10 Objects That Might Be Of Alien Origin

10) The Betz Mystery Sphere In 1974 Jacksonville, Florida, the Betz family found a weird metallic orb outside their home, which they claimed had originated from outer space The sphere, which moved by itself, would roll on the floor and randomly change direction, sometimes stopping and even returning to the person that had pushed it

It would also begin to vibrate and hum when music was played, and appeared to emit a high frequency sound that disturbed their dog A researcher from Omega Minus One claimed to have detected radio waves and a magnetic field emitting from the sphere Source: Ottawa Citizen, Mysterious Universe 9) Russian UFO Tooth Wheel In early 2013 a metallic gear, known as a tooth wheel, was found inside a 300-million-year-old lump of coal The gear was believed to be artificially made, and its presence in a piece of coal hundreds of millions of years old has confused investigators, who assume that the gear must be from the same era However, humanity has only existed for the last 200,000 years, and humans were unable to make metallic gears similar to the tooth wheel until 1825

Source: Huffington Post 8) Underwater Millennium Falcon In May 2011 a UFO-shaped object was discovered at the bottom of the Baltic Sea The object that was caught on camera using sonar technology, and it resembles the famed Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars franchise An exploratory team of professional divers, known as Ocean X, set off to investigate the object But they found that their electrical equipment, including cameras and satellite phones, stopped working whenever they approached the unidentified object Source: Mail Online 7) The Black Knight The Black Knight is a UFO that, according to conspiracy theorists, has been orbiting the Earth for 13,000 years

Theories surrounding the Black Knight date back to 1954, when UFO researcher Donald Keyhoe stated that the US Air force had detected a satellite orbiting the Earth’s poles This was years before humans were even capable of launching satellites It has since been thought that Nikola Tesla picked up the Black Knight’s radio waves back in 1899, and that they have since been intercepted by the US Navy and the Soviet Union, and photographed by the STS-88 space shuttle in 1998 Source: Express 6) Alien Megastructure Nasa’s Kepler Space Telescope may have identified mega structures built by an alien civilization, which are orbiting a star 1,500 light years away Kepler Space Telescope identified the star, named KIC 8462852, as a solar system capable of hosting life

However, scientists noticed that the star’s light dims by 20% at random intervals Astronomer Jason Wright has suggested that the star dimming may be due to the alien megastructures, which might harness energy directly from their star Source: The Guardian, Independent 5) Stonehenge The construction of pre-historic British monument Stonehenge is still a mystery, and has led some conspiracy theorists to suggest that aliens built it There are no written records explaining how the stone structure was made, and with some of the biggest stones weighing 50 tons, it’s a mystery how they were transported to the site before the invention of the wheel Furthermore, researchers at Birmingham University using a radar system have recently discovered that an ancient city exists underneath the ruins, adding to its mystery

Source: Independent, http://wwwbirminghamacuk 4) Sri Lanka Meteorite On December 29th 2012, a meteorite fell in Polonnaruwa [Polu nar u wa], Sri Lanka, which supposedly contained evidence of extraterrestrial life British astronomer Chandra Wickramasinghe [Wicker rama sing] analyzed the meteorite and claimed that his team had discovered fossilized algae in the meteorite

The team’s tests determined that the biological material was deeply embedded into the meteorite, ruling out the possibility that the biological properties originated on Earth Sources: Huffington Post, Mail Online 3) The Baigong Pipes The Baigong Pipes are a series of pipe-like features on Mount Baigong in China The pipes are rumored to be alien artifacts because tests have reportedly found that they were smelted over 150,000 years ago, long before modern civilization Other reports claim that 8% of the pipes’ materials can’t be recognized Local legend alludes to the mountain being used as a launch tower for space travel, left behind by aliens who left Earth

Sources: The Epoch Times, Rense 2) Stone of Heaven Tribal leaders in Sierra Leone tell stories of a battle in the heavens, causing the sky and the stars to fall to earth In 1990 Angelo Pitoni may have found the explanation as to how that story came to exist A blue rock nicknamed the Stone of Heaven was discovered in an archeological dig in Sierra Leone, surrounded by soil that dates back to 12,000 BC Pitoni sent the stone to seven laboratories around the world, which all concluded that the stone’s minerals are completely different to anything on earth Source: Ancient Code 1) Pumapunka Stones Part of a large temple complex in Tiwanaku, Bolivia, the Puma Punka Stones are a series of interlocking stone structures, which fit together like a puzzle

The stones were very precisely cut, and the technology used was even more advanced than the Tiwanaku’s Inca successors hundreds of years later This left some conspiracists to suggest that they were made with alien assistance The Tiwanaku site also held a spiritual significance for the Incas, as they believed it to be the site where the world was first created Source: Amusing Planet

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