10 Horrifying Zoo Accidents – WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT!

10 Horrifying Zoo Accidents 10 URBAN JUNGLE In 2015 devastating floods in Georgia’s capital city Tbilisi caused wild animals to roam the streets after escaping from the city’s flood-stricken zoo

The zoo lost more than 300 animals – either drowned or shot dead by police – which was over half its pre-flood population Some Georgians were annoyed at the way the world’s focus was on the animals, even though it was also the city’s worst human disaster in years – as the flash flood claimed at least 19 lives Nonetheless, the surreal pictures of a giant African hippo strolling past brightly lit shops and a stranded bear on the second-story windowsill of a house graced the front pages Three days after the flood, a man was killed in a warehouse by a Siberian tiger Doctors said his throat was attacked, and sadly he died before reaching the hospital

Just three months after the catastrophic floods, the zoo reopened 9 POLAR BEAR PICTURE When Australian tourist Kathryn Warburton decided to scale two safety fences to get the perfect picture of Alaska zoo's Binky the polar bear, she got far more than she bargained for The polar bear promptly stuck his head and paw through the bars of his cage and seized Warburton’s thigh Shocked onlookers rushed to her aid and started hitting Binky on the head with branches to make him open his mouth to free her

After several long minutes of struggle, the bear loosened its grip and Warburton was pulled to safety She was rushed to hospital and suffered from deep bite wounds and a broken leg A month and a half after the incident, the bear mauled another tourist A group of drunken teenagers approached the bear's enclosure, apparently hoping to swim in its pool, and a 19-year-old was hospitalized with leg lacerations Despite the attacks, Binky became a minor celebrity at the zoo, with his face adorning zoo merchandise

8 WOLF PACK In June 2012 a female zookeeper at Sweden’s Kolmården zoo was mauled to death by a pack of wolves as she fed them in their enclosure No witnesses saw the horrific attack, so it’s not clear what triggered it, but eight of the wolves are thought to have surrounded and attacked the woman Her body was found by a colleague, but the snarling pack would not let anyone near it Eventually brave zoo workers formed a human chain and rushed the wolves, forcing them back

But sadly, the zookeeper had already died from her injuries Following the tragic event, a police spokesperson said zoo workers should not be interacting so closely with the dangerous animals The zoo responded by saying that they would be reviewing their safety policies This is not the first attack at Kolmården A wolf in the public area bit a 15-year-old Swedish girl in her thigh after she panicked at the sight of it

7 TILIKUM THE ORCA The tragic story of Tilikum was widely popularized following the release of the 2013 documentary, Blackfish Tilikum is the largest killer whale in captivity, weighing 5,700kg – the same size as a full-grown male African elephant In 1991 a young trainer at Sealand of the Pacific named Keltie Byrne fell into a tank containing Tilikum and two other whales The three orcas seemingly ‘played’ with Byrne… until she drowned

The following year, Tilikum was transferred to SeaWorld Orlando and lived without incident until 1999, when a SeaWorld guest named Daniel Dukes snuck into the orca tank after the park had closed Dukes’ battered corpse was found on Tilikum’s back the morning after In 2010 trainer Dawn Brancheau was working with Tilikum during a show when the whale seized her and pulled her into the water Other trainers attempted to coax Tilikum into another area of the tank, but it was too late She died from drowning and suffered blunt force trauma, including a severed spinal cord

To this day, Tilikum continues to perform at SeaWorld Orlando 6 BEAR PICNIC In 2009 a mentally handicapped man had an extremely lucky escape at Bern Park in Switzerland He ended up just moments away from death as he hung in the jaws of a bear that he had tried to have a picnic with Finn the bear pounced on the 25-year-old man after he climbed onto a 4-meter wall surrounding the bear’s enclosure and jumped into the bear’s home

Startled by the unexpected visitor, Finn picked up the intruder as if he were a rag doll, dragging him around his enclosure in his massive jaws Horrified onlookers called the police, who were left with little option but to open fire The man was then taken to hospital to get treatment for severe head and leg wounds, but luckily he made a full recovery The bear, on the other hand, was left in critical condition and spent several months recovering from the incident Police and zoo officials said there was an outpouring of public sympathy after the attack – for the bear

