10 Myths about the Nazis

10 Myths about the Nazis 10 Hitler Survived the War Conspiracists claim Hitler fled to Argentina where he lived until 1962

Supposedly the US allowed his escape in return for Nazi war technology This theory seemed to be confirmed in 2015 when an apparent Nazi hideout was discovered in an Argentinian jungle However, it turned out to be the remains of 17th and 18th century settlements Another theory states that Hitler fled to an Antarctic base, where Nazis fought off several British and American attacks before it was destroyed with nukes Germans DID visit Antarctica before the war, but only to establish a whaling base

09 Hitler was Jewish Rumors that Hitler was Jewish stem from uncertainty over his grandfather's identity Though his grandfather’s name was kept off his father’s birth certificate, it was rumored that Hitler's grandmother Maria was impregnated by her Jewish employee, from a family named Frankenberger However, these claims are likely to have begun as a smear campaign against Hitler Additionally, even if Hitler's grandfather had been Jewish, Judaism teaches that a person can only be Jewish if the mother is of the religion

Hitler was raised by a devoutly Catholic mother 08 Only the Nazis Were Seeking Racial Purification Nazi persecution of people with disabilities has been closely documented However, this wasn't actually one of Hitler's ideas Instead he was inspired by activities carried out in the United States

There were several methods of legal eugenic euthanasia included denying treatment to disabled newborns and the forced sterilization of 60,000 poor or mentally ill Americans These operations were largely funded by the New York-based Rockefeller Foundation, which also funded the German eugenics program and the sadistic experiments of Nazi doctor Josef Mengele 07 Hitler Snubbed Jesse Owens When the black American athlete Jesse Owens won three golds in the 1936 Olympics, Hitler reportedly stormed out of the stadium In reality Hitler had always planned to leave before it got dark

However he did wave at the athlete before leaving In 2009 a German journalist claimed that the leader HAD shaken hands with the athlete, and Owens had kept a photo of the moment in his wallet Owens' himself claimed ""Hitler didn't snub me- it was our President who snubbed me He didn't even send me a telegram"" 06

Hitler Hid Gold Many believe that Hitler hid a wealth of gold beneath Austria's Lake Toplitz Fearing defeat, toward the end of the war a group of Nazis did sink several metal boxes in the lake Alongside gold, these were thought to contain the location of valuable possessions stolen from Jewish holocaust victims Several divers have died during attempts to retrieve the boxes In 1959 a team uncovered some boxes, however, they were full of forged currency

While a group in 2000 simply found a box full of beer lids 05 All non-Jewish Germans Supported Hitler Many assume all non-Jewish German citizens were supporters of Hitler and his Nazi party However, in the January 1933 election which saw Hitler become chancellor, just 439% of the country voted for him

This means 561% of the country resisted his propaganda campaigns, which spread anti-Semitic messages and threatened the rise of communism if he lost Hitler only gained complete power by intimidating non-Nazis in government to pass the Enabling Act, which gave him the power to create laws without approval 04 Hitler founded the Nazi Party Many assume Hitler helped found the Nazi party, however he didn't join until a year after it was founded in 1919

Formed in opposition to the peace settlement that officially ended World War One, the party – originally named the German Workers’ Party – was formed by a group of men including journalist Karl Harrer and the locksmith Anton Drexler Hitler joined as a public speaker and only grudgingly took leadership He initially preferred to see himself as a 'political evangelist' spreading the party's message, rather than leading it 03 Only Aryans Fought for the Nazi Party Groups of Jewish and Indian men fought under the Nazi flag

300 Finnish Jewish men fought for the Nazi party when their country became Germany's allies to fight the Soviet Union One Jewish soldier was even awarded the Iron Cross for bravery after saving 600 German soldiers and SS members by evacuating a field hospital In addition 5000 Hindi and Muslim soldiers fought under the Nazi flag They were unhappy with British rule over India and so defected to Germany 02

Only Germans are responsible for the Holocaust Described as the forgotten Holocaust, up to 500,000 Romanians were killed by Nazi allies Forced on death marches, pregnant women were shot, many died from starvation, and women were often raped by soldiers In 2003 the Romanian government officially denied the holocaust, before retracting the statement days later Slovakia was the first Axis ally to allow its Jewish population to be deported to concentration camps, even paying Germany to deport Jews 83% of the country's Jewish population are estimated to have been killed

01 All Nazis Were Monsters Nazi Major Karl Plagge saved around 250 Jewish Lithuanians by claiming they were essential workers and hiring them as engineers In reality they were unskilled and often elderly, however Plagge's lies ensured that they avoided the death camps Similarly Oskar Schindler saved over 1000 Jews by setting up a bogus ammunitions factory in which he could protect Jewish 'employees' Finally Georg Ferdinand Duckwitz warned Danish rabbis of a Nazi plan to deport Danish Jews

An escape plan was hatched which helped 6,000 Jews flee to Sweden

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