10 Must Know Masturbation Facts

10) Dildos Dildos have been around for at least 28,000 years The oldest ever found was made out of siltstone and discovered in Germany

The Ancient Greeks preferred to make theirs out of hard baked breadsticks called olisbokollikes Dildos might be relatively common today but they’re banned in the state of Alabama along with other sex toys In Japan it’s illegal to manufacture sex toys that explicitly resemble a penis This led to the development of animal shaped vibrators, including the best-selling Rabbit 9) Ancient Egypt In Ancient Egyptian mythology, Atum, the god of creation, created the universe and other gods by masturbating

The tide of the Nile was thought to be because of the frequency of his ejaculations To celebrate this, Egyptian pharaohs were required to masturbate ceremonially into the Nile to keep Egypt fertile during the annual Opet festival 8) Health benefits of masturbation Masturbation is thought to have a host of health benefits, including reducing stress, blood pressure, and pain, through hormonal tension release Masturbating increases the hormone cortisol, which increases self-esteem and strengthens the immune system For women, masturbation can help prevent cervical infections and urinary tract infections

While studies have suggested that masturbating can reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men 7) Wankband Adult film website Pornhub has created a wristband that allows male users to generate and store energy while masturbating By wearing the WankBand during masturbation, a valve in the device generates kinetic energy when moved in an up and down motion This energy can then be transformed into electrical energy to charge gadgets, allowing you to ""love the planet by loving yourself"" 6) Urban Myths During the 18th Century masturbation was considered to be a sin

Notable physicians believed semen was an ‘essential oil’ that was wasted through masturbation, leading to a host of mental and physical illnesses This led to the widespread myths that masturbation causes blindness, insanity and stunted growth In 2000 Turkish preacher Mucahid Cihad Han warned his followers that people who masturbate will make their hands pregnant in the afterlife While in science masturbation is considered healthy, an estimated 160 Americans a year die from auto-erotic asphyxia, strangling themselves during masturbation in an attempt to achieve a more intense orgasm 5) John Harvey Kellogg Kellogg’s cornflakes were created by John Harvey Kellogg, because he believed eating bland food could minimize the urge to masturbate

Kellogg led the anti masturbation movement in America and as a doctor he worked to rehabilitate masturbators, using extreme measures including applying acid to patients’ clitorises and applying silver wires into penises to prevent erections Kellogg advocated circumcision as a means to prevent masturbation He believed it should be conducted without anesthetic so the pain of the surgery will remind patients not to touch themselves 4) Anti-masturbation devices During the late 1800s a variety of anti-masturbation devices were invented to prevent people from masturbating Weak-willed men were encouraged to wear devices on their penises fitted with electric shocks, spikes or alarms, to deter them from getting erections

While women had the option of the widely available chastity belt, which locked around the waist and vagina to prevent sex and touching 3) Vibrators In the late 19th century, varying symptoms from fatigue and anxiety to depression were classed as female hysteria, thought to be caused by a build up of ‘female semen’ Female masturbation was thought to be both the cause and cure of female hysteria, so doctors performed ‘pelvic massages’ on their patients This led to the invention of the vibrator to prevent doctor’s hands from getting tired In 1902 the female sex toy became the fifth electrical appliance ever to be patented for retail sale, predating electric irons and vacuum cleaners by a decade

2) Animals that masturbate A variety of animal species have been observed masturbating Walruses use their flippers to rub their penises and are flexible enough to give themselves oral sex A recent study suggests that African ground squirrels masturbate to prevent STIs and then eat the ejaculate to prevent moisture loss While bottle nose dolphins have been seen masturbating by wrapping live eels around their penis 1) Masturbate-a-thon May is informally considered to be international Masturbation Month

To celebrate, masturbate-a-thons are held internationally, where both male and female competitors get together to masturbate and raise money for charity In the 2009 San Fransisco masturbate-a-thon, Masanobu Sato broke his own world record by masturbating for 9 hours 58 minutes, ejaculating once half way through the session

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