10 Most Evil Children #SHOCKING

10 Snapchat Killers In 2014, two girls, aged 13 and 14, tortured and killed 39-year-old alcoholic Angela Wrightson in a sadistic, pre-meditated attack

On the day of the murder, the girls arrived at Wrightson’s house and stripped her half naked They then used the few possessions she had, including a TV and shovel, to beat her to death The duo even posed for a selfie and gleefully snapchatted their victim’s body, before calling the police for a lift home The girls were both handed life sentences in 2016 9

Old School Killer In 1872, Jesse Pomeroy was placed in juvenile detention for torturing children He was only 12-years-old Following his release in 1874, he moved to Boston and soon after the mutilated corpse of 4-year-old local Horace Millen was recovered; his head was almost completely severed Linking Pomeroy with the crime, police searched his house and found the remains of another missing child – 10-year-old Mary Curren Pomeroy later admitted to a further 27 murders, and was sentenced to life in solitary confinement

8 Arsonist Evan Miller was just 14 when, after a night of drinking and taking drugs, he brutally attacked his 52-year-old neighbor Cole Cannon Miller and his friend Colby Smith planned to rob Cannon, and waited for him to fall asleep But Cannon woke up during the robbery, so the teenagers then savagely beat him with a baseball bat, before setting his house on fire As the property was engulfed in flames, Cannon choked to death on the fumes

In 2006 Miller was jailed for life without parole 7 Body Beneath the Sheets Melissa Phillips went to fix her 14-year-old son Joshua’s leaking waterbed back in 1998 But horrifyingly, she discovered the decomposing body of their 10-year-old neighbor, Maddie Clifton, stuffed under the mattress In court Joshua claimed he had accidentally smashed a baseball into Clifton’s face

Fearing he’d get in trouble, Joshua dragged the girl into his house and strangled her with a phone cord He then beat her with a baseball bat, before stabbing her 11 times He was sentenced to life that same year 6 Canadian Serial Killer In 2006, 12-year-old Jasmine Richardson became the youngest person in Canadian history to commit multiple murders

When Richardson started dating 23-year-old Jeremy Steinke her parents tried to end the relationship, saying he was a bad influence In revenge, the pair carried out a bloody attack Steinke shot Richardson’s mother and father, whilst Richardson crept up to her 8-year-old brother’s bedroom with a knife As he screamed he was too young to die, Richardson repeatedly plunged the knife into his stomach until he died She was handed a ten-year sentence in 2007, whilst Steinke was jailed for life

5 8 year old serial killer Amardeep Sada was just 8 when he was jailed for murdering 3 infants in India in 2007 Between 2006 and 2007, Sada strangled his younger sister and a cousin to death Although his family knew of his crimes, they stayed silent to protect the family reputation Amardeep’s final victim was six month-old Khushboo

The boy strangled her before attacking her with a brick and burying her in a wooded area He was sentenced to 5 years in prison 4 Britain’s Youngest Serial Killer Sharon Carr became Britain’s youngest murderer at 12-years-old In 1992, the youngster pounced on 18-year-old hairdresser Katie Rackliff as she walked home from a nightclub

Carr stabbed her 29 times, but it would be another 4 years before police connected her with the killing While inside for another crime, Carr boasted about the murder, sharing details known only to the police During the trial it emerged that Carr had previously beheaded a neighbor’s dog and fried live hamsters 3 Maths Teacher Murderer In 2013, 14-year-old Philip Chism followed his maths teacher to a toilet cubicle

There, he proceeded to rape her before stabbing her 16 times with a box cutter The youngster then placed her dead body in a recycling bin, which he wheeled to a nearby woodland After dumping her body, Chism used her credit card to see the movie “Gravity” In 2016, he was sentenced to 25 years to life for murder, and 40 years each for aggravated rape and armed robbery 2

Lesbian Love Triangle 12-year-old Shanda Sharer was knifed, tortured and burned alive by a gang of teen love rivals The four culprits, aged between 15 and 17, lured Sharer out of her house, telling her they were taking her to see her girlfriend Instead, they slashed her throat and locked her in the trunk of the car, before setting her on fire by a highway They celebrated their crime with a McDonald’s breakfast In 1993, the sadistic teens received sentences between 20 and 60 years

1 Oedipus Complex In 2012, Noah Crooks made a chilling call to 911 The 13-year-old had just murdered his own mother after trying to rape her Crooks grew frustrated when his mother confiscated his Call of Duty video-games In a fit of rage, the boy forced himself on her

But, unable to go through with a sexual attack, he instead retrieved a gun he’d been given for his 11th birthday Shockingly, he shot her 22 times, including two wounds each to her neck and head He was given a 50 year sentence in 2016

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