10 Most Dangerous Coronavirus Myths

10 Most Dangerous Coronavirus Myths 10 Symptoms = Virus Let’s start this video debunking something all of us should already know

First of all, showing some of the symptoms of Covid-19 doesn’t necessarily mean you have it And I’m not saying you should take it lightly Not at all, in fact, I insist that you contact your doctor asap I’m just saying that there’s also the possibility you’re simply having the flu or – since we’re in full spring right now – hay fever However, you’d better be careful even if you don’t show any symptoms because, according to experts, most of the infected people will only show symptoms approximately between 5 to 15 days

So, there’s a significant period of time in which you could spread the virus without even knowing it Which is why, in the beginning, the virus spread so fast There’s also the possibility you’re an asymptomatic patient, which means you won’t show the symptoms all along but you’d be still able to spread the virus The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease believes the percentage is between 25%-50% of infected people Please, be super careful guys, even with no symptoms you can spread it

9 If You’re Young And Healthy You’re Safe Now, something that is still unclear to many is whether young people are at risk or not In fact, we can see lots of youngsters underestimating the crisis So, first, let me put this straight: even if you were young and healthy, with a very low risk, that still won’t justify your lack of consideration for the rest of the population This said, according to the World Health Organization, the number of young victims is actually rising

There are plenty of cases around the world Last March, a 13-year-old with no apparent health problems died in London In Korea one every six victims are under the age of 60, and in Italy, around 15% of people in intensive care are under 50 Similar numbers can be seen in the US where 20% of deaths occurred in those aged between 20 to 64 years One in five young patients also develop pneumonia, which leads to hospitalisation

If this hasn’t scared you enough, maybe the fact that one in five young patients develop Pneumonia – one of the most common causes for COVID hospitalisation – will On average, it takes between 15 to 20 days of mechanical ventilation to recover from pneumonia It’s no picnic, whether you’re old or not 8 Wearing Masks Will Protect You We keep receiving contrasting messaging on whether masks are helpful or not in the fight against Coronavirus

Some say they’re not really of any help, others claim they’re extremely important The truth is somewhere in between Actually, it’s quite helpfulif you know HOW and WHY you’re wearing it for So, if you’re thinking that it will protect you from getting Coronavirus you’re wrong Masks can’t prevent healthy people from getting it In fact, putting a mask on and taking it off intermittently can actually increase the chances of catching the virus by touching your face In this way, it is more likely to put infectious particles around your nose, mouth and eyes, which are actually the number one priority to protect

As a matter of fact, wearing gloves may actually be more effective in this sense: they protect your hands that inevitably will end on your face On the other hand, masks are most helpful in preventing INFECTED people from spreading the virus This is because the masks can keep cough and sneeze droplets from becoming airborne and infecting others but often aren’t designed to keep them out in the same way They stop viral particles from spreading around by, let’s say… sneezing and coughing So, all in all, if in doubt, wear masks but take all the necessary precautions

7 In High Temperatures We Trust Okay, the high temperatures capability of defeating Coronavirus is one of the most popular myths right now With summer around the corner, many people believe the sun and the heat will defeat the virus Unfortunately, that’s not possible, we wish it was – it would have been the perfect opportunity for sunbathing for a good cause – but it isn’t So, no, exposing yourself to the sun, or blow-drying your body – yeah, people do that too – won’t have any impact on the virus

And, by the way, using your hairdryer in that way may actually cause damage to your body Experts keep explaining that temperatures above 25°C won’t affect the virus In fact, do you think other parts of the world, with warm/tropical climates, are having a party right now? Singapore has more than 16,000 cases, Indonesia has nearly 10,000 Saudi Arabia, where summer can get hotter than 50° has reported 21,000 cases Infectious disease specialist Dr Leong Hoe Nam explained that only 90° and above can actually defeat the virus

Go ahead, if you like, but there's no way you'll survive such high temperatures 6 Alcohol Will Take Care Of It This theory is possibly even more stupid than the heating one Last April, fake news about the effectiveness of methanol on Coronavirus spread throughout social media Methanol is a chemical substance that can be found in fuel, solvent, antifreeze, and in some alcoholic beverages

