10 People Born With Extra Body Parts

10 AMAZING PEOPLE BORN WITH EXTRA BODY PARTS NUMBER 10: THE BOY WITH LIMBS ON HIS CHEST Childhood for Deepak Paswan, a 12-year-old boy from India, hasn’t been easy, as he was born with the arms and legs of his underdeveloped twin growing out of his chest Other children bullied him, calling him names such as ‘devil’ and ‘freak’

Hindu pilgrims would also visit his home to worship him as an incarnation of the god Vishnu, who is often depicted with multiple additional limbs Thankfully in 2010 a charitable hospital in Bangalore offered to perform the $78,000 surgery that would give Deepak the chance to live a normal life – completely free of charge The surgery was a phenomenal success Today Deepak is free to play and have fun like any other boy He particularly enjoys playing cricket and celebrates the fact that he can now run faster than his two brothers

NUMBER 9: THE BOY WITH 31 FINGERS AND TOES In January 2016 a baby boy was born in Hunan province, China, who has 15 fingers and 16 toes Hong Hong, now 9 months old, was diagnosed with polydactylism, an inherited condition that affects approximately one in every 1,000 births His mother also suffers from the condition and has six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot When she was pregnant, she worried that the baby would be affected, but no one could have imagined the full extent of it After raising approximately $30,000, partly through crowd funding online, Hong Hong’s family were finally able to afford surgery

The brave little boy has quite a road ahead of him, with multiple rounds of surgery ahead to remove the extra digits, reshape his hands, and reconstruct his thumbs However, doctors are confident that Hong Hong will have full dexterity and be able to live a happy, healthy life by the time he starts school NUMBER 8: THE WOMAN WITH HORNS Keratin spots are not all that unusual The dark spots, made of the same protein as our hair and nails, tend to occur in fair-skinned elderly adults who’ve had a lot of exposure to sun over their lives But what is unusual is when they grow beyond a little spot, as was the case for 101-year-old Zhang Ruifang from China

Ruifang’s son, Zhang Guozheng, said that initially they didn’t pay much attention to the rough patch of skin on his mother’s forehead But when it grew into a staggering 6cm-long horn, they couldn’t ignore it much longer Luckily for Ruifang, doctors have classified the horn as completely benign And the cheery grandmother seems to be quite enjoying her new addition She is even excited at the prospect of another spot on the other side of her head growing into a matching horn

NUMBER 7: THE GIRL WITH AN EXTRA PAIR OF LEGS Stories of amazing people with extra body parts are not exclusive to the modern day In 1868 a girl was born with dipygus, a severe congenital deformity Myrtle Corbin had been born with two separate pelvises, side by side, leading to an extra pair of legs Each of her smaller inner legs was partnered with one of her stronger outer legs Remarkably, Myrtle was able to move her inner legs as easily as her outer ones, but they were not strong enough for her to walk on them

For a short period during her teenage years, Myrtle performed in a traveling sideshow circuit, called the ‘Four-Legged Girl From Texas’ According to contemporary accounts, she quite enjoyed this job At the age of 19, she left performing to get married Despite a few medical complications along the way, she went on to give birth to four daughters and a son She died in 1928, aged 60

NUMBER 6: THE GIRL WITH A FETUS ON HER BACK Similarly to Deepak Paswan, Yin Xin from China had suffered all her life from the growth of her unborn twin attached to her body When she was born, Yin was found to have a small arm on her back, but as she grew, it grew too It started to look more human in shape, with fingers, a stomach, and a breast appearing By the time she was 11 years old, over half of her back consisted of the underdeveloped fetus Her parents had saved up for the operation to remove the fetus since Yin’s birth and by 2007 they finally had enough money

