10 Mysterious Creatures That Could Be Real

"It's a lizard vampire preying on sheep Scientists say it's really just diseased wild dogs

But wild dogs don't match over 2000 witnesses who saw blood-drained livestock"" These 'Hobbits' possibly descended from another species of human 13,000-yr-old remains have been found Some people say they were last sighted in the 19th century, so they could still exist in unexplored forests It's a long-lost amphibious dinosaur that survived deep in the jungles

A dozen expeditions haven't found it – but 80% of Congo's swamps remain unexplored, so who knows? We call it the Ahool after its attack cry Some say it could be a pterosaur that's survived extinction It could really be just an island owl, whose wingspan reaches over 1 meter Medieval traveler Ibn Fadlan described the Indrik, or unicorn, in the 10th century His description matches a giant rhinoceros that lived 50,000 years ago

Maybe it survived longer, I don't know There've been around 600 Bigfoot sightings since World War II They're all in the same areas the brown bear inhabits – could be a case of mistaken identity It's a tiger, but it's only been sighted a few times They dismissed it as a myth

But now biologists think it could be a super-rare genetic defect that alters the hue of a tiger's fur I heard folktales tell of this man-eating big cat – scientists say it's probably a leopard or lion But they've found gray fur, DNA & giant tracks that don't match any other predator Some Himalayan bears can walk upright and might leave human-like tracks, like the Yeti does Scientists analyzed purported Yeti samples and found bear DNA

It's an old sea legend that could actually be the colossal squid, which can get up to 14m long It has long teeth in its suckers, which are strong enough to crush a car Scary

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