Bouquets of flowers and pots of honey were left outside his enclosure 5 GIANT PANDA HUG On three separate occasions the not-so-cuddly Gu Gu the Giant Panda lashed out at visitors at Beijing Zoo The first was in September 2006 when a drunken 35-year-old man named Zhang Xinyan decided it would be a great idea to jump into Gu Gu’s enclosure to cuddle him He was quickly bitten on the legs by Gu Gu and rushed to hospital

A second incident occurred in October 2007 when 15-year-old Li Xitao jumped the barrier and climbed into the panda enclosure at feeding time A startled Gu Gu reacted by biting the boy on both legs, ripping chunks of flesh and leaving the bones beneath on show By this point you’d think people would have learned not to jump into Gu Gu’s enclosure, but no… in 2009, a man named Zhang jumped in to retrieve a toy that his child had dropped Again Gu Gu went for the legs, but this time he was apparently so angry that workers had to pry his jaws open with tools, before the man was able to escape – with deep cuts to his legs 4

TIGER MAUL A woman was mauled to death by a tiger at Beijing’s Badaling Wildlife World in 2016, when she got out of her car during a family argument The park allows its customers to drive their cars through a space where animals roam freely, but visitors are forbidden to leave their vehicles for their own safety Nonetheless, CCTV footage from the incident shows the car stopping in the middle of the road before a woman gets out and walks quickly to the other side of the vehicle A tiger then pounces on the woman from behind, dragging her away from the car The other passengers in the car, a man and a woman, get out and try to chase the tiger away

The second woman was killed by another tiger, which carried her body away, while the first woman was actually saved by park staff and rushed to hospital The park failed to mention the incident on its website; instead it said it was closed for two days due to forecasts of heavy rain 3 TAUNTED TIGER On Christmas Day in 2007 Tatiana the tiger escaped from her enclosure at the San Francisco Zoo and attacked three visitors Kulbir Dhaliwal was the animal's first victim

Tatiana clawed and bit him as his friend Carlos Sousa and his brother Sunny yelled at the animal in an attempt to scare her away She then turned on Sousa, slashing his neck with her claws as the brothers ran to get help After killing him, she followed a trail of blood left by Kulbir to the zoo café, where she mauled both men Four officers arrived on the scene to find Sousa's lifeless body and Tatiana sitting next to one of the bloodied brothers They successfully distracted the tiger and then opened fire, killing her

The brothers were rushed to hospital immediately after the incident and were treated for severe bite and claw wounds A year after the tragic accident, a court heard that the three victims taunted the animal moments before it leapt out of its cage 2 MILA THE ELEPHANT For over thirty years, Mila the African Elephant entertained huge crowds under the stage name “Jumbo” in the traveling Whirling Bros circus in New Zealand As a result of the trauma she suffered in the circus, Mila was unable to live a normal life

In 2009 she was retired to New Zealand’s Franklin Zoo & Wildlife Sanctuary under the care of zookeeper Helen Schofield Four years after her arrival, Mila was making great progress when tragedy struck Schofield entered her pen to calm her down after the elephant got an electric shock from the enclosure’s fence Obviously agitated, Mila started moving toward Schofield, at which point she tripped as she tried to back out of the enclosure In retaliation, Mila used her powerful trunk to grab and squeeze Schofield, crushing her to death

Witnesses believed that Mila was actually trying to protect Schofield, but was simply unaware of her own strength Following the horrific accident, she was moved to San Diego Zoo to live out the rest of her days 1 HARAMBE Harambe the 17-year-old Western lowland gorilla made headlines in 2016 after he was shot dead when a three-year-old boy climbed into his enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo The incident was recorded on video and received widespread international coverage, including controversy over the decision to kill Harambe

A number of primatologists stated that the zoo had no other choice, since the gorilla was dragging the boy around by his ankle They said the incident highlighted the danger of zoo animals being in such close proximity to humans After staff shot Harambe, the boy was rescued and taken to hospital He was treated for minor injuries and made a full recovery And this wasn’t the first time a child had fallen into a gorilla enclosure

In 1986 five-year-old Levan Merritt slipped into a gorilla pen at Jersey zoo and was knocked unconscious He was actually saved by an ape named Jambo who protected him from the other gorillas

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