10 Hilarious Movie Rip Offs

"10 Hilarious Movie Rip Offs 10 Computer Nuclear Warship Bombing Operation With a name this catchy, you’d no doubt expect a masterpiece of filmmaking

Well, as much as we hate to say it, Computer Nuclear Warship Bombing Operation is a bit of a stinker Internationally distributed as Saviour of the Earth, this low-budget 1983 animated feature has been affectionately dubbed ‘Korean Tron’ in the anime community That’s because, unsurprisingly, it borrows heavily from the original sci-fi action flick’s electronic world – even down to the silly disc fights, which it calls ‘the death game’ But the most interesting part of this film might be what happened to it next You see, the film’s producer Joseph Lai is quite well known for cheaply acquiring the rights to release a lot of movies

And one time, Lai cut it together with 7 other films and re-released them as one under the title Space Thunder Kids – which became a notoriously incoherent mess 9 Yarasa Adam Bedmen There have been quite a few iterations of the caped crusader over the decades: Adam West, Christian Bale, Michael Keaton… but if you thought George Clooney had the worst movie, then let me introduce you to Levent Çaki in the unlicensed Yarasa Adam Betmen It’s safe to say that this a smuttier Batman than we’ve seen before or since, with the Dark Knight frequenting strip clubs and characters getting it on repeatedly through the film’s meagre 60 minute run time He does spare a little time for justice though, taking on what looks more like Bond villains than Batman foes with some admittedly not-terrible fight scenes

But even so, Yarasa Adam Betmen is a firm favorite among fans of ‘Turksploitation’ movies – a tongue-in-cheek term for Turkey’s wide range of no-budget takes on the biggest films in western cinema, something you’ll probably notice a lot of in this video 8 Transmorphers You might know the American production company The Asylum If not, you’ve definitely heard of its most famous output – the Sharknado series, arguably the king of B movie franchises But The Asylum’s most prolific work comes in the form of its so-called ‘mockbusters’: low budget, straight-to-DVD affairs that piggyback on the major releases of the year to please schlock movie fans and, presumably, trick grandmas into accidentally buying them for their grandkids

There’s Atlantic Rim, Paranormal Entity, Allan Quatermain and the Temple of Skulls – but the Transmorphers series might be the most famous of them all The plot bares little resemblance to Michael Bay’s blockbuster explosion-fest, save the transforming – sorry, transmorphing – machines, who are actually the villains here You might be wondering just how The Asylum makes money from disasterpieces like Transmorphers, but they’re actually very profitable The studio has never lost money on a project and has boasted annual profits in the millions 7

Supaidaman Most people over 50 will likely remember the live action Spider-Man TV show – but while that was the most famous iteration of the webslinger for its time, it probably wasn’t the best That accolade goes to Supaidaman The Japanese take on Spidey, spanning 41 episodes and a movie in 1978, is pretty far removed from the Marvel character – save the iconic suit He’s a tough guy biker, his powers come from space and his nemesis is the alien overlord Professor Monster and his Iron Cross Army That doesn’t exactly sound like Peter Parker, the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man

But perhaps the strangest aspect of Supaidaman is how it paved the way for the Power Rangers of all things During Supaidaman’s production, its creators felt that to make the show more appealing to kids, they would give the title character a giant robot, whose popularity would eventually inspire the first mechas in the Super Sentai series 6 OK Connery/Operation Kid Brother Of all the James Bond by-products, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery probably tops the list for most people But then there’s OK Connery, which really is just a mystery

This 1967 cinematic oddity stars none other than Neil Connery – yes, Sean Connery’s brother – as uh, Dr Neil Connery, a cosmetic surgeon, hypnotist and the brother of James Bond When a high-ranking spy is killed in action, our hero is drafted in to stop the terrorist agent THANATOS from knocking out electronic devices worldwide with a magnetic wave The deservedly little-known movie probably has more names than fans – including Operation Kid Brother, Secret Agent 00, Operation Double 007 and The New Spy Against Divided Evil – but it makes sense that the film was a car crash when its lead actor was a plumber who had never acted before 5

