10 Most Corrupt Cops In History

10 Most Corrupt Cops in History NUMBER 10: NICHOLAS McFADDEN In 2013 DC Nicholas McFadden, an officer with the West Yorkshire police, was jailed for 23 years for stealing approximately $13 million of seized narcotics

McFadden stole vast quantities of heroin, cocaine, and cannabis, all of which had been impounded as evidence He and his brother then sold the drugs on the streets, collecting a sizeable profit The authorities’ suspicions were raised when they noticed the extremely lavish lifestyle McFadden was living, with his luxury cars, exotic holidays, and designer clothing When they raided his home, they found almost $200,000 in banknotes hidden in his garage and $10,000 concealed in his car Sources: BBC, Yorkshire Post, Express

NUMBER 9: JOSHUA CARRIER Joshua Carrier spent most of his policing career acting as a mentor to the youth of the community he served, as well as coaching athletics and wrestling at a nearby school But this model police officer was not what he seemed It emerged that Carrier was a pedophile who had used his position to sexually assault his mentees He was arrested for 207 counts of child sexual assault, child pornography, and child exploitation In 2013 he was sentenced to 70 years in prison, having been found guilty of molesting between 18 and 22 boys

Sources: The Gazette, Huffington Post, CBS NUMBER 8: CHARLES GLINIEWICZ Charles Gliniewicz [Glin-ah-vitch], a senior police officer from Illinois, embezzled thousands of dollars from his department over a period of seven years He used the money for various purposes, ranging from gym membership to pornography subscriptions In 2015 after Gliniewicz’s illegal activities had been uncovered, he was found dead Shortly before his death, the police officer had radioed in explaining that he was in pursuit of three violent criminals, leading people to believe that he’d died heroically in the line of duty

However, following a vast and expensive manhunt for Gliniewicz’s killers, it emerged that he had actually died from a carefully staged suicide, motivated by the backlash he was facing for his corruption Sources: Independent, Telegraph, New York Daily News NUMBER 7: MOHAMMED WASEEM AHMED Corrupt, low-level cop Mohammed Waseem Ahmed gained notoriety in 2013 when he became one of the most powerful gang leaders in Karachi, Pakistan He held immense power among the illegal gambling underworld He used his policing power to protect his own gambling interests and close down rival casinos, making millions of dollars in illicit proceeds When authorities learned of Ahmed’s corruption, he fled to Dubai to avoid prosecution

Sources: Business Insider, Denver Post NUMBER 6: JON BURGE Jon Burge, a detective from Chicago, severely abused his power between 1972 and 1991, when he oversaw the brutal torture of hundreds of black criminal suspects Burge and his team would hold suspects without reasonable cause and use sickening methods to get them to confess to crimes they hadn’t necessarily committed He would burn his victims with radiators or cigarettes and use electric shocks on them Frustratingly, as more than 20 years passed between his crimes and the allegations coming to light, Burge was protected by the statute of limitations

Therefore he never faced repercussions for his outright racist behavior He was, however, sentenced to four and a half years in prison for the cover-up operation surrounding it Sources: Chicago Sun Times, Chicago Tribune NUMBER 5: JOSEPH MIEDZIANOWSKI [Meed-zee-an-ow-ski] Often considered to be the most corrupt cop of all time, Joseph Miedzianowski supplemented his policing career with a career as a highly successful drug lord Despite being employed to crack down on gang criminality and drug trafficking, Miedzianowski actually managed to supply more gangs with drugs and weapons than he apprehended

The FBI eventually caught up with the corrupt cop and he was sentenced to life imprisonment for selling guns and ammunition to gangs, drug dealing, and providing criminals with the names of undercover officers Sources: Chicago Tribune, Chicago Justice NUMBER 4: CHARLES BECKER During his tenure in the NYPD, Lieutenant Charles Becker used his position of power to blackmail the owners of brothels and illegal casinos out of over $100,000 One small time bookmaker, Herman Rosenthal, complained to the press about Becker’s extortionate actions Less than two days later, Rosenthal was shot dead by gangsters when leaving his hotel

Becker was arrested for the murder on July 29th 1912 and admitted paying the gangsters to ‘put Rosenthal out of the way’ He was executed in 1915, making him the first ever policeman to be sentenced to the death penalty in the United States Sources: New York Times, McClure’s Magazine, Executed Today NUMBER 3: DANZIGER [Dan-zigg-er] BRIDGE SHOOTERS In 2005 members of the New Orleans Police Department killed two black civilians and wounded four others The victims who died were 17-year-old James Brissette and a mentally disabled man, 40-year-old Ronald Madison, who was shot in the back

Police had targeted the victims, even though they weren’t committing any crimes The four police officers involved fabricated a cover-up story about what had happened during the murders They concealed evidence and lied that the victims had been armed and shot at the police officers first In 2016 the police officers were sentenced to a total of 39 years in prison Sources: The New York Times, The Observer, Louisiana Weekly

NUMBER 2: MANUEL PARDO Throughout the 1970s former US Naval officer Manuel Pardo’s policing career was peppered with accusations of corruption, ranging from writing fake parking tickets to giving false testimony at trials In 1986, Pardo’s criminal behavior escalated dramatically Within the space of three months, he committed numerous robberies, drug deals, and even nine murders, which he used his policing expertise to try and cover up After other officers found photos and diary entries referring to Pardo’s victims at his house, he was arrested He was sentenced to execution in 1988

Sources: Miami Herald, CBS News, USA Today NUMBER 1: LOUIS EPPOLITO AND STEPHEN CARACAPPA In the 1980s the New York Mafia enlisted cops Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa to act as moles inside the NYPD Over the next few decades, the two police officers passed confidential information to the mob and also committed a number of crimes themselves, even acting as hit men It wasn’t until 2005 that Eppolito and Caracappa were finally arrested They were charged with racketeering, extortion, narcotics distribution, illegal gambling, obstruction of justice, eight counts of murder, and conspiracy to commit murder

Eppolito was sentenced to 100 years in prison, and Caracappa 80 Sources: The New York Time, New York Daily News, Slate

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