10 Most Guarded Locations On Earth

10 Church of Scientology Vault Scientology is a mystery in itself but it gets even stranger with their underground vault, which is found in a cave in the New Mexican desert

Inside the cave – which is built to withstand a hydrogen bomb – there are titanium caskets containing steel plates, and gold discs inscribed with fundamental scientology teachings All of this is shielded by three 2267kg [5000lb] stainless steel doors Only if you’re a top dog in the scientology world can you catch a glimpse of the vault, which is defended by gates, armed guards, and security cameras Sources: Live Science, Tony Ortegaorg 9

Pionen Bunker The Pionen Bunker is owned by Swedish internet service provider, Bahnhof They rent secure space and bandwidth to a variety of customers, most notably WikiLeaks The servers are safeguarded in a nuclear bunker, which has been built into White Mountain in Stockholm The bunker’s entrance is protected by a 40-centimeter-thick door that is only accessible by a tunnel, 30 meters underground Source: Wired 8

Vatican Secret Archives The Vatican Secret Archives in the Vatican City has many theories surrounding it, but very little evidence as to what it holds The archives are defended 24 hours a day by the Pontifical Swiss Guard and are said to have storerooms with over 80km [50 miles] of shelves, lined with documents dating back to the 8th century Despite the church’s attempts at openness, critics say the contents aren’t easily accessible The archives are rumoured to contain gospels that contradict the bible, the earliest known collection of pornography, and plans to control the world The pope currently owns the archives, with ownership passing to his successor after death or resignation

Sources: National Review 7 KFC Vault Nothing on this list is more valuable than the KFC secret recipe, which is held in Kentucky, Louisville, and consists of 11 undisclosed herbs and spices In 2009 the vault was upgraded, and during the 5 months of construction the recipe was kept in an undisclosed location It was transported via a lockbox, handcuffed to the wrist of a security consultant Now the recipe is surrounded by motion detectors, cameras, and 24-hour guards

Thick concrete slabs surround the safe and the entire security system is connected to a backup generator Source: Huffington Post 6 Antwerp Diamond Center Vault The Antwerp Diamond Vault in Belgium is best known as the world’s most impenetrable diamond safe It houses around 70% of the world’s diamonds As a result, it is fitted with heat detectors, magnetic fields, a lock with over 100 million possible combinations, and Doppler radar, which can detect drops of precipitation

The door itself is three tons of solid steel But despite all this, in 2003 Italian thieves broke in, shut down all security measures, and stole $100 million of diamonds, setting off no alarms as they went Sources: Wired, ABC News 5 Seed Vault The seed vault holds 865,000 different samples of seeds This is in an effort to preserve crop diversity and assure humans that we will have a source of food no matter what man-made or natural disasters occur in the future

The compound is located in Svalbard, a large, barren rock island in the Arctic Circle And the project itself was started by conservationist Cary Fowler, in association with the CGIAR (Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research) As if the isolated landscape wasn’t good enough, it is defended by blast-proof doors, motion sensors, airlocks, and surrounded by steel-reinforced concrete Source: Natural News, Global Research 4 US Bullion Depository The US Bullion Depository in Fort Knox Is owned by the US Mint and stores thousands of tons of gold to the value of around $270 million, as well as historical documents

The depository is surrounded by a 12-meter-thick, solid granite wall, as well as squadrons of machine gun-wielding guards and armed military There is also a 22-ton vault blast door, which is secured by a lock that requires a 10-person team to unlock The depository is said to be able to withstand a direct hit from an atomic bomb Source: CBS News 3

ADX Supermax Prison ADX supermax prison for men in Colorado, USA, is home to some of the world’s worst criminals, from the infamous ‘shoe bomber’ Richard Reid to 9/11 terrorist mastermind Zacarias Moussaoui [Moo Zow Wee] Unsurprisingly, the prison was designed to be escape-proof Attack dogs guard the area between the prison walls and a 36-meter-high razor wire fence Motion detecting laser beams, pressure pads, and cameras fill the site

Even if an inmate tried to escape, a guard would spot them on the 24-hour monitors and activate a panic button that instantly closes every door in the facility Source: NY Times 2 Area 51 Shrouded in secrecy, Area 51 in Nevada is also one of the most heavily guarded military sites in the US The apparent purpose of Area 51 is an air base, but many believe it to be a military base hiding secrets of extra-terrestrial activity The airspace above Area 51 is restricted to all commercial and military flights, and armed men and vehicles regularly circle the perimeter of the base for added protection

In 2012 a BBC film crew was held at gunpoint for 3 hours after trespassing on the site When spoken to after the event, one guard said ‘we could make you disappear and your body will never be found… If any of you had kept going, we would have shot you’ Source: Huffington Post 1 Federal Reserve Bank in New York The Federal Reserve Bank is the central banking system of the US Its vault sits 24 meters below the streets of Manhattan and is home to the world’s biggest stockpile of gold, valued at $203

3 billion The vault is safeguarded by a multi-layered steel security system, with a 90-ton cylinder door protecting the only entry into the vault It is further secured by steel-reinforced concrete walls, and activity inside the vault is monitored 24-hours a day Sources: New York Fed, Forbes

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