10 Insane Ways Hostages Escaped Their Captors

10 Insane Ways Hostages Escaped Their Captors 10) Tweet For Freedom If you happen to get kidnapped, it may be worth hoping your captors are somewhat technophobic It could just save your life

That’s what happened to Japanese war correspondent Kosuke Tsuneoka, when he was covering the Taliban controlled Afghanistan in 2010 The terrorist group Hezbi Islami had been holding him captive for five months, and things were looking bleak He wasn’t tortured, but there were reports that an execution could have been coming his way soon But that’s when one of his captors approached him with a box containing a Nokia N70 cellphone Younger members of the terrorist group wanted access to mobile devices and the internet for Al-Jazeera, and so approached Tsuneoka for his help setting it up

Tsuneoka obliged, though it’s not like he had a choice He introduced them to the world of Twitter and, while doing so, managed to tweet from his own account that he had been kidnapped, as well as exactly where he was and who had abducted him This went unnoticed, but he was released shortly afterwards unharmed The group claimed it was because he had apparently converted to Islam, but it probably had more to do with their plan being exposed for the world to see 9) Bail In July of 2017, Jordan Dinsmore arrived home from her shift working at a restaurant in South Carolina, when she was greeted by a truly terrifying situation – three armed masked men, telling her to get back in the car

At gunpoint, they stole her possessions and tried to commandeer her car too, but they couldn’t drive it as it was a stick shift They then told her to drive to an ATM Dinsmore was their hostage Once she arrived at a local ATM, they forced her to get out and get cash out for them But this was when Dinsmore had a brain wave

Her mother had been through a similar trauma previously and warned her to never let attackers take you to the next location, as that’s when danger increases So a plan formed in her head She got back into the driving seat, but this time did not put her seat belt on The armed men prompted her to drive to their “auntie’s” house nearby This was her only chance

The car reached between 35-40 miles per hour, and that’s when Jordan jumped into action – literally When at speed, she launched herself out of the car and onto the tarmac She then got up and ran for help straight away, knowing that the men didn’t know how to operate her car and so could not easily chase her The men were arrested shortly afterwards 8) A Birdwatcher’s Bloodbath Bolt Keen twitcher Lorenzo Vinciguerra went on a trip to the Tawi Tawi province in the Philippines looking for exotic birds

What he found was a fight for his life He and a companion were suddenly taken hostage while out in the wilderness by a terrorist organization known as the Aby Sayyaf He stayed under their control for nearly three years, on an island off the coast called Jolo That is until one day when he risked it all for his freedom He noticed one day that the military had arrived on the island to take a fight against this rebellious cell when he heard gunfire

This was his chance While they were distracted, he decided to make a run for it, despite the hail of bullets from either side One guard managed to catch up with him though, and a struggle ensued The guard was armed with a machete, so this could have proven lethal And it was, but not for Vinciguerra, who managed to commandeer the knife and stab the guard in the head

He then made a daring run towards the firing military weaponry and found his liberation 7) A Rope and a Prayer New York Times journalist David Rohde had already been kidnapped in 1995 in Bosnia Little did he know the same thing was going to happen again in Afghanistan 13 years later Rohde was with a couple of local associates while writing a book on the Afghanistan region when they were abducted by Taliban forces He was held for a ransom of tens of millions of dollars

The story wasn’t reported on by any of the domestic or international press at the request of the Times But after 8 months, Rohde and another hostage, Tahir Ludin, hatched a plan to escape Rohde had found a car towrope in the garage of the house and had hidden it underneath his clothes, and had noted that the power being back on meant the loud air conditioning units were to return Rohde and Ludin planned to tire the guards out by repeatedly playing a Pakistani checkers game with them into the small hours of the night Once they were asleep, Rohde and Ludin used the rope to descend from a bathroom window two storeys above the ground and ran to a nearby military base

6) Royal Rumble The year was 1974 Princess Anne, daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, was on her way back to Buckingham Palace in her car Suddenly, a car cut them off and forced them to stop in the middle of the road A mentally ill man named Ian Ball had the royal and her entourage at gunpoint, demanding for her to come with him He’d been planning this for two years, to extort the Queen to fund the psychiatric parts of the NHS

