10 Kickass Batman Facts

10 Kickass Batman Facts NUMBER 10: BATMAN IN REAL LIFE According to the calculations of comic historian Thaddeus Howze [Thad-ee-us House], it would cost $682 million to become a real-life Batman Wayne Manor, its grounds, and the Batcave alone would eat up a $600 million chunk of that budget

The fire-resistant, bulletproof suit would cost approximately $1 million and the Batmobile $18 million Batman superfan Chris Weir spent two years and over $120,000 constructing a real-life Batcave in the basement of his Delaware home The underground lair included a secret door, a home theatre, and a display of Batman collectibles Sources: Laughing Squid, IGN, IFLScience NUMBER 9: BIZARRE BAT-GADGETS Batman is known for his sophisticated collection of high-tech gadgets and gizmos

Among the most well known is the batarang, his iconic throwing weapon However, some of his bat-gadgets are slightly more bizarre During an attack that saw the Dark Knight trapped deep underwater, he utilized handy propellers attached to his boots, which helped him speed through the water to safety His arsenal also includes finger tasers, bat ice skates, shark spray, and even ‘bat female villain repellent’ Sources: Complex, Collider, Slash Film, Screen Crush

NUMBER 8: THE EVOLUTION OF BATMAN Since his creation in May 1939, the Caped Crusader has changed significantly Batman originally had wings, which artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger decided against when they realized these would hinder him when fighting or climbing Early designs of his costume also saw him wearing a red suit and having bright blond hair Nowadays, the character is known for never killing, or even using guns Early incarnations of Batman, however, had no such moral code

He often threw villains off rooftops to their deaths or killed henchmen with machine guns Sources: Polygon, Comicbookcom, Newsarama, Comics Alliance NUMBER 7: THE DARK KNIGHT IN DAYTIME 2012 film The Dark Knight Rises features Batman in daylight for the first time in the Batman movie franchise Since Batman’s first appearance on the big screen, filmmakers have been careful to only show the masked character at night time, in keeping with his nocturnal animal alter-ego

Even the comics rarely showed the Caped Crusader in the sunlight, describing him as a ‘figure of the dark’ Batman requires darkness for stealth and camouflage Therefore the fact that he leaves the safety of the night time to fight Bane highlights the severity of the danger that the villain posed to Gotham Sources: Before the Trailer, Pop Matters, The Superficial NUMBER 6: RIDICULOUS BATMAN VILLAINS Over the years, Batman has come up against a great variety of villains

Famous foes are Scarecrow, the Riddler, Two-Face, and Bane The Caped Crusader also fought some rather peculiar villains, such as Humpty Dumpty, a bald, obese character famed for taking people apart and trying to put them back together again Similarly bizarre is Crazy Quilt, the flamboyantly-dressed bad guy who commits color-themed crimes, such as painting the places he plans to rob with bright colors Other unusual adversaries include Man-Bat, Killer Moth and Kite-Man Sources: Comic Vine, Newsarama, Cinema Blend, IMDB

NUMBER 5: BATMAN AND ROBIN ACCUSED OF BEING A GAY COUPLE In 1954 psychologist Dr Fredric Wertham released a book entitled ‘Seduction of the Innocent’, which condemned comic books for having a negative influence on their readers He claimed that comics’ depictions of violence, sex, and crime were encouraging juvenile delinquency Wertham accused Batman and Robin of being a gay couple, due to their close alliance He highlighted one edition of the comic, which showed the pair sharing a bed, sparking homophobic outcry from members of the public

The psychologist said that such portrayals had harmful implications, as they were setting ‘improper’ examples for impressionable children Sources: Penn State University, Comic Book Resources, Dynamite, Broken Frontier NUMBER 4: THE BAT-FAMILY The Bat-family consists of members of Batman’s inner circle, his closest allies and friends Well-known members include Alfred, Robin, and Commissioner Gordon More knowledgeable fans would also list Batgirl and Bruce’s son, Damian

However, there have also been some rather wacky additions to the Bat-Family during the comic’s almost 80-year history For example, there is the German shepherd dog Ace the Bat-Hound, Mogo the Bat-Ape and even Bat-Cow Bat-Cow joined the team when he was rescued from a slaughterhouse and taken in by Robin, who then became a vegetarian Sources: Comic Vine, Archive of Our Own, Mental Floss, Game FAQs NUMBER 3: DARK CLAW In a rare cross-over between Marvel and DC, Batman and Wolverine merged into a single character, called Logan Wayne – also known as Dark Claw

Logan Wayne’s origin story is a mix of the two characters His superhero journey began when he witnessed his parents’ murder as a child He was then sent to live with his uncle in Canada, where he was eventually submitted to the Weapon X project Dark Claw has the martial arts expertise, specialized gadgets and money of Batman, combined with the healing powers, claws, and metal skeleton of Wolverine Sources: Marvel, Comic Vine, Legends of the Dark Claw

NUMBER 2: ROBIN WAS KILLED OFF BY READERS When he first appeared in 1940, Batman’s trusty sidekick Robin proved instantly popular with readers, causing sales of the comic to almost double However, his fanbase turned on him in 1988, when readers were asked to call in and decide whether he should survive being tied up in a warehouse set to explode 5,343 fans voted for the Boy Wonder’s death, and only 5,271 voted to save him Robin was killed off in the next issue Sources: The DC Comics Encyclopedia, Vulture, BBC, The Guardian

NUMBER 1: HEATH LEDGER’S JOKER JOURNAL Heath Ledger’s penultimate film performance, playing the Joker in The Dark Knight, was widely praised as one of the greatest ever portrayals of the iconic Batman villain The actor had a very active role in the design of the character’s look and costume, taking inspiration from Francis Bacon paintings and Stanley Kubrick’s film, A Clockwork Orange Ledger also locked himself away in a hotel room for six weeks, writing a journal of thoughts the Joker might have, and situations the character would find funny – such as AIDS, landmines, and geniuses suffering brain damage Sources: Independent, Cinema Blend, Super Hero Hype

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