Carnosaur It’s hard to overstate the impact Jurassic Park had on audiences, not to mention the box office – raking in over a billion dollars worldwide and spawning a run of disappointing sequels But Spielberg’s masterpiece wasn’t the only prehistoric production in 1993 Adam Simon’s Carnosaur debuted just one week before Jurassic Park in an attempt to ride the coattails of its monster marketing campaign – but that stolen hype didn’t help its reception It was critically panned and even called the worst movie of the year While it was based on a 1987 novel of the same name, it actually shares very little with its inspiration

Instead of a story fairly similar to Jurassic Park, it tells the story of an engineered virus spread through chicken eggs that’s lethal to men and impregnates women with dinosaur embryos in a mad attempt to repopulate the earth Even so, it still doubled its $850,000 budget – so how bad can it be? 4 Shocking Dark Imagine somebody saying in a pitch meeting that their desired project is – essentially Aliens, complete with horrifying creatures, macho soldiers, a Ripley stand-in and an orphaned child But it’s set in the modern day Venice… and it’s called Terminator 2” Yes, this bizarre 1989 Italian film is notorious for pretty much remaking two James Cameron classics at once, aping entire sequences from Aliens with truly abysmal special effects and tacking on a shock robot reveal that has absolutely no business being there

“But wait,” we hear you say, “I thought this film was called Shocking Dark?” Well it turns out that the production company had to change the title due to legal action by Fox – because you can’t really just claim to have made another film’s sequel But hey, what do you expect from the guy who wrote Troll 2? 3 Ömer the Tourist in Star Trek When you think of Star Trek derivatives, you probably have something like The Orville or Black Mirror in mind But if so, you’re decades behind – real fans are all about Omer the Tourist in Star Trek – also known as just Turkish Star Trek Omer the Tourist was quite the popular character in Turkish cinema – known for haplessly finding himself sticky situations, a bit like Mr Bean

In this case it was on the bridge of the USS Enterprise, somehow, in a story heavily based on the debut Star Trek episode The Man Trap But it’s not just the cardboard sets, off-brand Characters and skimpy dresses, even by Original Series standards – the wonderful thing about this knock off is that it predates The Motion Picture as the very first Star Trek feature film, even if it is an unofficial one 2 3 Dev Adam Superhero team-ups are all the rage nowadays, whether it’s the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, the Justice League or whatever comes next But maybe we should take it back to basics with 3 Dev Adam, or Three Giant Men – Captain America, his girlfriend Julia and… Santo the Luchador

Another cult classic from the ‘Turksploitation’ world, this movie pits our heroes against a murderous Spider-Man and his criminal gang, including 3 other spider men, to foil their attempts to run a money laundering scam out of an Istanbul dojo If that sounds terrible, it is But the charm of most knock off films is that they make no sense Why is Spider-Man a villain, why are there 4 of him? What is Captain America doing in Turkey? And why is a Luchador fighting crime? Honestly, these are questions that shouldn’t be answered – just sit back and enjoy the madness 1

The Man Who Saved The World Considering Star Wars is probably the most beloved film franchise ever, you shouldn’t be surprised that there are countless low budget, low effort and low-sanity derivatives of the world’s favorite space opera But The Man Who Saved The World undoubtedly bullseyes the competition like so many womp rats Usually just called Turkish Star Wars, The Man Who Saved The World actually bares little resemblance to its namesake – with a story of men who crash land on a world full of wizards, skeletons and ninjas The rip-off factor actually comes from the amount of footage that was literally ripped from Star Wars by director Çetin İnanç , after his set was destroyed in freak weather and he resorted to bribing a projectionist for cut of Episode 4 And it doesn’t stop at Star Wars – the movie makes use of various newsreel footage too, and it even steals from the score of Indiana Jones

That was 10 Hilarious Movie Rip Offs, what mockbusters would you like to see? Let us know in the comments and make sure to like and subscribe While you’re at it, check out this great Alltime10s video on screen now

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