10 Movie Myths People Actually Believe

10 HOLLYWOOD Breaking a huge fall with deep water guarantees a safe landing

REALITY A fall over 80mph will prove fata l- an average human falling 200ft travels at 120mph 09 HOLLYWOOD If a rocket were to explode in space there would be a huge, loud fireball REALITY With no oxygen to sustain fire there'd be a brief flash of light Sound would not travel in the vacuum of space

08  HOLLYWOOD Flying through an asteroid belt is deadly as asteroids are dense & almost impossible to avoid REALITY There are miles between asteroids – there’s a one in a billion chance of hitting one 07 HOLLYWOOD A lit cigarette can ignite a trail of gasoline if thrown onto it

REALITY A cigarette does not give out enough heat to ignite gasoline unless being smoked   06 HOLLYWOOD It is possible to shoot out a lock if trapped in a room REALITY Even at point blank range a bullet won't affect a deadbolt Shotguns may work but flying debris could prove fatal

05 HOLLYWOOD A person exposed to the pressure in the vacuum of space will blow up REALITY The tight seal of our skin protects them from explosive decompression – they would be oxygen starved & suffocate 04 HOLLYWOOD Using defibrillators will save the life of someone who is flatlining

REALITY Defibrillators are used when the heard starts rapidly contracting, not when it stops 03 HOLLYWOOD A shot from a gun with a silencer cannot be heard REALITY A suppressor lessens the blast of escaping gases, but the bullet reaches around 100db 02

HOLLYWOOD A bullet through a car's gas tank will cause a huge explosion REALITY Only a bullet traveling far enough to have ignited with air friction could light gasoline 01 HOLLYWOOD When speaking to a criminal on the phone, keep them talking to secure their location REALITY Enhanced 911 systems find the physical location of a call within seconds

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