As a consequence, in Iran, hundreds of people ingested so much alcohol they died And since then, the number of deaths caused by methanol ingestion has been rising and rising Once again, it’s all in the quantity The right amount of methanol to kill the virus is LETHAL to humans So, you can drink all you want but you’ll only get massively drunk, and then die, before you could “wash out” the virus in your body

5 5G Is The Real Plague Of The Year This is a very popular myth There are conspiracy theorists all over the world claiming the coronavirus outbreak was caused by the installation of the new 5G network It’s crazy to see how many people actually believe this, because it makes no sense, AT ALL William Schaffner, professor of medicine at Vanderbilt University, comes to our help

He explained – again it’s unbelievable experts actually have to spend their time trying to talk some sense into these people, which probably won’t listen to them anyway, because who cares about some scientist's opinion-you can’t fool me! But yeah, as I was saying… Schaffner explained that “There’s nothing electronically that transmits the virus, it’s very simple" Coronavirus outbreak is caused by person-to-person transmission, or through inanimate surfaces, infected by cough/sneeze droplets for a limited amount of time That’s it 4 The Culprit Is A Chinese Laboratory I’m sure you’ve all heard this claim at least once, during these months

The rumour basically started together with the virus, which is also why many people keep believing it is true The reasons behind the claim are many and varied, and they’ve mostly political implications So, for example, it IS a fact that the Chinese government kept secret the extent of the virus They silenced Dr Li Wenliang, who understood the severity of the situation and tried to warn first China, then the world about it Obviously, many people including politicians, first and foremost US President Trump, are now riding the way, and suggest that COVID-19 may actually be a bioweapon that was manufactured in a lab

However, according to the whole scientific community – again, does anyone listen to them?- agrees that the virus emerged from nature Additionally, as reported by the Pentagon itself, there's NO EVIDENCE the virus could have been bioengineered 3 Chloroquine Is The Cure In the dramatic situation, the whole world is facing right now, doctors and experts are trying their best to take care of Covid patients When you have someone in incubation struggling between life and death, you’ll try EVERYTHING to even just ease the pain

So, a few doctors noticed the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine could ease the effect of the virus, and help some patients to get out of incubation a bit faster Hydroxychloroquine and its similar compound Chloroquine are usually used to treat patients with autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis We’re actually glad the drug could help people recovering from the virus The problem here is that now the drug is promoted worldwide as a potential CURE for the virus For example, President Donald Trump decided to support Chloroquine following a conversation with Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, and Australian mining magnate Clive Palmer are among its promoters too Truth is that there’s no proof the drug can actually cure the virus Promoting it as such is extremely dangerous! For once, if used inappropriately, Chloroquine has potentially severe, and even deadly, side effects, such as heart failure and toxicity 2 Once You’ve Had It You Can’t Catch It Again To be fair, this might be true, there’s no reason to exclude it as a possibility

But, again we can’t tell it for sure What we know for now is that there have been people who appeared to have contracted the virus multiple times in a short space of time And here there are different hypotheses Some have supposed that people can genuinely be infected twice Others believe the virus goes into a sort of stealth mode in the body, and then it reactivates

However, the majority of the scientific community agree that in all of the cases -or at least in most of it – the patients had been tested incorrectly virus free A few experiments on two macaque monkeys showed that it may be impossible to catch the virus twice, in a short period of time The pair were infected twice, once to build up an immune response and a second time three weeks later Results showed they did not develop symptoms again after such quick reinfection But again, we can’t still tell for sure and, in any case, why risk it? 1

Disinfectant Injections Will Kill The Virus We kept the best for last… After months of the ongoing war with Coronavirus Trump closed April with a bang! During a White House coronavirus taskforce briefing, the US President suggested that, since disinfectant seems to erase the virus from surfaces in just a few minutes, why not inject OUR BODIES with it! Oh really, REALLY Well, thank you, Mr President! That’s such a brilliant idea! How stupid the experts who couldn’t think about it soon! There’s only one small, almost insignificant problem: injecting disinfectant in your body will KILL YOU KILL YOU I mean, that’s basic knowledge It’s something they teach BABIES

I can’t believe they actually had to warn Americans not to do it

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