According to a case report published in the British Medical Journal, the extremely lengthy and complicated surgical procedure was successful NUMBER 5: THE WOMAN WITH A NIPPLE ON HER FOOT Third nipples are surprisingly common, occurring in approximately 1 in 18 people They are created in the womb when, during the fourth week of a pregnancy, the fetus begins growing breast tissue This development occurs along two thick lines of skin, known as the ‘milk lines’, which stretch from above the armpits to the beginning of the legs The milk lines usually fade away by about the 8th week of pregnancy, but when they take longer to disappear, breast tissue can grow in other places along the lines… hence extra nipples

For one woman, the milk lines must have continued exceptionally far down her legs, as she grew a third nipple on the sole of her foot! Even more extraordinarily, a case report form 1827 details a French woman who had a complete third breast on her left thigh, which even began to lactate after she gave birth, so she could breast-feed her child from it NUMBER 4: THE MAN WITH FIVE KIDNEYS Brigham Nordstrom, a 28-year-old lawyer and keen rugby player from New Zealand, thought that he was at the peak of his physical fitness He had never had any suspicions that his body could be anything other than normal Then one day in 2009 Brigham visited the doctors, concerned about back pain that he thought could be a kidney infection He was partly right… he did have a kidney infection

What he was not expecting to hear, however, was that he actually had a total of five fully functioning kidneys Despite the oddity, Brigham is indeed perfectly healthy Doctors are reluctant to remove any of the extra organs, as they feel it would risk interfering with his nervous system Tales of people with additional kidneys have grabbed headlines before Brigham, including a Serbian man, a Chinese girl, and two Latvian brothers, who all had four kidneys each But – so far – Brigham’s is the only story of an individual with five

NUMBER 3: THE MAN WITH 298 BONES The adult human skeleton is composed of 206 bones, or so it should be Dan Aziere from Connecticut, however, has 298 Dan suffers from an extremely rare condition called ‘multiple hereditary exostoses’, which has caused him to grow an estimated 92 extra bones throughout his body, particularly around his joints and rib cage Since the age of 5, Dan has been in and out of surgery He has had 19 operations to remove 42 bones, which have varied in size from smaller than a pencil eraser to 10 centimeters long

Because Dan’s condition is hereditary, he sadly passed it on to all three of his children Luckily, none of them are reported to have had problems anywhere near as significant as their father And, while there is currently no cure for the disease, scientists have identified the gene responsible for causing it, meaning that the total elimination of the condition could be just around the corner NUMBER 2: THE WOMAN WITH TWO VAGINAS When she was 18 years old, Hazel Jones from England visited the doctors, concerned about how she always got terrible cramps and heavy periods during puberty The astounding diagnosis? She has two vaginas

This condition, called ‘uterus didelphys’ is surprisingly common, occurring in almost 1 in 2000 women – with most never realizing In most cases, it manifests as a double uterus, with two separate cervices [service-ease], but sometimes women affected will have two vaginas as well Another woman with the condition, known by her username ‘nurseryRN’, hosted an ‘Ask Me Anything’ on Reddit She answered questions about her sex life and how she does have a preference of which vagina is used A common question raised on the forum was what would happen if a woman with uterine didelphys got pregnant in both uteruses at the same time

In 2011 this question was answered when a woman from Florida gave birth to twins from two uteruses This is a 1 in 5 million scenario, seeing as she would have had to have released 2 eggs at once, have them both separately fertilized, and then have them implanted in separate uteruses The birth occurred without complications and both babies are happy and healthy NUMBER 1: THE MAN WITH 2 PENISES It’s not only women who can see their sexual organs doubled up, as the condition ‘diphallia’ can cause men to be born with two penises This condition is somewhat rarer, occurring in 1 in 5

5 million men Most sufferers have the additional penis surgically removed when they are young, but this isn’t always the case Take one sufferer, with the highly appropriate online username ‘DoubleDickDude’ He is now in his mid-20s and has two fully functioning penises Like ‘nurseryRN’, ‘DoubleDickDude’ ran a Reddit AMA, which has since gone on to become one of the most popular threads on the site

On the forum, he discusses the complications of dating and urinating, and confesses that he would not think about getting one removed now

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