from a martial arts movie trope, but the achievement borrows more from zombie movies, because once you take on the task, you won’t finish it until 28 days later Created for the Playstation 3 reboot of the franchise, the achievement requires you to first win 100 fights From there, you also have to perform 100 of the franchise’s famous ‘fatalities’, 150 ‘x-ray’ moves, named for their bone breaking effects, and then just spill 10,000 liters of blood, like so If this wasn’t already challenging enough, you’re also required to put in a whole 24 hours of playtime with each of the 28 fighters That adds up to a cool 672 hours, or 28 days, minimum playing the classic arcade fighter

2 Garry’s Mod – Yes, I Am the Real Gary Different gaming achievements test different types of dedication The sandbox physics game Garry’s Mod has one achievement that tests a skill you may not want to brag about too much: stalking The achievement ‘Yes, I Am the Real Gary’ doesn’t require much in terms of hand-eye coordination or knowledge of the game Its only requirement is to play the game at the same time and on the same server as its elusive creator, Garry Newman

Sounds simple enough, but Newman’s Steam bio reads ‘I hate everyone Don’t try and add me’ This means to unlock this achievement, users must constantly watch Garry’s profile until it tells them he’s playing the game Then they must join the game and madly switch between servers until they’re successful Somehow, around 1

5% of players have unlocked this achievement, but it’s now next to impossible, as Garry has moved on to his 2018 game Rust, and almost never plays his mod any more 1 Lost Planet 2 – Committed ‘Til The End This achievement from Capcom’s third-person shooter begins in a similar fashion to a lot of the classic ‘do literally everything’ achievements To name a few tasks, players must earn every single Weapon, Ability and get each of Lost Planet 2’s 5 factions to Level 99 to unlock the ‘Committed ‘Til The End’ achievement All in all, these tasks amount to a minimum of around 250 hours of gameplay

But that’s all nothing compared to the fact that you also need to break a world record And weirdly long fingernails won’t cut it here To get this accolade, you need to reach the top rank in any of the game’s 49 training achievements That makes this achievement unique in being the only entry on our list that gets continuously harder the more people complete it Although you do get the added bonus of being the best person in the world at your chosen skill, at least until the next person who wants the achievement comes along

So those were the 10 Hardest Achievements in Gaming Have you unlocked any of them? Do you know of any more? Let us know in the comments and make sure to like and subscribe While you’re at it, check out this great Alltime10s video on screen now

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