10 Lies You Were Told About Millennials

"10 Lies You Were Told About Millennials 10) They’re Lazy Though some outlets delight in reporting that millennials are lazy slobs, actually most millennials do find the time to work Millennials currently make up 60% of the global workforce, with 80 million of them employed in the US alone

And even though many millennials are currently students, they still commit to working part-time jobs In America, 80% of high school and college students hold part-time jobs, working 29 hours a week on top of their studies As if that wasn’t impressive enough, according to research by think tank Project: Time Off, millennials are 11% more likely than any other age group to sacrifice their holiday time to work more hours Far from being lazy, it turns out millennials are workaholics 9) They’re Hedonistic If there’s one thing that’s remained true over time, it’s that generations always like to portray the age group below them as a bunch of wild, hard-drinking, drugged up hooligans

However, the opposite is true According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, teenage drug and alcohol abuse has been consistently down year on year since the late 90s And millennials in general consume less alcohol, cocaine, and stimulants than Baby Boomers did when they were young Even marijuana use is down among millennials, in spite of the fact that legislation has made it far easier to access And over in Britain, a 2013 study by the Home Office discovered that the age group with the most drug users was 45 to 54 year olds

While there’s no denying that some of us like a drink or two or seven, the reality is that millennials actually binge substances far less than any other generation on record 8) They Waste Money You may not have heard of Australian real estate millionaire Tim Gurner But you’ve no doubt heard his claim that the only reason millennials aren't buying houses is because of their crippling addiction to avocado toast The truth is that housing remains expensive, and wages are low

The advocacy group Young Invincibles found that millennials are earning roughly 20% less than other generations did when they were young Meanwhile, just to get a deposit on a house in San Francisco would cost you an average of $718,000 Or to put it another way, 15,975 servings of $9 avocado toast The reality is that millennials aren’t worse at financial planning than any other group Despite the fact that they have lower salaries than baby boomers, and have been earning for less long, 40% of millennials have already saved over $10,000 towards their pensions

That’s almost as many as the 50% of baby boomers who do 7) They’re Selfish The rise of this social media pandering and viral charity stunts like The Ice Bucket Challenge has led to the idea that millennials care more about attention and virtue signaling than actually helping anyone, using viral challenges and petitions without actually following through on their cause But statistically, that’s untrue Research from Achieve and The Case Foundation has found that 93% of millennials give money to charity 21% of them even donated more than $1,000 a year

On top of this, millennials are more generous with their time than other generations A survey by Reason found that 70% of millennials volunteers an hour a week for charity, over a third volunteer 11 hours or more, and 16% took unpaid time off work to offer their services for charity That’s more than any other age group 6) They Can’t Commit Anyone who’s ever hosted a party will know that millennials can be pretty flaky Researchers over at OnePoll have found that 7 in 10 millennials have missed an event after giving their word they would attend

This tendency for flaking, has led to a misconception that millennials are generally afraid of commit That’s not only untrue, it's less true of this generation than previous ones When it comes to important commitments like relationships, YouGov polling shows only 24% of single millennials said they were comfortable being alone, lower than the 31% of Generation X and 45% of Baby Boomers who did Once in relationships, millennials are also less likely to break their commitment and cheat on their partner Only 19% of millennials have had affairs, compared to 27% of Boomers, according to the Institute for Family Studies

Outside of the romantic, millennials are also more likely to commit to staying at the same company for longer than any other age group 5) They Kill Industries In recent years, millennials have been accused by the media of killing almost every industry there is From golf, to soap, to poor defenseless napkins, it seems like nothing can stop millennials from their merciless industry-murdering spree Part of the reason many industries are struggling to find millennial support is because, as discussed earlier, today’s young aren’t as cavalier with their money as many believe But the larger reason is that the economy and various industries have changed

Innovations like the sharing economy, which allows people to share assets rather than bu new ones, have changed the way millennials choose to splash their cash Traditionally successful fields like the hotel industry are being undercut by cheaper and quicker services like AirBnB With these new businesses comes a change in how millennials spend and what industries do well No one has an obligation to buy your product And if people choose not to spend their money on it, they haven’t “killed” your industry, you’ve failed to market to them

4) They Get Around With the prevalence of apps like Tinder, Bumble, and even 3nder, you might think that millennials are seeing more action than Casanova at a swingers’ party But this generation is actually getting laid less often than previous ones A study by Florida Atlantic University found that 15% of current 20 to 24 year olds reported having never had a sexual partner That’s dramatically up from the 6% who fell into the same category in the 1980s A report by the CDC found similarly surprising results, with only 47% of male teens claiming to have had sex

In the 1980s, that number was at 69 per cent And yet another study has found that 20-something millennials have, on average, fewer sexual partners than Baby Boomers did at that age No-one exactly knows the reason for this drop-off Some believe changing social norms are responsible, while others maintain that lower salaries are making dating and meeting partners harder 3) They’re Materialistic It’s pretty easy to see the line whenever Apple release a new $1000 iPhone, and think that millennials must be pretty materialistic

But if anything, millennials are actually less materialistic than other generations In a survey by pollster Harris Group, 72% of millennials declared that they’d rather spend money on an experience than a possession Millennials spend a higher proportion of their income than any other age group on experiential things like restaurants and hobbies But they also spend less on permanent features like furniture In fact, their proportional spend on objects is lower than any other generation

You can call them materialistic if you want But statistically, millennials are far more concerned with living in the moment than living through their possessions 2) They’re Narcissistic In 2013 Time Magazine published a cover piece slamming millennials as nothing but a group of narcissists, branding them as the “Me Me Me Generation” This is another one of those accusations that every older generation makes of the younger one Check out this New York Magazine cover about Baby Boomers if you don’t believe us The Time Magazine piece was largely based on a 2008 study by the National Institute of Health

The research found that 94% of 20 to 29 year olds showed signs of extreme narcissism, compared with 32% of over 65s That sounds bad, but is in fact completely in line with other generations when they were that age As people get older, they just tend to become less self-obsessed, and there’s no reason to think this generation will be any different

The other main justification used for calling millennials narcissists is that they spend so much time on social media, but the thing is, that’s far from an exclusively millennial trait A surprising Nielsen report found that Generation X spends MORE time using social media than millennials While millennials use an average of 6 hours and 19 minutes a week on social media platforms, Generation Xers waste 6 hours, 58 minutes on them 1 They’re Just Entitled Snowflakes The insult that gets thrown around at millennials more than any other is that millennials are all a load of over-sensitive snowflakes They were pampered and given participation trophies as children, and now they feel entitled to instant reward and buckle at the slightest hardship

Well, actually evidence suggests that the participation trophy, or at least rewarding effort rather than just success, works A study by Stanford University had 400 children take an IQ test Afterwards, half the children were praised for their intelligence and half for their hard work They then offered the kids the choice between taking an easy test and a hard test Those praised for their intellect chose the easier test 67% of the time, whereas kids praised for effort chose it 97% of the time

As we mentioned at the beginning of this video, that ethic for hard work seems to have stuck, with most millennials clearly understanding that they’re not entitled to instant success A study from Bentley University even shows that over half of millennials are willing to work weekends because they believe that’s the best way to earn their way up the career ladder So, that was 10 Lies You Were Told About Millennials Do you buy the idea that millennials are getting too much flak? Do they deserve it? Let us know in the comments below And if you want more debunking content, check out 10 Lies You Were Taught About The USA

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