10 Mysterious Secret Societies

10 The Bald Knobbers Pillowcase-wearing US vigilantes whose favorite practice was tying victims to trees & whipping them

Created to combat civil war anarchy, the Baldknobbers went on to beat & hang those who criticized them 9 Society of the Horseman's Word Blacksmiths & ploughmen who practiced magic spells to yield power over women & horses At a midnight barn ritual initiates were blindfolded & told a secret word that gave them magical powers over horses 8

Cicada 3301 Members of this genius organization must crack complex puzzles hidden all over the world Only the smartest individuals make it in; some suspect it’s a computer hacking club 7 NoZe – Baylor University Formed after a joke that a freshman’s nose was so big, you could form a society around it In the 1960s NoZe went underground after repeatedly painting a university bridge pink & then burning it down

6 Skull and Bones – Yale University This society – which has fostered 3 US presidents – hurls sexual insults at initiates as they carry bones & chant ‘ooga booga!’ New members must also recount their sexual history while in a coffin 5 L' UX Underground hacker-artists that perform beneath the streets of Paris

They have illegally built a cinema, broken into museums & staged plays within secret Parisian passageways 4 The Nine Nanas Nine women ran a secret cake-baking operation for thirty years Every night at 4am they would bake cakes for underprivileged families & deliver them in darkness 3

The Calves Head Club Celebrating the execution of King Charles I, members would wrap a calf’s head in a napkin & throw it onto a bonfire They were forced to disband in 1734 after causing a drunken riot 2 The Arioi Only the most beautiful people were allowed to join the Arioi, which valued sexual freedom, religion & pantomime They also banned childbirth & any expected children were aborted or killed at birth

1 The Leopard Men This cannibalistic tribe practiced sorcery & human sacrifice to please the Gods Wearing leopard skins, they would maul the flesh of unsuspecting travelers & drink their blood to gain supernatural powers

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