He shot any policeman that approached and opened the Princess’s door Any other armed police were hesitant to open fire on a man with a gun so close to royalty Anne had to take matters into her own hands An amateur boxer managed to approach Ball from behind and punched him in the head, at which point Anne managed to do a backward somersault while opening the car door behind her At this point Ball ran away, but got caught shortly afterward by police, and was sentenced to life in a psychiatric facility

5) Acting For Your Life Doctor Strange is famous in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for his ability to conjure portals to get him to where he wants, or escape danger Well, you can bet your bottom dollar his actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, wished he had that ability for real back in 2005 Cumberbatch was filming in South Africa with a group of other actors, who were traveling along a road that was notorious for trouble At that point, their tyre blew While they tried to replace it, some local criminals rushed them, demanding money, drugs or weapons

They had none, so they were tied up and put in a car The kidnappers then nearly put him in the trunk of the car, so Cumberbatch turned his acting up to 11, saying that he would have a seizure and die due to circulatory and brain issues if tied up there He said to them that he would end up a “dead Englishman in your car, not good” And he was successful in convincing them not only to let him go, but his associates too They were dropped by the side of the road, with Benedict Cumberbatch confident he had quite literally given the performance of his life

4) Leap of Faith Matthew Scott was just one of a group of backpackers trekking in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains of Colombia in 2003 Of course, mountain climbs are dripping with danger on their own, but this trip added an additional component – the National Liberation Army They took the group of trekkers hostage and started walking them somewhere in the wilderness After a while, a very heavy rainstorm hit – the kind that could easily hamper visibility Scott at this point could hear the river through the pouring rain and, despite being very high up, decided that it was now or never

Scott took a sudden run towards a nearby cliff and threw himself off it The fall could have easily killed him, or at the very least rocks at the bottom could have fractured or broken his bones Amazingly, he survived unscathed though, but he wasn’t out of the woods yet Having no idea where he was, he had to survive for 12 days in the wild only drinking water, until he found and saved by a local tribe 3) Insulin Saves Lives In March of 2017, nursing student Brittany Diggs was kidnapped outside her apartment building in Birmingham, Alabama

Her attacker, Manuel Ali Towns, held her at gunpoint and demanded money When she said she had none, she was forced into her car Diggs was moved to the trunk of the car as Towns drove her around to multiple locations, using different ATMs and different credit cards of hers to retrieve money She was in the car for a matter of hours, scared for her life Eventually though, there was a window of opportunity, when Towns pulled into a gas station, and the ATM didn’t let him take any more cash out

Furious, he complained to the owner While this was happening, Diggs scrambled around in the trunk, remembering that she had an insulin pump there with a light on it The light allowed her to see in the dark and find the clasp to open the trunk She waited until Towns got in the car again, and launched herself out of the trunk as he was pulling away Towns later received life without parole, but sadly Brittany relocated as she no longer felt safe

2) Snapchat The Saviour In a story that’s all too often the start of tragedy, an anonymous 14-year-old girl met with a man considerably older than her in January of 2020 55-year-old Albert Thomas Vasquez met the minor in Capitola, North Carolina Vasquez drugged her and took her in a vehicle to a nearby motel with some associates of his The girl was eventually left alone for a moment, and she took the opportunity to scramble to use her phone to call for help Only problem was she didn’t know where she was and didn’t know how much time she had to call

Thinking on her feet, a brainwave occurred to her, and it involved using the social networking app Snapchat She urgently notified her friends via Snapchat that she had been kidnapped, knowing that they would be able to use the location feature on there to find out exactly where she was via a satellite map Her friends called 911 and shared the location with the police and she was eventually rescued The cops said that the use of Snapchat here may have literally saved her life 1) Always Carry A Spare In Detroit in February of 2020, one anonymous woman went through an ordeal that would make her always double check every sound in her home

For two days, her ex-husband, Jerome Fahner, had been hiding in her shed and a crawlspace in her house Then he finally leapt into action He held a gun on her, rambling about how they were both going to die today, and asking for money from her After taking her phone and locking the house, he forced them into the car to go to an ATM, so far so familiar, to get cash from her, issuing death threats the whole time But when he got out to go to the ATM to get the money, her forward planning paid off

Upon leaving the house, she made sure to take a jacket that she knew contained a spare key for her car As soon as Fahner was distracted by the cash, she clambered into the front seat and began to drive away, beeping the horn to draw attention to herself Panicked, Fahner ran away, but was promptly arrested later that day

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